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  • What plans are available under the Acko two-wheeler insurance policy?

    Acko provides Third Party Liability, Comprehensive Insurance, and Standalone Own Damage policies under their two-wheeler insurance plan. A third-party plan covers damage caused by a third party, whereas a comprehensive plan covers both third-party damages and damages caused by the insured's two-wheeler, and a Standalone Own Damage policy covers all losses caused by the insured's two-wheeler.

  • Why should I go for Acko as my bike insurance provider?

    There are various factors that attract the customers towards buying insurance policy from Acko, such as: 1. It ensures that the insurance is provided at the best possible price every time. It offers a variety of deals and discounts when purchasing bike insurance online. 2. Getting your insurance online is quite convenient. Everything can be done in just a few clicks, from purchasing to renewing. 3. It handles all of the additional paperwork for the convenience of the customer and provides a hassle-free claim settlement.

  • What factors go into calculating the amount of my two-wheeler insurance policy?

    The cost of the insurance policy is determined by the amount of premium that the policyholder must pay.There are several factors that determine the premium such as:

  • IDV of the bike.
  • Extent of coverage.
  • Age of the bike.
  • Add-on covers.
  • Claim history, etc.

  • Is there an add-on cover option with Acko bike insurance?

    Yes, Acko bike insurance offers various add-on coverage options, including Zero Depreciation, Passenger Cover, NCB Protect, and Return to Invoice. Customers can obtain it by purchasing a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

  • What are the benefits of buying two-wheeler insurance through a fully online platform?

    Acko is a platform that provides all of its services via the internet.There are some amazing benefits that the customers can enjoy such as: 1.Lower premiums. 2.No paperwork. 3.Service at the door. 4.Peace of mind. 5.Time saving. 6.Rich features at a lower price.

  • Third Party

    • If my bike is damaged in a riot, do I get coverage under Acko third party bike insurance?

      No, Acko third party bike insurance does not cover the damage of insured’s bike under any circumstances even in riots.

    • What are the advantages of purchasing Acko third party bike insurance?

      The advantages of purchasing Acko third party bike insurance are as follows:

      • Hassle-free claim process
      • Helpful customer assistance team
      • The option of online purchase
      • No paperwork involved.

    • What coverage do I get for bodily injury of the third party?

      The insurer provides whole or partial compensation for bodily injury of the third party incurred due to the insured’s bike.

    • How can I purchase Acko third party bike insurance?

      You can purchase Acko third party bike insurance in the following ways:

      • From the official website
      • By calling their toll-free number 1800-266-2256
      • By visiting its nearest branch
      • By mailing at

    • Where do I get more information about Acko third party bike insurance?

      You can get more information about Acko third party bike insurance from their well-organized official website and by calling them on their toll-free number 1800-266-2256.


    • Can I add the add-on covers in the middle of my policy?

      Yes, you can add any add-on cover in the middle of your comprehensive bike insurance policy. The cost of the add-ons will be added to the premium. However, the insurer may need to inspect your two-wheeler before providing the add-ons.

    • How can I reduce the premium of my Acko comprehensive bike insurance policy?

      You can reduce the premium of the Acko comprehensive bike insurance policy in the following ways:

      • Install ARAI certified anti-theft devices in the bike
      • Choose appropriate IDV
      • Go for Voluntary Deductible
      • Opt for only necessary add-ons
      • Keep the No Claim Bonus intact.

    • What coverage will I get for any accident outside the city limits?

      The Acko comprehensive bike insurance policy does not provide pick and drop facility outside the city limits. The contact centre will suggest your nearest network garage. Once you reach the network garage, the insurer will take care of the expense of repairing.

    • What should I do if I misplace the copy of my comprehensive bike insurance policy?

      The policy documents of Acko bike insurance are available on their website. If you misplace your policy documents, go to the website. After logging into your account you can download the soft copy of your policy.

    • Will Acko comprehensive bike insurance policy provide for tyres or tube puncture?

      The policy will provide 50% of the cost of repair or replacement if the insured bike is damaged at the same time. Otherwise, it will not provide coverage for tyres or tube puncture.

    Zero Depreciation

    • Who are best suitable for the Zero Depreciation cover?

      Anyone can choose the Zero Depreciation cover to avoid the depreciation charge as well as the repair and replacement cost. However, the following are best suited for the Zero Depreciation cover:

      • New bike owners
      • New or inexperienced drivers
      • Luxury bike owners
      • Owners/drivers living in the accident-prone zone.

    • How much extra premium will I have to pay for adding the Zero Depreciation to my policy?

      The insurer decides the premium of Zero Depreciation based on the model and condition of the bike. The premium varies from one bike to another. Generally, the premium for Acko Zero Depreciation cover is 15-20% higher than the comprehensive insurance policy.

    • How can I add the Zero Depreciation cover to my insurance policy?

      You can add the Zero Depreciation cover to your policy by visiting the official website of Acko bike insurance or you can dial their toll-free number 1800-266-2256. You can also dial 1860-266-2256, which is chargeable. You can add the Zero Depreciation cover to your comprehensive bike insurance policy at the time of purchase, at the time of the renewal or in the middle of the tenure.

    • Does Zero Depreciation provide cover outside the city limit?

      The Acko Zero Depreciation will only provide coverage inside the predetermined geographical zone. The insurer will not bear the expense of any damage incurred by the insured bike outside the area.

    • Will there be any depreciation charge for tyre replacement if I have the Zero Depreciation cover added to my insurance?

      Repair or replacement of tyres does not get covered under the Acko Zero Depreciation cover. The depreciation charge for tyres with or without Zero Depreciation is 50%.


    • What do you understand by the term cashless garages?

      Garages that have a tie-up with the insurer for the repair of a vehicle insured under their policy are known as cashless garages or network garages. These garages offer free repair and replacement services after an accident if the insured used the cashless garage choice when purchasing or renewing their policy.

    • How much coverage would I get in case of theft?

      In the case that the bike is stolen, the insurer pays the calculated Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the bike, less depreciation and the deductible.

    • Is it possible to file a claim in case of the total loss of the insured’s bike?

      No, you cannot file a claim if the insured's bike is totally destroyed. The coverage is also void in the case of total loss.

    • What is Claim Settlement Ratio?

      The claim settlement ratio is the proportion of total claims approved to total claims received by an insurance company.

    • What are the circumstantial proofs that can assist in the settlement of the case?

      The following circumstantial evidence can act as your support in settling the claim: 1.Eyewitnesses 2.Pictures of the location of the incident (accident or theft) 3.Pictures of the insured’s bike post-accident.


    • Why do I need to renew my Acko bike insurance policy?

      You should renew your Acko bike insurance policy for the following reasons:

      • To remain protected against the financial losses due to damage to the insured’s bike
      • To get rid of the third party liabilities
      • To ensure that you are not penalized for the absence of a valid insurance policy.

    • How do I change the term of the policy at the time of renewal?

      You can extend or shorten the term of the bike insurance policy at the time of renewal by the mention of the desired tenure of the policy at the required field.

    • Can I add zero depreciation cover to the policy at the time of renewal?

      Yes, you can add zero depreciation cover at the time of renewal provided your bike is not older than 2 years and it qualifies all the essential conditions for opting zero-depreciation cover.

    • How to connect with Acko in case of emergency assistance?

      You can get in touch with the emergency assistance of Acko by calling on 1800-266-2256 (toll-free) or 1860-266-2256 (chargeable).

    • What are the advantages of No Claim Bonus?

      You can avail some discounts on the premium of the renewed policy by using your No Claim Bonus.

    Premium Calculator

    • What factors can impact the premium of a bike insurance plan?

      There are numerous factors which may influence the cost of premium of a bike insurance policy like Insured Declared Value (IDV), Engine Cubic Capacity, Modifications, Anti-theft Devices, Age of the Bike, No Claim Bonus, Number of Add-On Benefits, and so on.

    • How can I get benefited with the bike insurance premium calculator?

      The bike insurance premium calculator is designed to help you get the accurate premium provided by different insurance companies for bike insurance plans and IDV for the insured bike. Such details help you pick an affordable insurance cover and make prudent decisions for insurance.

    • What details should I enter on the bike insurance premium calculator?

      To get the premium and IDV for your bike, you must enter a range of details like bike’s make, model and variant, bike’s fuel type, bike’s registration city, bike’s engine capacity, bike’s registration year, etc. Filling such details will help you find the right premium offered by various insurance providers.

    • Can I compute the premium for my old bike with a premium calculator?

      Yes, the premium calculator can compute the premium amount offered by different insurance companies for new as well as used or old bikes.

    • Where can I avail the premium calculator to get premium and IDV value?

      There are many websites which offer the premium calculator benefit to customers. However, the best and accurate insurance premium calculator to compute the premium amount and IDV value for bike insurance cover is available at InsuranceDekho, i.e.,

    Add On

    • How many bike add-on covers are provided by Acko General Insurance?

      Acko General Insurance offers 13 two-wheeler add-on covers which comprise Zero Depreciation, Roadside Assistance, NCB Protect, Invoice Cover, Engine Protect, Consumables Cover, Downtime Allowance, Personal Belongings, Outstation Emergency Cover, Key Protect Cover, and so on.

    • Will I have to purchase an add-on cover compulsorily?

      No, it is not a compulsion to include an add-on cover in your bike insurance cover. The add-ons are options to increase coverage of your bike insurance plan.

    • Are the bike insurance add-on covers offered by Acko General Insurance chargeable?

      Yes, the policyholders will be required to pay for a little extra premium amount to opt for add-on covers in their basic insurance policy.

    • At what time I will be allowed to purchase the Acko add-on covers?

      You can purchase an add-on cover to extend the coverage of your bike insurance plan either while purchasing the insurance plan or while renewing your insurance cover.

    • How many add-on covers can be purchased at a time?

      You can buy and include as many add-on covers as you want in your bike insurance plans based on your needs and budget.

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