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Tvs Jupiter Insurance

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​How to Buy Insurance for ​​​​TVS Jupiter via InsuranceDekho

TVS Jupiter Bike Insurance Summary

TVS Jupiter is a 110 cc scooter that is available in three variants in India. The 109 kg scooter is available in 13 colors thereby offering you a wide choice. The scooter offers you hassle-free startability in all weather conditions thereby keeping you at ease. It has a single cylinder that comes with an automatic gearbox. Also, the scooter has a refined engine that offers you a smooth and consistent power delivery. Features like external fuel filler lid, unique wheel size combination, synchronized braking system, and tubeless tyres elevate the style quotient as well as offer you a comfortable ride. Not to forget that the scooter gets fuel injection, has an LED headlamp, smoked windscreen, and a USB in the front mobile storage compartment.

TVS Jupiter Bike Insurance

Indian Motor Tariff has made it mandatory to have a third-party bike insurance policy in order to ride legally in India. If you don’t own one, then you might end up in trouble. You may be punished with a fine of Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months. A third party bike insurance policy is also important because it covers you from damages caused to the third party’s vehicle, property, or bodily injuries. Every bike is eligible to be covered under a third party bike insurance policy and so you can buy one for your TVS Jupiter bike as well.

Types of Insurance Cover For TVS Jupiter

  1. Third Party Bike Insurance Policy: Third party bike insurance policy is mandatory by law. It covers you for up to Rs. 1 lakh against the third party liabilities arising due to injury, death, or other damage caused because of an unfortunate event.
  2. Standalone Own-Damage Bike Insurance Policy: Standalone own-damage bike insurance policy covers the own-damages sustained by your bike. It is not mandatory by law but can prove to be useful for you in case of a mishap. To get a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy, you must have a third party bike insurance policy.
  3. Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy: A comprehensive bike insurance policy covers you against both third party liabilities as well as damages of your own bike. It is also not mandatory but a good option as it covers for all possible situations.

How to Buy Insurance for TVS Jupiter from InsuranceDekho?

Buying a bike insurance policy online at InsuranceDekho is an easy and transparent process. All you need to do is follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of InsuranceDekho

Step 2: Select ‘Bike’ and enter your bike’s number in the space given. Click on ‘Get your Quotes’. If you don’t remember your bike’s number, then please enter its brand, model, fuel type, variant, registration year, etc.

Step 3: Enter your personal details like Name and Mobile Number and you will see several quotes displayed on your screen.

Step 4: From various quotes displayed, select the most suitable bike insurance policy for your TVS Jupiter bike according to your budget and requirements.

Step 5: Pay the premium for the selected bike insurance policy online. You will receive the policy document via email within the stipulated time.

TVS Jupiter Bike Insurance Claim Process

Cashless Bike Insurance Process

The cashless bike insurance process is a great framework that helps you get your bike repaired without paying anything. Under this system, you need to take your damaged bike to the network garage of your insurance company for repair and its cost will be paid by your insurer. Here are the steps of the cashless bike insurance process for your TVS Jupiter bike:

  • Intimate your insurer as early as possible after an accident or mishap by calling the customer support staff of your insurer or by visiting its website or through its mobile app.
  • Share all the details of the incident to the police and register an FIR, especially in case of accident, fire, theft, and so on.
  • Click a few pictures of damages sustained by your insured bike, bodily injuries, and any other damage, etc., after the accident to procure them as a vital proof for the settlement of the claim.
  • Take your bike to a network garage nearby for cashless repair. You can also ask for help from your insurance company to arrange towing facilities, in case of severe damage.
  • As your bike reaches the network garage, a surveyor will be sent by the insurance company to assess the extent of damages suffered by your bike. Here you must show relevant documents like bike registration certificate, policy copy driving license, FIR, etc., to the surveyor.
  • The surveyor will prepare and submit a report holding the estimate of the claim. Based on the documents and the surveyor's report, the insurer will accept or decline your claim request.
  • If your insurer accepts your claim request, network garage will repair your bike and generate the repair bill, which will be paid off directly by the insurance company.

Reimbursement Bike Insurance Process

The reimbursement claim process is framed to cover your bike’s damages and losses by offering reimbursement to your repair expenses after assessing your bill and documents. Here are the steps of reimbursement bike insurance process for your TVS Jupiter bike:

  • Intimate your insurance company about the incident instantly and register your claim.
  • Take your damaged bike to any garage or workshop after the accident or mishap for repair.
  • Your insurer will send a surveyor to access the level of damages sustained by your bike.
  • A claim report will be prepared and submitted to your insurance company by the surveyor.
  • The garage will start repairing your bike and you will have to pay the generated repair bill.
  • Send the original repair invoice, relevant documents and a claim form to your insurer.
  • After examining your bills, claim form, etc., your insurer will reimburse your claim amount.

TVS Jupiter Variants

TVS Jupiter is available in 11 variants.Please refer to the below table for the variant details:

TVS Jupiter Classic

109.7 cc,Petrol


TVS Jupiter Grande Edition bs4

109.7 cc,Petrol


TVS Jupiter Disc bs4

109.7 cc,Petrol


TVS Jupiter Classic BS4

109.7 cc,Petrol


TVS Jupiter STD

109.7 cc,Petrol


TVS Jupiter STD bs4

109.7 cc,Petrol


TVS Jupiter Sheet Metal Wheel

109.7 cc,Petrol


TVS Jupiter ZX

109.7 cc,Petrol


TVS Jupiter ZX Disc with IntelliGo

109.7 cc,Petrol


TVS Jupiter ZX bs4

109.7 cc,Petrol


TVS Jupiter ZX Disc bs4

109.7 cc,Petrol


Add-ons For Your Tvs Jupiter Bike Insurance

Bike insurance add-on are extra coverages which are designed to extend the coverage of your standard bike insurance policy.

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TVS Jupiter Bike Insurance User Reviews

65 Reviews
Why did they insure their bike with InsuranceDekho
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    It was very fast and efficient service till now. Let's see if it gives service also in case of any complication arises i...
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    Icici LombardBy ROHIT KUMAR MOHANOn:12th October, 2021
    it is good Experience. if everything goes well there is no necessity of going to insurance company. I am a resident of...
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    New IndiaBy M MEGHANAOn:11th October, 2021
  • Good experience
    Had a very good and fast experience. Would like to continue using the policy later again once this expires. Would also r...
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    Icici LombardBy AKHILA BAIRY M LOn:13th August, 2021
  • Great after sales support services
    Excellent claims & support team. Helps customers beyond their limits. Sets examples of customer centricity in every inte...
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    Iffco TokioBy Babita MaharOn:7th July, 2021
  • good
    good ...
    Kotak Mahindra General Insurance LimitedBy ASWINI MOn:7th July, 2021
  • Renewal was done within minutes
    Since I did not want to change my Kotak Comprehensive bike insurance plan issued for TVS Jupiter, it took me just a few ...
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    KotakBy Buddha ChatterjeeOn:30th June, 2021
  • Quick services
    Good policy and quick services offered by InsuranceDekho. No issue related to services. I am happy and satisfied and wil...
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    Iffco TokioBy SURESH PARADKAROn:22nd May, 2021
  • Policy issuance in three steps
    I issued a Liberty bike insurance policy for TVS Jupitar by just taking three steps on InsuranceDekho. I started with th...
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    LibertyBy Rohit ParekhOn:3rd May, 2021
  • Good and nice servuce
    They are good in details and provide assistance to know good insurance. Feeling good to use insurance dekho i suugest i...
    United India Insurance Company LimitedBy NAVEEN KUMAR GUPTAOn:2nd May, 2021
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TVS Jupiter Bike Insurance FAQs

  • 1

    What is the Best Two-Wheeler Insurance for My TVS Jupiter?

    The best two-wheeler insurance policy you can purchase for your TVS Jupiter is one that is suited to your requirement and budget. The easiest way to find an insurance policy that fits the bill is to purchase online. When you purchase online comparing the different two-wheeler insurance companies, the quotes they are offering and their network of cashless garages become simple and convenient. Moreover, you can do all of this from the comfort of your home or office. When purchasing an insurance policy for you TVS Jupiter make sure to also check the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company, their customer service reviews, terms and conditions of the policy especially the exclusions to ensure you are making an informed decision.

  • 2

    Will Two-Wheeler Insurance Pay for the Cracked Windshield of My TVS Jupiter?

    The insurance company will compensate for the damage to your TVS Jupiter’s windscreen only if you have an own-damage cover. You can purchase this cover for your TVS Jupiter either as a standalone own damage cover or as part of a comprehensive insurance plan. Keep in mind, if there was any misuse of illegal driving involved in the mishap of the TVS Jupiter the insurance company can refuse to pay for the damage. This also applies if there was someone else driving the two-wheeler at the time of the mishap.

  • 3

    Does My Second Hand TVS Jupiter Need Two-Wheeler Insurance?

    Yes, your second hand and TVS Jupiter must have at least third party insurance. It is compulsory for every two-wheeler in India to have at least this type of insurance according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Moreover, if you do not have this insurance you can be fined Rs. 2000 and/or imprisoned for up to 3 months. The third party insurance will cover your third party liabilities in the event of an unfortunate incident. This includes bodily injuries, death and property damage.

  • 4

    What Factors Affect the Insurance Premium of My TVS Jupiter?

    Several factors affect the premium amount of your TVS Jupiter. However, the most important is the Insured Declared Value of your TVS Jupiter. The IDV indicates the maximum compensation the insurance company will offer you in the event of a mishap and also takes into account the depreciation rate of your two-wheeler. Hence, the older your TVS Jupiter the lower its IDV premium amount and claim amount.

  • 5

    How to File a Claim for My TVS Jupiter

    To file a claim for your TVS Jupiter follow these instructions:

      Step 1: Inform your insurance provider about the mishap as soon as you can. You can contact them using their 24x7 helpline number/s. Make sure to also confirm the list of documents you need to provide for the claim process.

      Step 2: If your TVS Jupiter was involved in a road accident, case of vandalism or theft you need to file an FIR at the nearest police station. You will also need the FIR for the claim procedure.

      Step 3: Fill the claim form and submit it along with the required documents to the insurance provider as soon as you can.

      Step 4: If your TVS Jupiter needs to be repaired the insurance company will send a surveyor to assess the damage. After this, the insurance claim will go through a verification process.

      Step 5: After your claim is approved, you can take your TVS Jupiter to a garage and get it repaired. If you select a network garage the process will be handled in a cashless manner and there will be little to no out of pocket expenses.

  • 6

    How to Receive NCB for My TVS Jupiter Insurance?

    If you purchase an own damage cover for your TVS Jupiter, the insurance company will automatically offer you a No Claim Bonus for every claim-free year. This incentive is given to encourage safe driving among policyholders. The reward is cumulative and reaches its maximum of 50% in the fifth consecutive year.

  • 7

    What is Zero Depreciation in Two-Wheeler Insurance and How Does it Affect My TVS Jupiter?

    Zero Depreciation in Two-Wheeler Insurance is an add-on cover. You can purchase this for your TVS Jupiter along with a standalone own damage cover or a comprehensive insurance plan. At the time of claim settlement, the add-on will negate the depreciation rate of your two-wheeler thereby making the claim amount significantly higher.

  • 8

    How to Renew the Two-Wheeler Insurance for My TVS Jupiter?

    To renew your TVS Jupiter two-wheeler insurance on InsuranceDekho follow these instructions:

      Step 1: Visit the InsuranceDekho website and select the two-wheeler insurance tab from the homepage.

      Step 2: In the given section enter the TVS Jupiter’s registration number or its make, model and year of registration. Also, provide the fuel type and variant of your two-wheeler.

      Step 3: Next enter the details of your previous two-wheeler insurance policy, along with claim details if any. Once all the required information has been provided click the ‘Submit and Get Quotes’ button to continue.

      Step 4: The insurance quotes available for your TVS Jupiter will be visible on the screen. Select the policy and add-ons of your choice.

      Step 5: Pay for the policy you chose for your TVS Jupiter and the insurance policy document will be sent to your registered email ID.

  • 9

    How to Calculate the IDV of My TVS Jupiter?

    To calculate the IDV of your TVS Jupiter simply visit the InsuranceDekho website and use the two-wheeler premium calculator.

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