Bike InsuranceTwo wheeler insurance policy is a contract between a bike owner & insurance company that promises to protect you and your bike against any losses arising due to an accident.

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Latest TVC on Bike Insurance
Latest TVC on Bike Insurance
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What Is Bike Insurance?

Two wheeler insurance is an agreement between an insurance company and a bike owner, where the former promises the latter to cover the financial liabilities which may arise due to an unforeseen incident involving the insured’s bike. There are three kinds of bike insurance plans available in the market namely third-party bike insurance, standalone own-damage (OD) bike insurance, and comprehensive bike insurance. These bike insurance covers are distinguished on the basis of their coverage.

How To Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Online

With InsuranceDekho, you can buy bike insurance very easily and quickly. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to get the best two wheeler insurance plan.

  • Enter Your Bike DetailsStep 1
    Enter Your Bike Details

    Fill up your two wheeler details like make, model, fuel type, etc., to find the top bike insurance policy quotes offered by different insurance companies based on your specifications.

  • Compare Bike Insurance Policy QuotesStep 2
    Compare Bike Insurance Policy Quotes

    From all the available plan options, pick the bike insurance policy which meets your requirements and budgets in the best possible manner.

  • Pay for the Policy Online
    Pay for the Policy Online

    Pay the premium of the chosen two wheeler insurance policy online. After paying the premium, you will instantly receive your bike insurance document in your email inbox.

Different Types of Bike Insurance

  • Preferred
    Comprehensive Bike Insurance

    Comprehensive Bike Insurance

    A comprehensive bike insurance policy gives complete coverage by paying your financial liabilities that you may incur towards a third party and by providing compensation for expenses arising due to own-damages sustained by your bike. This policy shields your bike against damages it sustains due to an accident, fire, theft, man-made disasters, natural calamities, self-ignition, explosion, and so on. You can also enhance its coverage by paying an additional premium to purchase add-on covers like zero depreciation cover, roadside assistance cover, engine cover, etc.

  • Third Party Bike Insurance

    Third Party Bike Insurance

    In India, a third-party bike insurance plan is a compulsory requirement to ride a bike. It is also known as liability-only policy which covers bodily injuries, temporary or permanent disability, and death of the third party person due to an accident or a mishap with the involvement of the insured’s bike. This bike insurance policy also covers the property damage expenses sustained by the third party up to Rs. 1 Lakh, but does not cover damages incurred by the insured’s bike or the insured person.

  • Own-Damage Bike Insurance

    Own-Damage Bike Insurance

    The standalone own-damage bike insurance policy gives coverage for the own-damages sustained by the insured bike due to an accident, theft, fire, natural disaster and man-made calamity. A standalone own-damage policy provides flexibility to policyholders for choosing an insurance company of their choice. The policyholders can buy a third-party policy and own-damage policy either from the same insurer or a different one. An insured individual can expand the coverage of a own-damage insurance policy by buying add-on covers.

Top Bike Insurance Companies in India 2021

Here’s the list of the best bike insurance companies as per the claim settlement ratio (CSR) registered by them with IBAI in the financial year 2019-2020.
RankCompaniesNetwork GaragesClaim Settlement Ratio
1Bajaj Allianz General Insurance4,000+88.83% in FY20
2Bharti Axa General Insurance5,200+87.99% in FY20
3Hdfc Ergo General Insurance6,800+91.23% in FY20
4Icici Lombard General Insurance8,800+87.71% in FY20
5Iffco Tokio General Insurance4,300+95.30% in FY20
6Kotak General Insurance1,300+82.81% in FY20
7National General Insurance3,100+85.71% in FY20
8New India General Insurance3,000+89.60% in FY20
9Reliance General Insurance6,200+84.26% in FY20
10Sbi General Insurance16,000+89.51% in FY20
11United India General Insurance3,100+82.93% in FY20
12Universal Sompo General Insurance3,500+90.78% in FY20
Top Bike Insurance Policies

Two Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

Bike insurance add-on are extra coverages which are designed to extend the coverage of your standard bike insurance policy.
  • Zero Depreciation Cover Bike insurance
    Zero Depreciation Cover

    Depreciation reduces the value of a bike and its parts due to which policyholders receive a reduced claim amount. But, by opting for a zero depreciation add-on cover, you can get a higher claim amount as this add-on covers the depreciation cost of your bike and its parts made of nylon, plastic, and fibreglass. A zero depreciation add-on provides complete coverage for the replacement of old and damaged bike parts without considering depreciation.

  • Return To Invoice Cover Bike insurance
    Return To Invoice Cover

    If your two wheeler sustains a total loss, then you become entitled to receive the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your bike as compensation. However, the amount of IDV is lower than the actual amount paid by you at the time of buying your bike as it does not include the amount paid towards road taxes and registration charges. But, with the return to invoice cover, you can get the coverage for the entire invoice amount for your bike in case of total loss.

  • NCB Protection Cover Bike insurance
    NCB Protection Cover

    Insurance companies offer a reward in terms of discount to their policyholders for not making any claim in a policy year. The reward for every claim-free year is known as No Claim Bonus which gets accumulated with every claim-free year and ranges between 20% to 50% of your own-damage premium. This benefit can be lost if you make even a single claim. But with the NCB Cover, you can keep it intact even after making a claim.

  • Engine Protection Cover Bike insurance
    Engine Protection Cover

    The standard bike insurance policy provides coverage for the damage incurred by your bike’s engine only during an accident but does not offer coverage for damage sustained by the engine due to water ingression or oil leakage. However, if you include engine protection cover in your policy, then, you become eligible to get coverage for the damages sustained by the engine of your bike due to water ingression and oil leakage as well.

  • Roadside Assistance Cover Bike insurance
    Roadside Assistance Cover

    If you get stuck somewhere on road due to a sudden breakdown of your bike or due to reasons like a dead battery, flat tyre, key loss, fuel shortage, accident etc, or requirement of hotel accommodation then you can get the required assistance if you had opted for a roadside assistance cover. This bike insurance add-on assists you with a range of unexpected and sudden events which may result in roadside emergency situations.

  • Consumables Cover Bike insurance
    Consumables Cover

    A standard two wheeler insurance policy does not provide coverage for the cost of consumables like screws, bolts, nuts, engine oil, brake oil, grease, etc. However, these small looking consumables can increase the repair bill of your bike significantly, hence, by including the consumables add-on cover in your policy, you can get coverage for such consumables at the time of repair after an accident or during bike repair.

  • Tyre Protection Cover Bike insurance
    Tyre Protection Cover

    By default, a standard two-wheeler insurance plan does not cover damage caused to your bike tyres due to tyre burst, sidewall bulging, or flattening, etc. However, by opting for a tyre protection cover, you can get required coverage for the replacement cost of a damaged tyre which also includes the labour cost incurred for removing, refitting, and balancing the wheel. This add-on helps you save a good sum of money.

Explore Two Wheeler Insurance

Here’s your guide to popular terminologies of bike insurance
  • Bike Insurance Quotes
  • Bike Insurance Premium Calculator
  • Bike Insurance Renewal
  • Comprehensive Bike Insurance
  • Third-Party Bike Insurance
  • Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance
  • Bike Insurance Add-ons
  • Bike Insurance Claim Settlement
  • Bike Insurance Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  • Own-Damage Bike Insurance
  • Cashless Garages

Bike Insurance Coverage

  • What is Covered?
  • What is not Covered?
  • Third-Party Injuries
    Third-Party Injuries

    All the types of bodily injuries suffered by a third-party due to your bike will be covered.

  • Third Party Disability
    Third Party Disability

    If your bike causes disability to a third-party in an accident, then the coverage for the same shall be provided.

  • Third Party Death
    Third Party Death

    Compensation will be offered if your bike causes an accident that results in an unfortunate death of a third party.

  • Third-Party Property Damage
    Third-Party Property Damage

    Coverage of up to Rs. 1 Lakh is provided for damages caused to a third-party’s property due to your bike.

  • Accidents

    Coverage is offered for all types of damages incurred by your bike in accidents or collisions.

  • Natural Calamities
    Natural Calamities

    Damages incurred by your bike due to natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc are covered.

  • Man-made Disasters
    Man-made Disasters

    Damages sustained by your bike due to man-made disasters such as riots, terrorism, vandalism, etc, is covered.

  • Fire or Explosion
    Fire or Explosion

    Damages incurred by your bike in a fire and explosion shall be covered.

  • Theft

    Loss of your bike due to theft is covered under bike insurance.

  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drug
    Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drug

    Claims for incidents when the insured was driving under the influence of alcohol are not admissible.

  • Driving Without Valid Driver’s License
    Driving Without Valid Driver’s License

    No coverage is offered if the insured was driving without a valid driver’s license.

  • Wear and Tear or Depreciation
    Wear and Tear or Depreciation

    A standard bike insurance policy will not cover the cost of depreciation of your bike and its parts.

  • Consumables

    No coverage is offered for engine oil, brake oil, air conditioner refrigerant, nuts, bolts, screws, grease, and other consumables of the bike.

  • Electrical or Mechanical Breakdown
    Electrical or Mechanical Breakdown

    If your bike suffers any mechanical or electrical breakdown, then it will not be covered.

  • Damage in War or Nuclear Attack
    Damage in War or Nuclear Attack

    If your bike sustains damages due to war or nuclear activity or attack, then no coverage will be provided.

  • Damage to Tyre or Tubes
    Damage to Tyre or Tubes

    Damages sustained by the tyres and tubes of your bike will not be covered, except in case of accidents.

  • Damage Caused Outside Geographical Boundaries
    Damage Caused Outside Geographical Boundaries

    No compensation will be provided for damages sustained outside the geographical limits specified in the policy.

How To File Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Online?

A two wheeler insurance claim can be settled in 2 ways - in a cashless manner or reimbursement manner. If you take your bike to a network garage of your insurance company for repair, then the claim is settled in a cashless manner. Whereas, if you take your bike to a non-network garage, then the claim is settled in a reimbursement claim. Following are the steps which you can follow to raise a bike insurance claim

  • Step 1 Intimate your insurance company about the accident or mishap.
  • Step 2 Get your claim intimation number from your insurance company.
  • Step 3 A surveyor will be appointed and sent to the spot to examine the damages.
  • Step 4 Your insurer can make arrangements for towing services for your bike if required.
  • Step 5 Get your bike repaired either at a network garage or a garage of your choice.
  • Step 6 Your insurer will settle the claim based on the selected garage for bike repairs.

Why Choose InsuranceDekho for Bike Insurance Online?

InsuranceDekho is a one-stop insurance platform that allows you to compare various bike insurance policies and select the best insurance for your bike.
  • Bike Insurance in Just 5 Minutes*
    Bike Insurance in Just 5 Minutes*

    We issue your bike insurance in just 5 minutes with our simple, swift and paperless process.

  • Over 5.5 Lakh Happy Customers
    Over 5.5 Lakh Happy Customers

    InsuranceDekho is a preferred choice of every insurance seeker. With our quick process, top-rated insurance plans, and committed customer care staff, we have managed to get the love and support of over 5.5 Lakh satisfied customers till now.

  • 7 Days Dedicated Customer Support
    7 Days Dedicated Customer Support

    We have a dedicated customer support team which is available at your service everyday. You can reach out to our support staff for any insurance related assistance be it related to policy purchase or claim settlement, we are always there to assist you.

Benefits of Buying A Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Two wheeler insurance provides a wide array of benefits to its policyholders. The key benefits are as follows:

1. Helps You Comply With Law

A bike insurance helps you comply with the law. According to the Indian Motor Tariff, every bike owner is compulsorily required to hold at least a third-party bike insurance plan. Driving without a valid third-party bike insurance plan attracts a penalty of Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months.

2. Protection Against Third-Party Liabilities

A bike insurance plan covers the financial liabilities that you may incur towards a third-party like bodily injuries, disability, death and property damage. The coverage for property damage is limited up to Rs. 1 Lakh.

3. Protection Against Own-Damages

A bike insurance plan covers the own-damage expenses of your bike which may incur due to accidents, fire, theft, natural and man-made disasters, etc. Such coverage is provided under standalone own-damage plans and comprehensive bike insurance plans.

4. Coverage Against Theft

A two-wheeler insurance plan gives you coverage even if your bike/two wheeler gets stolen. In such cases, your insurer will provide you with your bike’s Insured Declared Value (IDV) which will be equal to the market price of your bike at the time of policy purchase.

5. Personal Accident Cover

You can include a personal accident cover of up to Rs. 15 Lakh in your bike insurance plan to cover bodily injuries, disability or death of the bike insurance policyholder.

Two Wheeler Insurance By Popular Manufacturers

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FAQs on Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

  • 1

    What is a two wheeler insurance policy?

    A two wheeler insurance policy is an agreement between an insurance company and a bike owner wherein the insurance provider promises to cover any damage or loss sustained by the insured bike due to an accident, theft, fire, etc., based on the opted policy. Generally, the contract between insured and insurer is of a year which should be renewed every year.

  • 2

    Why should I purchase a bike insurance policy?

    No matter which bike you own, you need to comply with some laws to ride it. To carry a bike insurance policy is the most important rule to drive a bike as you need to adhere to the legal requirement of carrying at least a third party cover. Besides this, a bike insurance policy also covers your financial liabilities which you may incur towards a third party or own damages sustained by your bike due to an accident or any unfortunate incident.

  • 3

    What are the different types of bike insurance plan?

    There are three types of bike insurance plans such as third party bike insurance plan, standalone own damage bike insurance plan, and comprehensive bike insurance plan.

  • 4

    What is the premium of different bike insurance plans?

    The cost of the premium for different bike insurance plans are different. When it comes to the third party policy, its premium is set by the IRDAI which varies as per the bike’s engine capacity. But, the premium for own-damage and comprehensive plans varies from bike to bike due to various factors like bike’s make, model, and variant, engine capacity, fuel type, etc.

  • 5

    What if my bike insurance policy gets expired?

    Every two-wheeler insurance policy has a date of expiry before which you should renew it to continue to avail it. However, if you fail to renew the policy on time, you still can renew it within the 90 days grace period from the expiry date, but it can not be renewed after that and you will have to buy a new policy in that case.

  • 6

    How to find my bike insurance policy number?

    Bike insurance policy number is a unique number which is of 8 to 10 digits provided by the insurance company. It is generally printed on the insurance card that is issued by the insurance providers. You can also find it by entering your registered mobile number on the website of your insurer.

  • 7

    Which is the best bike insurance company in India?

    There are numerous parameters to select an insurance company to insure your bike. The Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) is one of the most important parameters to gauge the efficiency of an insurance provider. The CSR is a ratio of claims settled by a bike insurance company out of the total claims received by the insurer during the financial year. In the financial year 2019-20, the companies with the highest claim settlement ratio are IFFCO Tokio General Insurance (95.30%), Royal Sundaram General Insurance (92.66%), and Oriental Insurance Company (91.76%) with which the IFFCO Tokio can be considered the best company in India for the year 2021.

  • 8

    Is it compulsory to own a bike insurance in India?

    Yes, according to the Indian Motor Tariff, every bike owner is required to carry at least a third party bike insurance plan.

  • 9

    Can a bike owner purchase two bike insurance for the same bike?

    No, a bike owner can not buy two insurance plans for the same bike. However, you can buy a third-party policy and own-damage plan separately from different insurance companies.

  • 10

    Can bike insurance be transferred to a new owner of the bike?

    Yes, a bike insurance policy can be transferred from the old bike owner to the new bike owner, if it is sold out. The policy transfer must be completed within 14 days from the purchase date of the bike.

  • 11

    What are the factors that determine the premium of a bike insurance policy?

    The third party policy premium of your bike is fixed by the IRDAI, while the standalone own-damage and comprehensive policy premium varies from insurer to insurer based on several factors which are as follow:

    • Type of Coverage – Different policies cost different premium amounts such as third party policy, own-damage policy, and comprehensive policy.
    • Bike Make, Model and Variant – The brand, model, and variant of the bike affects the premium as per their cost. The high-end bikes have higher premiums when compared to standard bikes.
    • Bike Modifications – Modifications in a bike may improve its looks and performance, but to cover those modifications and accessories your insurance premium will also increase.
    • Add-on Covers – Insurers offer different add-on covers for bike insurance plan. To add them in your policy, you will have to pay an additional premium that increases the policy premium.
    • Anti-Theft Devices - Anti-theft devices lessen the probability of bike theft which reduces the risk for the insurers too due to which they reward the insured with a lower premium.
  • 12

    How to raise a bike insurance claim online?

    You can raise a bike insurance claim online with the below-given steps:

    Step 1: Raise a claim at your insurer’s website or mobile app

    Step 2: You will get a claim registration number from your insurer.

    Step 3: Insurer will send a surveyor to examine the damage extent.

    Step 4: Take your damaged bike to a garage to get repaired of your choice.

    Step 5: The claim will be settled by your insurer on the basis of the chosen garage.

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