TVS Bike Insurance

    Tvs Bikes Insurance Price (2018 Premium)

    Bike, the South-Korean automobile giant, is the second largest bike maker in the country
    ModelVariantIDVZero Dep (in INR)Gross Premium (in INR)
    TVS RadeonDrum Special Edition 25107 NA 1049
    TVS Apache RR 310ABS 157703 NA 3408
    TVS WegoDrum 25932 NA 1055
    TVS Apache RTR 250STD 41764 NA 1744
    TVS XL Heavy DutySTD 13398 NA 655
    TVS Scooty StreakStandard 21628 NA 1027
    TVS Velocity160 17444 NA 681
    TVS XL100STD 17150 NA 998
    TVS Scooty Pep Pluspep 21634 NA 1027
    TVS JupiterZX Disc 29293 NA 1076
    TVS Apache RTR 160Single Disc ABS 38220 NA 1716
    TVS XL SuperSE 17150 NA 679
    TVS Scooty ZestSE 24502 NA 1045
    TVS Apache RTR 160 4VSingle Disc ABS 38220 NA 1716
    TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi E100STD 53931 NA 1842
    TVS JiveJive 28420 NA 1071
    TVS Apache RTR 180STD 41764 NA 1744
    TVS FlameSR 125 Disc 25333 NA 1051
    TVS FieroF2 Drum 34300 NA 1109
    TVS NeoNeo 25137 NA 1049
    TVS Jupiter GrandeDrum 30380 NA 1083
    TVS SportKick Start Spoke 27641 NA 1066
    TVS Scooty Zest 110Spoke 24502 NA 1045
    TVS VictorPremium Edition SBT 27653 NA 1066
    TVS Apache RTR 200 4V 2016-2017Standard 51748 NA 1825
    TVS StarDLX 19208 NA 1011
    TVS Phoenix125 Drum 25932 NA 1055
    TVS Max4R LX 21125 NA 1024
    TVS NTORQ 125Race Edition 44007 NA 1075
    TVS Star CityStar 21974 NA 1152
    TVS Apache 2007-2011ES 39246 NA 1361
    TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition 2.0Standard 51748 NA 1825
    TVS CentraSTD 17150 NA 998
    The above-mentioned premiums are suggestive and may change basis terms & conditions

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    Add-ons For Your Tvs Bike Insurance

    • Zero Depreciation
      Zero Depreciation

      Like other assets, the value of your bike also depreciates constantly with time and the liability of this expense by default rests with the policyholder. A zero depreciation add-on protects you against the depreciation expenses incurred by your bike. Thus, if you opt for a zero depreciation cover, depreciation expense of your bike is not deducted from your claim amount at the time of a claim settlement. This add-on is available with comprehensive bike insurance plans as well as standalone bike insurance plans. This is one of the most popular and recommended bike insurance add-on covers.

    • Invoice Protection
      Invoice Protection

      In case of total loss (more than 70% damage) or theft of your bike, the insurance company pays you the Insured Declared Value of your bike as compensation. However, this Insured Declared Value (IDV) is less than the invoice price which you pay at the time of purchasing your bike. The Invoice Protection add-on cover helps you claim the Invoice Price, i.e. total ex-showroom price of your bike plus taxes plus registration charges, of your bike in case of total loss or theft of your bike.

    • NCB Cover
      NCB Cover

      No Claim Bonus is the reward which is given to the policyholder for not making any claim during the policy period. This reward is offered by the insurer in the form of a discount on the own-damage premium of the bike insurance policy at the time of policy renewal. The NCB ranges from 20% to 50% of the own-damage premium depending on the number of claim-free years. However, if you make even a single claim during the policy period this NCB gets lost. But, with the NCB Cover, you can keep your NCB intact even after making a claim during the policy period.

    • Engine Protection Cover
      Engine Protection Cover

      The damages incurred by the engine of the bike are by default not covered under a bike insurance policy. However, if you opt for an Engine Protection Cover, the insurer will be liable to compensate you for damages incurred by the engine of your bike such as damage due to leakage of lubricants, water ingress, hydrostatic lock, damaged gearbox, broken crankshafts or pistons and cylinders. The repair cost of the internal engine parts is often high and can sum up to thousands of rupees or more. Thus, addition of this add-on to your comprehensive or standalone bike insurance policy can save you from these expenses.

    Tvs Bike Insurance User Reviews

    • Akhil Tomar

      I own a Future Generali bike insurance policy to secure my TVS Apache RTR 160 4V. I bought the plan from InsuranceDekho without going through any paperwork. I got the soft copy of the policy in my mailbox instantly after the purchase.

      Akhil Tomar
      On: 13th July, 2020 | Views
    • Priyanshu Mittal

      The InsuranceDekho portal gave clear and reliable services to me while buying the Kotal insurance policy for my TVS Apache RTR 160 4V bike. From giving offers to renewals, the platform gave me everything.

      Priyanshu Mittal
      On: 13th July, 2020 | Views
    • Umesh Kumar

      The InsuranceDekho portal offered me a wide range of add-ons for Bharti AXA insurance plan that helped to enhance my coverage for TVS Victor bike. It was a great assistance for me.

      Umesh Kumar
      On: 13th July, 2020 | Views
    • Chandan Mishra

      InsuranceDekho offers me multiple choices to pay for United India bike insurance policy. The secured and swift payment gateways of the platform help me buy and renew the plan for my TVS Radeon bike.

      Chandan Mishra
      On: 10th July, 2020 | Views
    • Hemant Bhutani

      I was provided with a lot of bike insurance plan quotes to compare and choose from the Insurance Dekho platform. It helped me find a IFFCO Tokio insurance policy to insure my TVS Jupiter scooty without any hassle.

      Hemant Bhutani
      On: 10th July, 2020 | Views
    • Vivek Lal

      With SBI insurance, I could easily get my claim request settled that I made for my TVS Apache bike. The team of InsuranceDekho helped me make the claim request in the right way and get it completely too.

      Vivek Lal
      On: 9th July, 2020 | Views
    • Ankur Upadhyay

      The customer care team of InsuranceDekho is fantastic. Their executives had suggested that I should go for a Liberty insurance plan, which I later found to be great. The policy offered a perfect coverage for my TVS Scooty Zest.

      Ankur Upadhyay
      On: 9th July, 2020 | Views
    • Dipak Mohan

      With Insurance Dekho, I was able to renew my Future Generali insurance policy for my TVS Star City Plus bike in just 2 steps. It hardly took a few minutes to get the insurance policy renewal process completed.

      Dipak Mohan
      On: 9th July, 2020 | Views
    • Shashank Dadlani

      The InsuranceDekho team advised me to purchase a Bharti AXA bike insurance plan as it holds a huge network of cashless garages. This benefit helped me get my TVS Apache bike repaired easily after meeting with an accident.

      Shashank Dadlani
      On: 9th July, 2020 | Views
    • Divya Hajela

      The support staff of InsuranceDekho is so good that I never had to face any problem in using my Royal Sundaram insurance policy that I bought for my TVS Scooty Zest.

      Divya Hajela
      On: 8th July, 2020 | Views


    • How long does it take to renew a Tvs bike insurance?

      You can get your bike insurance renewed in just 5 minutes with InsuranceDekho.

    • Which all insurance add-ons should I buy for Tvs bikes?

      The popular insurance add-ons opted with bikes include zero depreciation add-on, consumable cover and NCB (No Claim Bonus) cover among others.

    • From where can I purchase insurance for my Tvs bike?

      You can visit our website, compare all available premium quotes for Tvs bikes and select the one which best suits your requirements. With InsuranceDekho, get policy issued instantly.

    • Which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio for Tvs bikes?

      Acko General Insurance, Bharti AXA General Insurance and ICICI Lombard General Insurance are among the bike insurers who have registered impressive claim settlement ratio for Tvs bikes.

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