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Health Insurance Premium Calculator of DHFL General Insurance

Keeping you prepared for unforeseen circumstances like health emergencies in life is what health insurance policies do. Different health insurance policies come with varying premium amounts on the basis of certain factors. But before purchasing a policy, we get to know about the coverage features from the brochure and other sources. But what about the premium amount? Here comes into the scene the online premium calculator. A premium calculator helps you get a fair idea of the amount you need to pay to avail benefit of the policy as well as the tax exemptions on the premium that you can enjoy for a particular health insurance policy. Let us know more about it by reading further. 

How to calculate the premium of DHFL General Insurance policies online?

Online premium calculator makes it easy to calculate premiums for DHFL General Insurance policies. All you need to do is fill the following details and take an estimate-

  • Your age
  • Policy term
  • Medical history
  • Coverage details
  • Sum insured required
  • Type of policy you wish to purchase

On the basis of these details, you will get an idea of premium for the policy you are going to buy. You can even alter your choices to change the premium amount, thereby if it does not fit your pocket. 

Why calculate health insurance premium online?

Not only because it is easy, but calculating health insurance premiums online is a preferred choice because of the many reasons listed below:

  • You can alter your choices for benefits and riders
  • It lets you know the exact expense for the policy in advance
  • It lets you judge if the policy seems to be affordable for you or not 
  • You can ascertain the costs involved in buying a particular plan
  • You can compare various health insurance plans on the basis of rates, features, etc.
  • You can choose the coverage features as per your requirement 
  • It allows you to change the details and resort to the most suitable premium amount and coverage features

Why choose DHFL General Insurance?

DHFL is a leading company in India which has its wings spread across several segments in the market. Not only it deals in health insurance and life insurance, but also has its hold on the market for other leading financial enterprises too. The company provides an excellent customer support services team, a dedicated claim settlement team, and a wide network of hospitals. The company is new to health insurance, but is definitely a reliable one and worth giving a try for.

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