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Health Insurance Premium Calculator of Religare Health Insurance

Health insurance has become a necessity in today’s age when medical costs are increasing and more and more individuals are facing medical complications. A comprehensive health insurance plan, with a sufficient sum insured, therefore becomes necessary to pay for the considerable medical expenses whenever there is a medical contingency. Religare offers a range of health insurance plans with an optimal sum insured levels. However, calculating the premium of the plan before buying is essential to ensure that the plan is affordable.

How to calculate the premium of Religare policies online?

Calculation of health insurance premiums of Religare Health is quite easy through the online premium calculators available. The calculator requires your personal details like :

  • Age
  • Sum insured
  • Plan term
  • Medical history
  • Applicable discounts, etc.

You just have to enter these details and the premium would be calculated instantly. You can also adjust the calculated premium by changing the variables like the sum insured, coverage benefits, etc.

Why calculate health insurance premium online?

Calculation of premiums is an important step before a health insurance plan is bought. When you calculate the premium beforehand, you can –

  • Add or deduct coverage benefits and riders
  • Find the exact expense on the policy beforehand
  • Judge the affordability of the health insurance coverage
  • Compare the different rates and choose the best policy
  • Select the best coverage level which would suit your pockets
  • Ensure that there would be no financial strain in continuing the health insurance policy
  • Opt for the most suitable coverage benefits at the most affordable premium

Why choose Religare?

The company is backed by leading names in the medical field making it an expert in health insurance. It has a tie-up with more than 5,420 hospitals across India for cashless treatments. In-house claim settlements eliminate the need for TPAs and make claim processing quicker and smoother. Moreover, the plans offered by Religare have unique and comprehensive coverage features with the varying sum insured levels which are suitable to all. 

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Religare Health Insurance Plan List

Name of PlanSum Insured
CareMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit4 Lakh Get Quotes Now
JoyMin: 1 Day; Max: 65 Years3 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Care FreedomMin: 90 Days; Max: No Limit3 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Critical MediclaimMin: 5 Years; Max 50 Years10 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Care SeniorMin: 61 Years; Max: No Limit3 Lakh Get Quotes Now
AssureMin: 18 Years; Max: 65 Years5 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Care HeartMin: 18 Years; Max: No Limit2 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Super MediclaimMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit1 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Arogya Sanjeevani PolicyMin: 3 Months; Max: 65 Years 1 Lakh - 5 Lakh Get Quotes Now

Religare Health Insurance Top Up List

Name of PlanSum Insured
EnhanceMin: 1 Day; Max: No Limit1 Lakh Get Quotes Now

Religare Health Insurance Premium Calculator FAQs

  • How do I pay my policy premiums?

    You can pay the premium of Religare’s plan in cash or by using online or digital payment gateways.

  • Will I get a payment acknowledgment from Religare after paying the premium?

    Yes, you will get the payment acknowledgment from Religare after paying the premium.

  • Can I get a duplicate copy of my premium receipt from Religare?

    Yes, Religare provides the duplicate copy of the premium receipt.

  • What are the benefits of premium receipts provided by Religare health insurance?

    The ‘premium receipt' depicts the premium amount that is paid by you for the policy. You can avail tax benefits by showing it as the proof of investment to the taxation authority.

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