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Critical Illness Plans of GoDigit

Anyone suffering from a critical illness may better understand its adverse impact. Life-threatening disease can carry a critical impact on a person’s life. Its impact is not only on the person’s lifestyle but the entire family. He or she may have to encounter unexpected exorbitant medical expenses. This is where buying critical insurance like GoDigit’s Digit Health Plus Policy sounds a wise step.

Digit Health Plus Policy

Digit Health Plus Policy by GoDigit is a regular health plan, which provides coverage for critical illnesses. It keeps you and your family covered in the hour of financial stress due to the treatment of a critical illness. The life-threatening diseases covered by the Digit Health Plus Policy include:

  • Cancer of Specified Severity
  • Open Heart Replacement
  • Benign Brain Tumour
  • Major Head Trauma
  • Pulmonary Hypertension

To know about all the critical illnesses covered under the GoDigit’s Digit Health Plus Policy, click here.

Benefits of GoDigit Critical Illness Insurance Policy

The Critical Illness Insurance by GoDigit can safeguard your savings, which is likely to be drained out in one go due to highly expensive medical treatment costs for lifestyle disabling diseases. With this policy by your side, you are able to get a lump sum amount in case you get diagnosed with a critical illness. GoDigit’s policy takes care of all expenses, such as medical tests, treatment, post-treatment medicines, and so on. Once you submit a diagnosis certificate, the insurer will pay the lump sum within the stipulated time. Or, you can also opt for hospitalisation and treatment expenses in case of a critical illness.  

Key Features of GoDigit Critical Illness Insurance Policy 

There are some features you can use by choosing GoDigit’s critical insurance policy, such as:

  • Portability option
  • Lifelong renewability
  • Cashless treatment
  • Discounts on premiums
  • In-house claim process      

The benefits of GoDigit’s Health Plus Policy are manifold. With it, you can avail the best treatment for life-threatening diseases without thinking of skyrocketing medical costs. 

Claim Process at GoDigit General Insurance

  • Network Hospital
  • Non-Network Hospital
  • 1

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 24 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 72 hours prior to admission.
  • 2

    Claim Processing

    Fill in the pre-authorisation form and hand it over to hospital's insurance/TPA desk to initiate claim request.
  • 3

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request is approved, claim is settled. If not approved, claim for reimbursement after discharge.
  • 4

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance call Insurancedekho at 1800-120-5698 or call toll free number of GoDigit General Insurance at 1800-258-5956.
  • 1

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 24 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 72 hours prior to admission.
  • 2

    Claim Processing

    Submit claim form with original documents such as doctor’s reports, hospital bills, diagnostic tests, etc.
  • 3

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request for reimbursement of expenses is approved, the claim will be settled.
  • 4

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance call insurancedekho at 1800-120-5698 or call toll free number of GoDigit General Insurance 1800-258-5956.

GoDigit General Insurance User Reviews

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  • Superior to other brands

    If i say something, i would say that GoDigit is superior to other insurance companies in India. I have bought its Digit Health Plus Policy and finds i...

    On: Jan 02, 2020 | Views
  • Wonderful service!

    GoDigit provides takes care of its customers by providing wonderful service. I am using its product since 2018 and have found the service of this...

    On: Dec 30, 2019 | Views
  • Deeply impressed!

    In so far as this company is concerned, i always keep it on the priority when someone asks me about a good company. I am deeply impressed with the pol...

    On: Dec 23, 2019 | Views
  • Very Good Company

    GoDigit is really a very good company. Before i got in touch with this company, i was very much worried about a reliable insurer, affordable premium a...

    On: Dec 21, 2019 | Views
  • Quite satisfied!!

    I am quite satisfied with the kind of service provided to me by GoDigit. The people who talked to me sounded very professional and knowledgeable. Th...

    On: Oct 29, 2019 | Views
  • Second to none

    GoDigit offers customized health insurance plans for everyone. I have bought health insurance from this company as fully satisfied with their service ...

    On: Oct 21, 2019 | Views
  • Easy claim settlement

    I appreciate the kind of service delivered to me by Go Digit. All the clauses of the policy and claim settlement claim formalities made clear to me be...

    On: Oct 21, 2019 | Views
  • Quick & Quality Service

    Quick service and response from staff. Polite and patience in communication. Good knowledge and ability to guide customers. As a policy buyer, I got w...

    On: Oct 11, 2019 | Views
  • Super Easy!

    Thanks to the customer care team of GoDigit and InsuranceDekho. Purchasing an insurance policy has been super easy. I spoke to one of the team members...

    On: Oct 11, 2019 | Views
  • Superior service

    I have purchased health insurance and maid a claim. GoDigit provided me with superior service. I am impressed.

    On: Sep 30, 2019 | Views
  • Excellent!

    Thanks to GoDigit and its team for good guidance and services regarding purchasing health insurance online. All my praise would fall short of your eff...

    On: Sep 30, 2019 | Views
  • Appreciate

    I really appreciate the good work. Thank you for getting my mother's treatment done so hassle-free. 

    On: Sep 09, 2019 | Views
  • Good after sale service

    Not only the policy purchase was easy and hassle-free, even the after sale service is excellent. I am proud to be associated with them.

    On: Aug 21, 2019 | Views
  • Extensive coverage

    The reason for taking GoDigit health insurance policy is because it offers extensive coverage benefits and the policy is valid minimum for 1 year.&nbs...

    On: Jul 24, 2019 | Views
  • Better customer service

    GoDigit facilities are very good. When I contacted them, they gave me complete information about the policy and suggested a policy with an afford...

    On: Jul 24, 2019 | Views
  • Good for health

    I have bought a health insurance policy from GoDigit. It gives 100% of cover for six to seven members in my family. I also enjoy wide coverage and tax...

    On: Jul 24, 2019 | Views
  • Good hospitals & low premiums

    I chose GoDigit because it gives the family coverage under one plan and the listed hospital is good. The premium is also nominal.

    On: Jul 23, 2019 | Views
  • Customer friendly

    People at GoDigit are customer-friendly. They help me when I need to know about the changes or upgradation in the policy. 

    On: Jul 23, 2019 | Views
  • Average service

    I have GoDigit health insurance currently. The company has a tie-up with many reputed hospitals. So, I get cashless treatment at all network hosp...

    On: Jul 23, 2019 | Views

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GoDigit General Insurance Critical Illness Plan List

Name of PlanSum Insured
Digit Health Plus PolicyMin: 1 Year; Max: 60 Years2 Lakh Get Quotes Now

GoDigit General Insurance FAQs

  • How many critical illnesses are covered under  GoDigit Health Insurance?

    There are 20 critical illnesses of 5 different categories, which are covered under the GoDigit Health Insurance plans.

  • What is the minimum sum insured amount offered for the coverage of critical illness treatment?

    The sum insured amount provided for the coverage of critical illness treatment starts from Rs. 2 Lakh.

  • Does GoDigit provide coverage for critical illnesses?

    Yes, GoDigit provides coverage for critical illnesses under his Digit Health Plus Policy. For details, refer to the policy wording or dial our helpline number 1800-1205-698.

  • When can I get the claim for critical illnesses under the plan of GoDigit?

    If you get diagnosed with any of the listed critical illnesses in the plan or undergoing covered surgical procedures as specified in the policy,  you can get claim provided that:

    A) You are diagnosed with a critical illness or gone through the covered surgical procedure for the first time in your life 
    B) You are diagnosed from a critical Illness post initial waiting period, as mentioned in the policy from the date of inception of the first policy with the insurer 
    C) You survive for a minimum period of at least 30 days from the date of diagnosis of such critical illness unless this condition is specifically waived by us 
    D) The critical illness or the surgical procedure claim is not a consequence of or arising out of any pre-existing condition/disease 
    E) Once a claim has been paid under critical illness and/or surgical procedure then cover under this section shall cease, and no further payment will be made for any consequent disease or any dependent disease