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Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Insurance Summary

Maruti Swift is a popular hatchback in India since its launch. This comfortable and spacious 5-seater features a boot space of 268 litres and claims to give a mileage of 19.74 kmpl on the city roads. Maruti Swift is available in 13 variants and 6 different colours namely Pearl Arctic White, Silky Silver, Magma Grey, Solid Fire Red, Prime Lucent Orange and Midnight Blue. Besides good looks, Maruti Swift is loaded with features like power steering, power windows front, anti-lock braking system, driver airbag, passenger airbag, automatic climate control, and fog lights.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Insurance

In order to drive a car in India, each car owner is mandatorily required to have at least a third party car insurance cover. A third party cover is an insurance plan which insures you against the third party liabilities which may fall on you after an accident involving your car. Driving a car without a valid insurance cover is a punishable offence in the country and attracts a fine of Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months.

Types of Car Insurance Covers

1. Third Party Cover

This plan insures you only against liabilities which you may incur towards a third party after an accident of your car. This involves bodily injuries, death as well as property damage (up to Rs. 7.5 lakh) of a third party.

2. Standalone Own-Damage Cover

This plan covers only the own-damages sustained by your car in a mishap like a road accident, natural/man-made calamity, fire, theft, etc.

3. Comprehensive Cover

This plan covers both third party liabilities as well as own-damages incurred by your car in an unfortunate event.

How to Buy Insurance for Maruti Suzuki Swift via InsuranceDekho

You can easily and instantly buy a car insurance policy for your Maruti Swift at InsuranceDekho by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Visit InsuranceDekho

Step 2: If you know your car number enter that. In case you do not know your car number, proceed by selecting the brand, model, variant and fuel type of your car.

Step 3: Enter your name and mobile number. Quotes will get displayed to you.

Step 4: Select the car insurance plan which suits you the best and make the payment. The policy document will be sent to you at your registered email ID.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Car Insurance Claim Process

Cashless Car Insurance Process

The cashless car insurance process makes your Maruti Suzuki Swift car get repaired without making any payment at a network garage as under this process the insurer is liable to settle the expense of the repair of your car. Here is the cashless claim process for your Swift car:

  • Inform your insurance company just about the accident by reaching out to their customer care team or by visiting their official website or through their mobile app, if available.
  • Share all events of the incident in detail to the police and lodge an FIR, especially in case of accident, fire, theft, and so on.
  • Click photos of damages sustained by your car, bodily injuries suffered by you or any passenger, etc., after the accident to hold as evidence during the claim settlement.
  • Search a network garage nearby and pull your car there for repair. If your car is unable to be moved due to damage, you can also contact your insurer to arrange towing facilities.
  • Once your car reaches the garage, your insurance company will send a surveyor to survey your car’s damages and assess their extent. He may also require you to show him all the valid documents like policy copy, car registration certificate, driving license, FIR, etc.
  • The surveyor will estimate the claim amount and prepare a claim report and send it to your insurer. Based on the surveyor's report, your insurer will approve or reject your claim.
  • If your insurance company gives approval, the network garage will start repairing your car and after the repair, your insurer will settle the repair bills directly with the garage.

Reimbursement Car Insurance Process

The reimbursement car insurance claim process will make your insurer reimburse your repair amount after the repair based on the bill submitted by you and your car insurance policy coverage. Below is the reimbursement claim process for your Swift car:

  • Inform your insurance company about the incident promptly and register your claim.
  • Take your insured car to any garage of your choice to get it repaired.
  • A surveyor will be sent by your insurer to access the level of damages.
  • A claim report will be prepared and submitted by the surveyor to your insurer.
  • The garage will repair your car and generate the bill which you will have to pay.
  • Submit the original bills of repair to your insurance company with a claim form.
  • The insurer will examine repair bills and claim form and reimburse the cost of repair.

Maruti Swift Variants

Maruti Swift is available in 56 variants.Please refer to the below table for the variant details:
Variant NameFuel TypeEx-showroom Price
Maruti Swift 1.2 DLX Petrol ₹454,000.00
Maruti Swift 1.3 DLX Diesel ₹576,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT VDI Diesel ₹745,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT ZDI Plus Diesel ₹884,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT DDiS ZDI Diesel ₹750,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT ZXI Plus Petrol ₹802,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT VXI Petrol ₹666,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT ZXI BSIV Petrol ₹707,982.00
Maruti Swift AMT DDiS VDI Diesel ₹675,000.00
Maruti Swift DDiS VDI Diesel ₹625,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT ZXI Petrol ₹725,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT VVT ZXI Petrol ₹625,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT VVT VXI Petrol ₹575,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT VXI BSIV Petrol ₹645,982.00
Maruti Swift DDiS ZDI Plus Diesel ₹800,000.00
Maruti Swift AMT ZXI Plus BSIV Petrol ₹784,870.00
Maruti Swift AMT ZDI Diesel ₹804,000.00
Maruti Swift DDiS LDI Diesel ₹600,000.00
Maruti Swift DDiS ZDI Diesel ₹700,000.00
Maruti Swift LDI Diesel ₹599,000.00
Maruti Swift LDI Optional Diesel ₹620,088.00
Maruti Swift New Diesel NA
Maruti Swift LDI BSIV Diesel ₹596,555.00
Maruti Swift LDI SP Limited Edition Diesel ₹631,552.00
Maruti Swift Range Extendor Electric(Battery) ₹616,941.00
Maruti Swift LXI Petrol ₹519,000.00
Maruti Swift LXI Optional-O Petrol ₹497,102.00
Maruti Swift LXI Option Petrol ₹480,553.00
Maruti Swift LXI 2018 Petrol ₹499,000.00
Maruti Swift LXI BSIV Petrol ₹514,000.00
Maruti Swift LXI Option SP Limited Edition Petrol ₹511,923.00
Maruti Swift VDI Deca Diesel ₹640,730.00
Maruti Swift VDI Diesel ₹698,000.00
Maruti Swift VDI Windsong Limited edition Diesel ₹700,000.00
Maruti Swift VVT ZXI Petrol ₹625,000.00
Maruti Swift VXI Glory Limited Edition Petrol ₹536,255.00
Maruti Swift VXI BSIV Petrol ₹614,000.00
Maruti Swift ZXI Plus BSIV Petrol ₹740,982.00
Maruti Swift ZXI 2018 Petrol ₹660,982.00
Maruti Swift ZXI BSIV Petrol ₹673,000.00
Maruti Swift VVT VXI Petrol ₹525,000.00
Maruti Swift ZDI Diesel ₹757,000.00
Maruti Swift ZDI Plus Diesel ₹838,000.00
Maruti Swift ZXI Plus Petrol ₹758,000.00
Maruti Swift VDI BSIV Diesel ₹644,403.00
Maruti Swift VVT LXI Petrol ₹500,000.00
Maruti Swift VXI Optional Petrol ₹573,727.00
Maruti Swift VDI Optional Diesel ₹660,421.00
Maruti Swift VXI Windsong Limited edition Petrol ₹520,470.00
Maruti Swift VDI Glory Limited Edition Diesel ₹632,793.00
Maruti Swift VXI 2018 Petrol ₹598,370.00
Maruti Swift VXI Deca Petrol ₹545,748.00
Maruti Swift VVT ZXI Plus Petrol ₹750,000.00
Maruti Swift VXI Petrol ₹619,000.00
Maruti Swift ZXI Petrol ₹678,000.00
Maruti Swift ZDi BSIV Diesel ₹743,958.00

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Maruti Swift Car Insurance User Reviews

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Maruti Swift Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1

    What is the Best Car Insurance for My Maruti Suzuki Swift?

    The car insurance policy that is best suited for you and your swift depends entirely on your needs. The easiest way to find a policy that fits your requirements is by doing it online. With just a few clicks you can compare the different car insurance companies, the quotes they offer and their network of cashless garages to make a choice.

  • 2

    Will Car Insurance Cover the Cost of My Swift’s Windshield If it is Shattered in an Accident?

    The insurance provider will cover the cost of your shattered windshield if you have an own-damage cover, either as a standalone cover or as part of a comprehensive plan. Make sure to file the claim for the incident as soon as possible and definitely before the stipulated period to avoid claim rejection.

  • 3

    Does My Second Hand Swift Require Car Insurance?

    Yes, every car driving on Indian roads including second hand ones are required to have at least a third party insurance policy. When you purchase a second hand car make sure to transfer the policy to your name along with the essential documents. If caught without one you can be fined Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months.

  • 4

    What are the Factors that Affect the Insurance Price of the Swift?

    The biggest factor that determines the premium amount of your Swift’s insurance is the Insured Declared Value. This is the maximum amount the insurance provider will compensate in case of a mishap. It is determined by the manufacturer’s selling price and the age of the car.

  • 5

    How to Claim Car Insurance for my Swift?

    To file for an insurance claim. First, file an FIR at your nearest police station. Next, inform the insurance provider of the situation. They will tell you exactly what documents you will require depending on the incident. Submit the claim form duly filled along with the required documents. The insurance provider will schedule a visit for the surveyor who will analyse the damage. The claim amount will be fixed according to his/her report. Once the claim has been approved you can take the car to a network garage and they will take care of the repairs and the cost will be handled in a cashless manner by the insurance provider.

  • 6

    What is NCB in Car Insurance for My Swift?

    The No Claim Bonus is a reward provided by the insurance company for a claim-free year to the customer. It is available with an own damage cover and is cumulative in nature which ranges from 20% to 50%.

  • 7

    What is Zero Depreciation Cover in car Insurance for My Swift?

    The Zero Depreciation Cover is an add-on that can be purchased with a standalone own damage cover or a comprehensive cover. It negates the depreciation rate when an insurance provider calculates the claim amount. The add-on is available for cars that are less than five years old.

  • 8

    How is IDV Calculated for My Swift’s Car Insurance?

    The Insured Declared Value is calculated by deducting the depreciation rate according to the car’s age from its manufacturer’s selling price.

  • 9

    How to Renew the Car Insurance Policy for My Swift?

    To renew your car insurance policy online visit our website InsuranceDekho. Select the car insurance tab and renewal from the drop-down menu. Enter your car’s registration number. In case, you do not have the number with you you can also enter its make model and year of registration. Select the fuel type and variant to proceed. Next, provide your personal details, the expiry date of your previous policy, name of the insurance provider and claim details if any. Once this is done, the quotes available in your category will be available on the screen. Choose the policy and add-ons that fit your requirements and make the payment. The policy document will be sent to your registered email ID as soon as possible.

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