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Claim Settlement

  • How to make a claim for Royal Sundaram health insurance policy?

    To make a claim for Royal Sundaram, you can intimate the company by filing a form online. You can drop an e-mail at Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited guarantees to settle the claims in 2 days, if all the documents are in order and no discrepancy is found.

  • When should I inform Royal Sundaram in case of hospitalisation?

    You must inform Royal Sundaram at least 48 hours before hospitalisation in case of planned hospitalisation whereas within 24 hours at the time of emergency hospitalisation. 

  • What are the documents required by Royal Sundaram at the time of intimation?

    You are required to provide the following documents at the time of intimation:

    • Name of the insured person
    • Name, Address, and Contact Number of the hospital
    • Diagnosis
    • Name and Contact Number of the treating doctor
    • Expected date of discharge 
    • Date of Hospitalisation

  • How can I make a claim for the second opinion for critical illness in Royal Sundaram?

    Claims for the second opinion for Critical Illnesses are serviced through “Europ Assistance India Pvt. Ltd.”

  • How can I make a claim in Royal Sundaram if I have lost my card?

    You should inform Royal Sundaram by contacting them on the toll-free number-18604250000 or drop an e-mail to them. 

  • How many hospitals provide cashless claim settlement in health insurance offered by Royal Sundaram?

    There are 5,000+ hospitals that provide cashless claim settlement in health insurance by Royal Sundaram.

Critical Illness

  • Does Royal Sundaram provide critical illness cover in any of its health insurance plans?

    Yes, Royal Sundaram provides cover for critical illnesses under its Family Plus Plan.

  • Which critical illnesses are covered by Royal Sundaram?

    Royal Sundaram covers the following critical illnesses under its Family Plus Plan:

  • Does Royal Sundaram cover emergency domestic evacuation in its critical illness plan?

    Yes. Royal Sundaram provides cover for emergency domestic evacuation in its critical illness plan. 

  • Is domiciliary hospitalisation covered under the critical illness plan by Royal Sundaram?

    Yes. Royal Sundaram provides domiciliary hospitalisation cover up to the sum insured under its critical illness plan, i.e. Family Plus. 

Family Floater

  • What are the factors do I need to consider before opting for a family floater health insurance plan?

    One needs to determine to choose a plan by the requirement of his/her family. It includes keeping in mind the number of family members and their age. Also, as if any of them are suffering from any critical illness or not.

  • How many generations can be insured under the family floater plan by Royal Sundaram?

    Royal Sundaram family floater health insurance plan boasts of providing you with the widest range of coverage in a single policy which covers 5 generations of a family.

  • Is an option for second opinion available under the individual plan?

    Yes, an option of the second opinion reacted to procedures, diagnosis, and treatments of 11 specified critical illnesses are covered under the plan.

  • How much cover is offered for the ambulance expenses?

    The road ambulance cover is offered up to Rs. 4,000, for the per event of hospitalisation for every insured member.

General Information

  • How to pay Royal Sundaram health insurance premium? What are the modes of payment available?

    "Royal Sundaram offers two modes of payment for the health insurance premium, viz., 1. Cash payment at the branch 2. Online payment For the online payment mode, the policyholder can pay via: 1. Credit Card 2. Debit Card 3. Net banking

  • What is the renewal process for Royal Sundaram health Insurance?

    You can renew the Royal Sundaram health insurance policy by following these steps online-  Enter your Policy Number and Date of Expiry into e-portal.  Calculate the premium  Select the payment option-Net Banking or Debit/Credit Card to pay.  Upon successful payment completion, print/save the premium deposit receipt.

  • How can I check the policy status of my Royal Sundaram health insurance?

    If you are a registered user, you can simply log into the official website of Royal Sundaram with your e-mail id and password and check the status of your Royal Sundaram mediclaim plan.

  • What is the address of Royal Sundaram health insurance?

    The registered office address of Royal Sundaram is- Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited No.21, Patullos Road, Chennai - 600 002 The corporate office address of Royal Sundaram is- Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited Vishranthi Melaram Towers No.2/319, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR) Karapakkam, Chennai - 600097

  • What is the toll free customer service number of Royal Sundaram?

    The toll free customer service number for Royal Sundaram is- 1860 425 0000.

  • What is the cancellation process for Royal Sundaram health insurance policy?

    You can visit the nearest branch with your Royal Sundaram health insurance policy documents and submit at the service counter. After completing the process, the refund will be directly debited to your bank account.

  • What is the claim settlement ratio of Royal Sundaram?

    For the year 2018-2018, the claim settlement ratio for Royal Sundaram was 82.18%.

Help to Buy

  • How to buy and apply for Royal Sundaram health insurance policy?

    You can buy and apply for any Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Policy online from the official website of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance at or through online broker’s website like


  • What is the sum insured limit of individual health insurance plans by Royal Sundaram?

    Royal Sundaram offers a wide range of sum insured coverage from Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 1.5 Crore. This broad coverage makes it a favorite option for every economic group.

  • Are expenses related to organ donor borne under the individual plan?

    Yes, expenses related to organ donor are borne under the individual plan up to sum insured amount of the plan.

  • What is the waiting period for pre-existing illness under Royal Sundaram individual plans?

    The waiting period of pre-existing illnesses and diseases under Royal Sundaram individual plans ranges from 2 to 4 years, depending on the variant you choose.

  • Is there any sum reload feature allowed under the individual plan?

    Yes, a reload benefit is available under the plan, where 100% sum insured amount is reloaded only after the SI is exhausted. If the sum insured is not exhausted completely, the reloading feature won’t apply. 

  • Does the individual plan also cover AYUSH or vaccination treatment?

    Yes, the individual health insurance plan covers the AYUSH procedures and treatments with the expenses of vaccination for animal bites.       

  • Does the individual plan offer any bonus to its policyholders?

    No-claim bonus (NCB) starts from 20% of the base sum insured and extends up to 100%. No reduction in NCB, even when a claim is filed during a particular year. 


  • Does Royal Sundaram cover kids in any of its health insurance plan?

    Yes, Royal Sundaram provides cover for kids in its Lifeline plan and Family Plus Plan, if purchased on the floater basis. 

  • Does the health insurance for kids by Royal Sundaram cover domiciliary hospitalisation charges?

    Yes, the family floater option under the Lifeline plan by Royal Sundaram covers domiciliary hospitalisation charges.

  • What are the benefits of buying cover for kids under health insurance plans by Royal Sundaram?

    Some of the benefits by insuring your kids under the family floater option of Lifeline plan are:

    • Complete health check up available once every third year of the policy term. 
    • Expenses for vaccination in case of an animal bite.
    • Health care and wellness benefits are provided.
    • Ambulance cover is provided.
    • In-patient hospitalisation cover. 
    • Pre and post hospitalisation expenses are covered. 

  • What should be the age of the kids if I want to cover them under the health insurance plan by Royal Sundaram?

    Dependent children aged between 91 days to 25 years can be covered under the Lifeline plan by Royal Sundaram on the family floater basis. 


  • How much coverage is offered under the maternity covering plan

    Maternity Benefit covers for up to 2 deliveries if 2 adults are covered under the same family floater policy including newborn baby cover and vaccination for the newborn in the first year.

  • At what age can a newborn baby get the coverage under the maternity plan?

    The newborn baby can be covered under the plan providing maternity coverage, only post 91 days of his or her birth. 

  • Is any nutritional allowance offered under Royal Sundaram maternity coverage plan?

    Yes, nutritional allowance is provided for mother post discharge after the delivery.

  • What is the actual benefit one can avail by having a maternity coverage plan?

    The maternity coverage policy covers the expenses 30 days prior to hospitalisation and 60 days’ post hospitalisation. When there’s a maternity cover in your health insurance policy, then you don’t have to worry pertaining to the expenses while choosing the hospital or nursing home for delivery. This thing makes a lot of difference especially in case of unforeseen situations when you want the best possible doctors to attend you and your newborn baby.


  • Does any of the Royal Sundaram health insurance plan cover parents?

    Yes. Family Plus Plan by Royal Sundaram provides covers for dependent parents. 

  • My parents are fit. Why should I get them health insurance?

    Contagious diseases, heart attack, contagious diseases are unfortunate accidents can be a part of fast-paced lives these days. Buying a health insurance plan for your parents thus becomes a must so that you don’t wipe off your entire savings in case of medical emergencies. 

  • Why should I purchase a health insurance plan for my parents from Royal Sundaram?

    • There is no restriction on the maximum entry age. 
    • Any adult who is above 18 years of age can get coverage under this plan. 
    • There is no restriction on the maximum number of people to be covered. A minimum of two persons should be covered though.
    • Children older than 91 days can be covered under the policy.

  • What are the exclusions under the health insurance plan for parents under Royal Sundaram?

    • Diseases that are diagnosed by the insurer within the initial 30 days of the starting of the policy.  
    • Claim settlement is excluded if there is any gap in the renewal of the policy. 
    • Sexually transmitted diseases are excluded.
    • Cataract, benign prostatic hypertrophy, knee or hip replacement are excluded.   


  • Can I transfer my existing health insurance plan to Royal Sundaram?

    Yes, you can transfer your existing health insurance plan to Royal Sundaram health insurance at the time of renewal. 

  • Do I get the accumulated benefits of my existing policy if I transfer it to Royal Sundaram?

    Yes. Portability in Royal Sundaram does not mean that you will lose all the benefits accumulated with your previous health insurance plan. You will get the benefits as per the terms and conditions of the policy. 

  • When can I avail portability benefit in Royal Sundaram?

    To avail the portability benefit in Royal Sundaram, you need to inform at least 45 days before the renewal date of your existing policy.

  • What are the documents required for porting health insurance policy in Royal Sundaram?

    Documents required for porting health insurance in Royal Sundaram are -application form, portability form, copy of last year’s policy schedules issued by the previous insurer, and declaration by the customer about the claims made and the medical history. 


  • Can I pay the health insurance premium online in Royal Sundaram health insurance policy?

    Yes, you can pay the health insurance premiums online in Royal Sundaram Health Insurance. 

  • How is premium calculated in Royal Sundaram Health Insurance?

    Premium amount in Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plans is determined on the basis of the applicant’s sum insured and age; and the zone and location of the applicant. 

  • Will Royal Sundaram notify me once they have received the premium amount for my health insurance plan?

    Yes, Royal Sundaram will notify you after receiving the premium for your health insurance plan. 

  • What is the zonal factor in calculating health insurance premiums in Royal Sundaram?

    One of the factors in determining premium in Royal Sundaram health insurance policies is ‘zone’ in which the applicant lives. This is because the premium payment depends on the zonal pricing. Zone 1 includes Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Gujarat, Hyderabad at 0% discount. Zone 2 includes rest of the India at 15% discount. 

  • What are the modes of payment in Royal Sundaram Health Insurance?

    You can make cash payment at the branch or online payment for premiums in Royal Sundaram health insurance. The online payment can be made via Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. 

Senior Citizen

  • What is the maximum age of entry in the senior citizen coverage health insurance plan?

    There is no restriction on maximum entry age for the plan, which makes the plan open for all.

  • Does the policy provide any emergency evacuation coverage?

    Emergency domestic evacuation cover of up to Rs. 1 Lakh is offered under the insurance policy.

  • Why is it necessary to buy senior citizen health insurance for old age people?

    The health insurance plan will let them evade the financial crisis in case of any medical emergency as aging will make them more prone to illness. Also, they can save more of their money and plan their future life without any stress in a better manner, which ultimately makes them independent.


  • How much coverage is allotted for domiciliary expenses under the plan?

    Domiciliary hospitalisation expenses covered up to the sum insured amount. Under this offering, if the patient is unable to be admitted in hospital and treated at home, the costs incurred will still get the coverage.

  • Is there any coverage offered related to the treatments and procedures of AYUSH?

    Under the plan AYUSH treatment is offered, where inpatient hospitalisation cover is available for the amount up to the sum insured in government hospitals and up to Rs. 30,000 in other hospitals.



  • Does Royal Sundaram offer any top-up plan?

    Yes, Royal Sundaram offers a top-up plan by the name of Lifeline Supreme (STU).

  • What is the top up option in Royal Sundaram’s Lifeline health insurance?

    Royal Sundaram offers Lifeline Plan that provides 6 options for deductibles. These are-Rs. 1 Lakh, Rs. 2 Lakh, Rs. 3 Lakh, Rs. 4 Lakh, Rs. 5 Lakh and Rs. 10 Lakh.

  • Under which plan does Royal Sundaram offer top up option?

    Royal Sundaram provides top up option under its Lifeline Plan under two variants by the name of Classic and Supreme. 

  • Does Royal Sundaram provide any discount on its top-up plan?

    Yes, Royal Sundaram provides discounts to the policyholders on its top-up plan. 


  • What are the benefits of purchasing a health insurance plan for women from Royal Sundaram?

    You get the following benefits if you purchase a health insurance plan for women in Royal Sundaram: 

    • Maternity cover.
    • Newborn baby cover.
    • Vaccinations for the newborn in the first year.
    • Reload of the sum insured.
    • No limit on room rent.
    • Double your sum insured with No Claim Bonus in 5 claim free years. 

  • What are the sum insured options under the health insurance plan for women in Royal Sundaram?

    The Elite variant under the Lifeline Plan by Royal Sundaram is available in sum insured options of Rs. 25 Lakh, Rs. 30 Lakh, Rs. 50 Lakh, Rs. 1 Crore.

  • Does Royal Sundaram provide newborn baby cover under any of its health insurance plans for women?

    Yes. Royal Sundaram provides newborn baby cover for 25% of the Sum Insured under the Lifeline Elite variant of the Lifeline plan. 

  • Does Royal Sundaram provide a discount on any of its health insurance plans for women?

    Yes, Royal Sundaram provides a discount on health insurance plans for women. 

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plan List

Name of PlanSum Insured
LifelineMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit2 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Family PlusMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit2 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Ace Health AdvantageMin: 91 Days; Max: 65 Years2 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Total Health PlusMin: 91 Days; Max: 65 Years3 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Health ForeverMin: 91 Days; Max: 75 Years1 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Amsure Master HealthMin: 91 Days; Max: 65 Years5 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Total Health AdvantageMin: 91 Days; Max: 65 Years2 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Secure AllMin: 91 Days; Max: 65 Days1.5 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Smart Cash Min: 91 Days; Max: No Limit500/day Get Quotes Now
Critical Illness LumpsumMin: 91 Days; Max: 65 Years25 Thousand Get Quotes Now
Hospital Benefit PlusMin: 1 Year; Max: 70 Years5 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Surgical ShieldMin: 90 Days; Max: 65 Years3 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Hospital Cash InsuranceMin: 1 Year; Max: 70 Years500/day Get Quotes Now
Arogya Sanjeevani PolicyMin: 3 Months; Max: 65 Years 1 Lakh - 5 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Corona Kavach PolicyMin: 1 Day; Max: 65 Years50,000 - 5 lakh Get Quotes Now

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Top Up List

Name of PlanSum Insured
LifelineMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit2 Lakh Get Quotes Now
Health XS and Super Health XS PlanMin: 91 Days; Max: 65 Years2 Lakh Get Quotes Now

Claim Process at Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

  • Network Hospital
  • Non-Network Hospital
  • 1

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance or query, call InsuranceDekho at the toll-free number 755 1196 989.
  • 2

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 48 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate at least 48 hours prior to admission.
  • 3

    Claim Processing

    Fill in the pre-authorisation form and hand it over to hospital's insurance/TPA desk to initiate claim request.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request is approved, claim is settled. If not approved, claim for reimbursement after discharge.
  • 1

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance or query, call InsuranceDekho at the toll-free number 755 1196 989.
  • 2

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 48 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 72 hours prior to admission.
  • 3

    Claim Processing

    Submit claim form with original documents such as doctor’s reports, hospital bills, diagnostic tests, etc.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request for reimbursement of expenses is approved, the claim will be settled.

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