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Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance

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Aditya Birla Health Insurance
Activ Care
Cashless Approval TAT2 hr Cashless Claim Processing
Claim Settlement Ratio96%
Network Hospitals10,500+
Pre-existing Disease Coverage Starting FromDay 1
Special BenefitsIncentivized Wellness
Starting Premium for Rs. 5 lakh CoverageRs. 270/month

About Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance

Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance is like having a friend to support you in your later years. It's a special kind of health insurance that steps in to help with your medical bills. Whether you're at the hospital or getting treated at home, this plan has got your back. It even covers things like air ambulances in emergencies and health assessments.

You can choose from three different plans: Standard, Classic, and Premier. Each plan offers different levels of coverage, and you can pick the one that suits you best - from Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 25 Lakh.

No matter which plan you go for, you need not worry about room rent or ICU room rent limits. The coverage details depend on the plan you choose. Moreover, you can get this health insurance plan for two years, and there are discounts available to make the premiums more affordable.

Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance At a Glance


Both Individual Basis and Family Floater

Offered For

Senior Citizens


Nursing at Home, Room Upgrade, etc.

Policy Period

1, and 2 Years

Key Features

No Claim Bonus, Second Opinion on Major Illness, etc.


Day-care Procedure, AYUSH Benefits, etc.


Treatment for Baldness, Cosmetic Surgery, etc.

Riders Available With Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance

Mentioned below are the riders or add-ons available with Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance plan:

  • Nursing at Home Cover: This covers the cost of hiring a nurse to take care of you at home. You get a fixed benefit of up to INR 1500 per day for a maximum of 15 days.
  • Lifestyle Support Equipment: If you need special equipment to live your life the way you want, this plan has you covered. It gives you a benefit to help you buy the equipment you need.
  • Portable Medical Equipment Cover: Need portable medical equipment? This add-on has you covered. It helps you buy things like oxygen cylinders and ventilators by providing a benefit of up to a certain amount.
  • Advanced Health Check-up Cover: The company takes care of advanced health check-ups for you every policy year. It's like a thorough check-up to make sure you're in the best health possible.
  • Room Upgrade: This add-on lets you upgrade your hospital room. If you want a more comfortable space during your hospital stay, this add-on allows you to do just that.

Key Features of Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance Plan

Following are the critical features of Aditya Birla Activ Care plan:

  • Plan for Seniors: This health insurance is designed for people aged 55 to 80, making sure they have coverage tailored to their needs in their golden years.
  • Family and Individual Options: The plan offers two options i.e. Individual and Family Floater. If you go for the family floater, it covers you and your spouse.
  • Choose Your Variant: Pick the plan that suits you best with three options: Standard, Classic, or Premier. Each variant offers different levels of coverage.
  • Extensive Day-Care Procedures: With 586 day-care procedures covered, you can rest easy knowing even minor treatments are taken care of with Aditya Birla Activ Care plan.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: Hospitalisation due to COVID-19 is included, so your health and peace of mind are protected.
  • Reload for Unrelated Treatments: Every year, you get a reload of the sum insured for claims unrelated to your previous treatment. It's like a fresh start.
  • No Claim Bonus: Stay claim-free, and you'll enjoy a 10% bonus on your sum insured every year. It’s like a reward for staying healthy.
  • Emergency Assistance Anywhere: Whether you're at home or abroad, the plan offers International/Domestic Emergency Assistance Services.
  • Second Opinion on Major Illnesses: For major illnesses, you can get a second e-opinion, ensuring you make informed decisions about your health.

Eligibility Criteria of Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance Plan

The eligibility criteria for Aditya Birla Activ Care plan are as follows:


Eligibility Criteria

Minimum entry age

55 Years

Maximum entry age

80 Years

Number of people covered

The policy can be purchased on an individual basis or a Family floater (self and spouse only) basis

Sum insured

Rs. 3 - Rs. 25 lakhs

Variants of Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance Policy

The three different variants of Aditya Birla Activ Care policy are as follows:





Sum Insured

3L ,4L, 5L, 7.5L, 10L

3L, 4L, 5L, 7.5L, 10L

5L, 7.5L, 10L, 25L

Room Type

Shared Room

Shared Room

Single Private AC Room

In-patient Hospitalisation




Pre-hospitalisation Medical Expenses

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

Post-hospitalisation Medical Expenses

60 Days

60 Days

60 Days

Day Care Treatment

586 Day Care Procedures Covered

586 Day Care Procedures Covered

586 Day Care Procedures Covered

Organ Donor Expenses


Up to 50% of the Sum Insured

Up to the Sum Insured

Domestic Emergency Assistance




International Emergency Assistance




Health Coach

Available (2 sessions per year)

Available (Only for Sum Insured 3L & 4L)


Benefits of Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance Plan

The benefits of this health insurance plan are as follows:

  • Choice of Accommodation: With Aditya Birla Activ Care plan, you have the flexibility to choose between sharing a room or having a single private room. While you can pick a single room, keep in mind that if you want something a bit fancier, you might need to cover a portion of the bill.
  • Quick Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions: If you're dealing with conditions like diabetes or heart issues, the plan covers all related costs after just 2 years. It's a great deal for peace of mind.
  • Restoration Benefit: Even if you've claimed part of the cover once, the plan restores 100% coverage if you're hospitalised again for a different issue in the same year. It's like having a safety net for unexpected health complications.
  • Free Annual Health Checkups: Another benefit of having this health insurance plan is that you get free annual health checkups. This helps you ensure that you're in top-notch condition and it’s a proactive way to stay healthy.
  • Covered Doctor Consultations: The plan covers the costs of doctor consultations, up to Rs. 2,500 annually. It's like having your health expenses taken care of when you need it.

Inclusions of Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance Plan

Listed below are the inclusions of Aditya Birla Activ Care policy:

  • In-patient Hospitalisation: When you stay in the hospital for more than 24 hours, the plan takes care of expenses like the doctor's fee, room rent, medicines, ICU and OT charges, depending on your policy.
  • Pre and Post-hospitalisation: Whether it's the days leading up to your hospital stay or the days after, the Aditya Birla Activ Care Plan covers various expenses during these times.
  • Day-care Procedures: For treatments that don't require more than 24 hours of hospitalisation, the plan covers 586 of these day-care procedures.
  • Organ Donation: Under the Classic and Premier plans, the insurance covers organ transplants and the expenses related to organ donation for harvesting.
  • Domiciliary Treatment: If you need treatment at home instead of going to the hospital, the plan covers the expenses for prescribed medical treatment.
  • AYUSH Benefits: The Classic and Premier plan covers medical expenses related to AYUSH treatment.
  • Ambulance Charges: In case of an emergency, if you need an ambulance to get to the hospital, the plan covers the ambulance charges.
  • Yearly Health Check-ups: Once a year, if you choose a sum insured over Rs. 5 lakhs under the Classic and Premier plan, each insured member gets a comprehensive health check-up.

Exclusions of Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance Plan

Following are the exclusions of Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance plan:

  • Hearing Aids, Spectacles, or Contact Lenses Including Optometric Therapy: The insurance plan does not cover the cost of hearing aids, spectacles, contact lenses, or optometric therapy.
  • Treatment for Baldness, Alopecia, Wigs, Toupees, and Similar Treatments: Expenses related to baldness, alopecia, wigs, hairpieces, and similar procedures are not covered.
  • Cosmetic, Aesthetic & Re-shaping Treatments and Surgeries: The plan excludes coverage for cosmetic, aesthetic, and re-shaping treatments or surgeries.
  • Any Illness/Injury/Accident Due to Abuse of Intoxicants: Injuries, illnesses, or accidents resulting from the abuse of intoxicants are not covered by the insurance.
  • Breach of Law with Criminal Intent, Intentional Self Injury: Any injuries or incidents related to the intentional breach of law with criminal intent or self-inflicted injuries are excluded.
  • War, Act of Foreign Enemy, Uprising, Revolution, Insurrection, Militant or Usurped Acts: The insurance plan does not provide coverage for events such as war, acts of foreign enemies, uprisings, revolutions, insurrections, militant activities, or usurped acts.

Documents Needed for Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance

To get the Aditya Birla Activ Care Insurance Plan, you'll need to provide the following documents:

  • A filled-out Application Form.
  • Proof of identity (Aadhar card, Passport, Voter ID, or Driver's license).
  • Proof of your age (Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, or Passport).
  • Proof of address (Utility Bills, Rental Agreement, or Aadhar Card).
  • Passport-sized Photographs.
  • In some cases, pre-policy health check-up reports.
  • Any other documents requested by the insurance company.

How to Buy Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance Plan?

Getting the Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance Plan through InsuranceDekho is simple. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the InsuranceDekho website, and click on "Health Insurance" in the Insurance section.

Step 2: Choose "Aditya Birla Health Insurance" from the list of Health Insurance Companies.

Step 3: Select the "Activ Care" plan from the available options.

Step 4: Review the terms and conditions in the Activ Care policy document.

Step 5: Upload all necessary documents to complete the KYC process.

Step 6: After KYC, make the premium payment online.

Step 7: Receive the policy document in your email.

Claim Process for Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance Plan

You can claim the Aditya Birla Activ Care Health Insurance Plan in two ways:

Cashless Claim

  • Visit a hospital affiliated with Aditya Birla Health Insurance.
  • Provide your Aditya Birla plan details and necessary information.
  • Submit the required documents, and the insurance company will approve the expenses.
  • The insurance company will directly pay the hospital after reviewing the claim.

Reimbursement Claim

  • Choose a nearby hospital in the Aditya Birla Insurance network.
  • Pay your medical bills at the hospital.
  • Request a reimbursement claim on the insurance company's website.
  • Submit the Aditya Birla claim form and all plan-related information.
  • After the insurance company checks your claim, they will reimburse you for the medical expenses.

Health Insurance Calculator

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  • You

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Choose required Coverage for yourself?

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10 Lac
25 Lac
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Key Inclusions and Exclusions of the Plan

What's Included

  • Sum insured is reloaded if it is exhausted due to claim
  • Organ donor expenses covered under Classic and Premier coverage variants
  • Home treatment cover is available for up to a specified limit
  • Value-added benefits of health assessment, health coach, health returns, etc.
  • Second medical opinion if the insured suffers from a critical illness

What's Not Included

  • Self-inflicted injuries, attempted suicides or acts of criminal nature
  • Expenses for the treatment of injuries occurred due to war or nuclear threats, riot, strike
  • Injury due to participation in hazardous activities, unlawful acts, and sports
  • Treatment taken for weight management issues, mental disorder or congenital diseases
  • Expenses incurred in the treatment of sexually transmitted ailments, AIDS, HIV

10849 Aditya Birla Cashless Network Hospitals in India

Choose Aditya Birla Health Insurance Critical Illness Plan

Activ Care User Reviews

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What users are saying
  • All
  • Amazing Facilities

    We bought Aditya Birla Health Insurance- Activ Care from the official website of InsuranceDekho. Comparing health plans from their website was very simple and quick. Their payment gateway was safe and secure. Also, the payment options provided by them made my purchasing smoother. I would recommend InsuranceDekho to everyone.Thank you for your time and diligent efforts! 

    By Rajan Nayyar
    On: Jun 23, 2023
  • Policy specific for senior cit...

    I came to InsuranceDekho looking for a health cover for my grandparents. I navigated through the website and came to know about Aditya Birla Health Insurance’s Activ Care plan. In contrast to the premium, the benefits were remarkable, so I bought it. Very happy to find the perfect health plan.

    By Tanuj Sharma
    On: Feb 22, 2021
  • Great Team!

    This is a plan for old people and I bought this plan one year back. I am very much satisfied with this plan as it has taken care of me and my wife in all year. The policy holds a great team with it. They are prompt, calm and very knowledgable and impressive. 

    By Ramesh Pawar
    On: Feb 25, 2020
  • Good plan for seniors!

    I am a senior citizen and using this plan for more than 1 year. I earn by pension and this plan is very affordable for me. I am very happy and satisfied with the offerings of this plan. The policy offered me a sufficient coverage to me and my family. It is great plan for old people like me.

    By Vedprakash Singh
    On: Feb 06, 2020
  • Highly appreciative.

    This plan is not just protecting my parents from daily health related troubles but also gifting a sense of relief to me as well. I have been searching for plan for my family for a long time. I think this plan is meant to be appreciated everywhere and by everyone for its performance and promptness.

    By Suryavardhan
    On: Jan 24, 2020

Add-ons to Enhance Benefits

  • Nursing at home cover

    Nursing at home cover wherein the cost incurred in hiring a nurse is covered. A fixed benefit of up to INR 1500 per day is paid for a maximum of 15 days.
  • Lifestyle support equipment

    Lifestyle support equipment, if required by the insured to live his/her life properly is covered. The plan pays a benefit for buying such equipment.

  • Portable medical equipment cover

    Portable medical equipment cover for buying the required equipment can be taken. The benefit pays up to a specified amount for buying the required equipment like oxygen cylinder, ventilator, etc.

  • Advanced health check-up cover

    Advanced health check-up cover under which the company arranges advanced health check-ups of the insured members every policy year.
  • Room upgrade

    Room upgrade wherein coverage is allowed for upgrading the hospital room.
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Aditya Birla Activ Care Expert Review

  • Expert Review

    As we grow older, the necessity of a health insurance plan increases. Senior Citizens are more prone to illnesses than people of any other age. The biggest challenge they face then is to find proper treatment without worrying about the expenses. In the old age, people fall ill more frequently, which increases medical expenses. On this note, Aditya Birla has come up with a plan called Activ Care to serve senior citizens.  

    The plan is available in 3 variants, known as Standard, Classic and Premier, which people can buy on an individual or a family floater basis. The people between the age group of 55 years and 80 years are eligible to buy this policy for the sum insured ranging from Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 25 Lakh. Hence, the plan tries to offer every possible feature for senior citizens and parents.  

  • Major Attractions

    In the old age, people are required to care more for their health. The Aditya Birla Activ Care acquires as many benefits as possible to provide complete healthcare for senior citizens. The plan holds the common features like Pre and Post hospitalisation medical expenses, In-patient hospitalisation, OPD treatment cover for medical consultation and diagnostic tests, and so on. In addition to these, there are several other offerings of the plan that entice customers the most. Some of them are as follows:

    • Annual health check-up is covered
    • Coverage for 586 daycare procedures
    • 50% to 100% reload of the sum insured is allowed once a year
    • The option of domiciliary hospitalisation expenses is available
    • The cover is offered for organ donor expenses
    • Coverage for Ayush related procedures is provided
    • Domestic and International emergency assistance services such as air ambulance
    • Availability of the second opinion for major illnesses
  • What’s More?

    The features of the plan don’t just cover the medical expenses but also offer benefits. The policy offers some discounts and money-saving benefits to its customers. These benefits make the plan more affordable and attractive. Here are the following beneficial components:

    • The option of lifelong renewability is available
    • No Claim Bonus (NCB) of 10% sum insured is provided for every claim free year
    • Availability of health and wellness discounts on the OPD procedures
    • The option of earning Health Returns up to 21% of the premium amount
    • Earn tax benefits on the policy premium as per sec 80D of the IT Act
  • Conclusion

    The features of the plan are indeed helpful and lucrative. No person would like to miss this policy for gifting to his or her parents. Thus, if you are looking for a health insurance plan for your parents or yourself, get it now.  

    In addition, to examine the benefits of the plan, selecting the correct mode of buying the plan is also necessary. Hence, observing the health insurance industry, every expert suggests customers purchase health plans from It is considered the most authentic site when it comes to the health insurance sector. Here customers get to know detailed information related to terms and conditions, policy wording, brochures, etc., of the plan and help them during claim settlement time as well. 

Aditya Birla Activ Care Brochure

  • 1.26 MB
  • PDF Document
  • Jun 08, 2019

Claim Process at Aditya Birla Health Insurance

  • Network Hospital
  • Non-Network Hospital
  • 1

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance or query, call InsuranceDekho at the toll-free number 755 1196 989.
  • 2

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 48 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 3 days prior to admission.
  • 3

    Claim Processing

    Fill in the pre-authorisation form and hand it over to hospital's insurance/TPA desk to initiate claim request.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request is approved, claim is settled. If not approved, claim for reimbursement after discharge.
  • 1

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance or query, call InsuranceDekho at the toll-free number 755 1196 989.
  • 2

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 48 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 3 days prior to admission.
  • 3

    Claim Processing

    Submit claim form with original documents such as doctor’s reports, hospital bills, diagnostic tests, etc.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request for reimbursement of expenses is approved, the claim will be settled.

FAQs on Activ Care Health Insurance Plan

  • Who can buy the policy?

    Individuals aged 55 years to 80 years can buy the policy on an individual or family floater basis. In case of family floater basis, coverage can only be taken for self and spouse.

  • Which premium discounts are allowed under the policy?

    The policy allows different types of premium discounts. Firstly, if the policy is taken for two years and a single premium is paid, a discount of 7.5% is allowed on the premium. Secondly, if two members are covered, discount of 5% is allowed. 

  • What is co-payment?

    Co-payment is when the policyholder has to bear a part of the claim from his/her own pockets. Co-pay is usually applicable in cases when older individuals are insured. Under the Activ Care plan, co-payment is applicable @ 20% for Standard and Classic Plans and 10% for Premier Plan. This means that the policyholder would have to pay 20% or 10% of the claim himself and the insurance company would then settle the remaining.

  • What are the variant specific sum insured levels?

    Sum insured under Standard and Classic Plans are Rs. 3 Lakh, Rs. 4 Lakh, Rs. 5 Lakh, Rs. 7.5 Lakh and Rs. 10 Lakh. For Premier Plan the coverage level is Rs. 5 Lakh, Rs. 7.5 Lakh, Rs. 10 Lakh and Rs. 25 Lakh.

  • Are organ donor expenses covered under the plan?

    Yes, organ donor expenses are covered under the Classic and Premier Plans. Under the Classic plan, the expenses are covered for up to 50% of the sum insured while under the Premier Plan coverage is allowed for up to the full sum insured.

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