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Find Car Insurance Details by Registration Number

Everyone driving a car on the road needs to carry an insurance cover compulsorily, according to the Indian Motor Tariff. The insurance cover which is mandatory to hold is the third party car insurance policy. It is the basic insurance cover that compensates the injury, property damage and even death suffered by a third party caused due to the collision with your car. But, it is widely recommended to prefer a comprehensive car insurance plan as it is designed to cover damages incurred by a third party as well as by your own car.

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What Is a Car Registration Number?

A car registration number is a number issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the particular district. This registration number is distinguished for every car because it helps in the identification of the car as well as the car owner. After the purchase of a new car, it has to be registered with the local RTO within 30 days of its purchase. After the registration of your car, the RTO releases a unique registration number for it that you should fix at the front and back of your car after getting it printed on a number plate. Its attachment to your car will help in its identification.

The registration number comes in a specific format which is AA DD AA DDDD. Here ‘A’ represents the letters, while and ‘D’ symbolises the numerical digits. The first two letters denote the code of the state, where your car is registered. The next two digits signify the district code and the next two alphabets indicate the ongoing series of the RTO, which is designed for vehicle classification. In the registration number, the last four digits serve the purpose of identification of your car. In short, if your car has a number i.e., UP 32 GA 1988, then UP would stand for the state where the car registered, which is Uttar Pradesh, 32 implies the district of the state where the RTO exists, GA would be the RTO sequence number and 1988 would stand for the unique identification number of your car.

The basic concept behind this registration number is that its first six characters could be the same in various cars, but the last four figures can never be the same as they are unique and created for the identification of the car.

How to Use the Car Registration Number?

The registration number of a car serves a lot more than providing uniqueness and helping in the identification of different cars. Some other benefits of a registration number are as follow:

To Purchase a Car Insurance Policy

You can not buy a car insurance policy without having a registration number. Whenever a insurance company, the registration number of the insured car is entered in the policy document which confirms that the insurance policy is created and issued to a particular car.

To Renew a Car Insurance Policy

During the renewal process of your car insurance policy, every policyholder will have to enter the registration number of his or her car to renew the car insurance cover. When it comes to the purchase or renewal of your car insurance policy, it is never possible without your car’s registration number.

To Request the Claim for Insurance

To request an insurance claim for compensation against damage or loss sustained by your car or even by a third party, you must fill up your car registration number along with your car insurance plan number. In fact, you may also require to submit a registration certificate of the car to process your insurance claims.

To Check Car Insurance Details

The best registration number of a car is that it can fetch the car insurance plan even if you do not have an insurance policy number. Hence, you should always keep it safe with you. To perform car insurance details check online you just have to enter the registration number of your car.

How To Check Car Insurance Details by Registration Number Online

The process to perform a car insurance details by registration number check is easy. You can trace vehicle insurance details by registration number online through a national registry known as VAHAN. The website is a central database that contains all crucial vehicle data or information like fuel type, owner name, road tax details, car class or type, registration date, registration number and so on. Insurance Expiry Date. It centralizes all information pertaining to driving licences and vehicle registration certificates from different DTOs and RTOs.

Below are the step to perform a registration number check online through VAHAN:

Step 1: Visit the website of VAHAN to check the car owner name.

Step 2: Click on ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’.

Step 3: Enter the vehicle registration number which is your Car Plate Number.

Step 4: Enter the human verification code and click on ‘Search Car’.

Step 5: Make a note of the car owner’s name and other details of the car.

How To Check Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number through SMS

You can find out the RTO car information who wants data without checking it online can also check car registration details with SMS. Here are the steps to find out how:

Step 1: Enter VAHAN Vehicle Registration Number.

Step 2: Send the SMS to 7738299899.

You will get complete details of the car in addition to the car owner’s name, RTO details, make and model, RC and FC expiry, insurance details, and so on.

Why Should You Perform a Car Insurance Status Check Online?

Technological advancements have streamlined many aspects of car insurance, including the ability to check your car insurance by vehicle number. Here are compelling reasons why conducting an online car insurance status check is not only essential but also exceptionally advantageous:

1. Verification of Policy Status:

- Ensuring that your policy is active and has not lapsed is fundamental. An online status check swiftly confirms whether your car insurance policy is in force, enabling you to drive with peace of mind, knowing you’re covered.

2. Instant Access:

- Time is of the essence, and the online platform facilitates immediate access to your insurance details anytime, anywhere. This instant access helps in urgent situations, like when you need to provide proof of insurance during a traffic stop or at the scene of an accident.

3. Environmental Friendly:

- By opting to verify your insurance status online, you contribute to reducing the paperwork that often accompanies traditional insurance processes. It’s a small but significant step towards a more sustainable and green environment.

4. Updated Information:

- Car insurance online checks ensure that you’re always viewing the most recent and updated information regarding your policy. It allows you to keep track of any changes, renewals, or updates made to your insurance policy.

5. Ease of Use:

- User-friendliness is a significant aspect of online platforms. You can check your insurance status with just a few clicks, making the process straightforward and devoid of complications.

6. Security:

- Reputable insurance companies employ robust security measures to safeguard your data. Checking your status online on the insurer’s official website or a secure portal ensures the confidentiality of your personal information.

7. 24/7 Availability:

- Unlike traditional methods that operate during business hours, online platforms are available around the clock, offering flexibility and convenience to check your status at any time that suits you.

8. Comparative Analysis:

- Online platforms sometimes allow you to compare your policy with other available options. It can help you make informed decisions on whether your current policy is the most beneficial for your needs.

9. Access to Additional Information and Services:

- When you check your policy status online, you also have the opportunity to access additional resources and services, like customer support, FAQs, and other helpful tools and information.

10. Facilitates Prompt Renewals:

- By keeping tabs on your policy status online, you are always aware of the upcoming renewal dates, ensuring that your policy doesn’t lapse due to oversight.

Embracing the digital age's conveniences to manage your car insurance makes practical sense. Performing a car insurance status check online simplifies the process, enhances accessibility, and ensures that you’re always informed and up-to-date with your policy's current standing.

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Tips to Keep in Mind When Performing a Registration Number Check

Performing a car insurance check is a straightforward task but crucial for various reasons such as verifying vehicle details, ensuring legality, and confirming ownership. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when performing a registration number check:

1. Use a Reliable Platform:

Ensure that you use a reputable and official website or app for checking vehicle registration details. Government websites or authorised third-party platforms are typically more reliable.

2. Have Correct Registration Number:

Make sure you have the correct registration number. Even a slight mistake in entering the digits or letters can lead to inaccurate results or show details of another vehicle.

3. Check for Vehicle History:

While performing the car insurance check, look for the vehicle’s history report if available. It will provide information about any past accidents, insurance claims, or other significant events involving the vehicle.

4. Verify Ownership Details:

Confirm the owner's details, including the name and address. It helps in ensuring the legality of the vehicle and whether it's not stolen or involved in any illegal activities.

5. Examine Vehicle Specifications:

Look at the vehicle specifications, including make, model, engine capacity, and year of manufacture. It’s essential to confirm that the details match the actual vehicle.

6. Check for Insurance Details:

Review the insurance details of the vehicle. Ensure that the vehicle is insured, and the insurance policy is active and not expired.

7. Verify Road Tax Payment:

Check whether the necessary road taxes have been paid. It is essential for the vehicle to be compliant with legal requirements.

8. Review Fitness Certificate:

If applicable, ensure that the vehicle has a valid fitness certificate, which is especially crucial for commercial vehicles.

9. Security Interests or Liens:

Check whether there are any security interests or liens against the vehicle. It's essential to ensure that there are no outstanding debts or loans.

10. Double-Check the Information:

After obtaining the details, it’s advisable to double-check the information for accuracy. Ensure that the details correctly match the vehicle in question.

11. Keep a Record:

It might be helpful to keep a record of the details obtained from the registration number check for future reference or verification purposes.

12. Use Information Responsibly:

Use the information obtained from the registration check responsibly and only for legitimate purposes, respecting privacy and legal guidelines.

Conducting a registration number check is an essential step in various scenarios such as buying a used vehicle, verifying legality, or confirming ownership details. By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure a more effective and accurate registration number check, aiding in making informed and secure decisions.

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  • Fire Damage Claim

    A short circuit in my car's wiring lit a small fire which damaged the dashboard till some extent. Bajaj Allianz was my insurer and handled the claim process ideally. My car was repaired at a cashless garage and I just had to pay the pre-agreed deductibles and rest was covered with my car insurance. The quality of repair was excellent, and I didn't face any out-of-pocket expenses. InsuranceDekho's suggestion to go with Bajaj Allianz for comprehensive coverage proved beneficial to me.

    Bajaj Allianz car Insurance
    By Charlie Daniels
    On: 12th July, 2024
  • Theft Recovery

    My car was stolen from the office parking in the middle of the day. I instantly called the police and made my next call to Digit, whose car insurance I had purchased. They very calmly handled the conversation and guided me throughout the police complaint process. Unfortunately, police could not find my car and issued a non traceable certificate after which I got my claim from Digit. I'm thankful to InsuranceDekho for recommending Digit for its efficient working and sympathetic customer support.

    Digit car Insurance
    By Gulfisha Ahmed
    On: 12th July, 2024
  • Flood Damage Repair

    My car was damaged due to the floods last month in my state. Fortunately, I had Acko car insurance and it helped me financially to get my car repaired. My claim was approved after a smooth process and my car was repaired at a cashless garage. I have no complaints with the services provided by Acko. Although the condition of my car before repairing was really bad, Acko claim settlement process returned my car in 4 days and it looks brand new now. Thanks to InsuranceDekho for suggesting Acko for their reliable services.

    Acko car Insurance
    By Nilutpal Das
    On: 12th July, 2024
  • Accident Claim Settlement

    I was involved in a minor accident where the front bumper of my car was damaged. HDFC ERGO's claim process was smooth and efficient. My claim was approved within 24 hours and car was repaired at one of their network garages. I'm grateful to InsuranceDekho for recommending HDFC ERGO for their hassle-free claim settlement.

    Hdfc Ergo car Insurance
    By Arundhati Raj Gupta
    On: 2nd July, 2024
  • Smooth Third-Party Accident Cl...

    Last week my car hit a pedestrian by accident, and it injured him severely. After taking him to the hospital emergency, I was quick with my action to inform ICICI Lombard, who was my insurer. They handled the whole case from start to end and settled the third-party claim efficiently. I’m thankful for their support during this stressful time and I'm glad that I sought advice from InsuranceDekho while selecting ICICI Lombard as my insurer.

    Icici Lombard car Insurance
    By Padmashree Saini
    On: 2nd July, 2024


  • How can I check if my car insurance is valid online?

    To know whether your car insurance is valid, follow the steps:

    1. Review Your Insurance Documents:
    2. Start by reviewing your physical or electronic insurance documents. Your insurance policy documents will contain important information about your coverage, including the policy number, policyholder's name, vehicle details, coverage start and end dates, and any endorsements or add-ons.

    3. Contact Your Insurance Company:
    4. Contact your insurance company who sold you the policy to know about the status of your insurance coverage and confirm whether it is valid or has expired.

    5. Online Insurance Portal:
    6. Check the status of your coverage, including coverage period in your insurance company online portal or mobile app.

    7. Call Customer Service:
    8. You can call the customer service number provided by your insurance company to know the validity of your insurance policy.

    9. Check in Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) Website:
    10. In IRDAI website ( , enter your policy number and other details to know the validity of your insurance policy.

    11. Check the Insurance Certificate:
    12. If you have a physical copy of your insurance certificate (commonly known as the "RC copy"), it should indicate the policy's validity dates. Ensure that the coverage period is current and has not expired.

    13. Renewal Notices:
    14. If your policy is approaching its expiration date, you should receive renewal notices from your insurance company. These notices typically remind you to renew your policy and provide instructions for doing so.

    15. Policy Endorsement and Add-Ons:
    16. Verify whether any policy endorsements or add-ons, such as Zero Depreciation or Personal Accident Cover, are still active and valid.

    17. No Claim Bonus (NCB):
    18. If you have accumulated a No Claim Bonus (NCB) on your policy, it's a good indicator that your policy has been active and claim-free. NCB is typically reflected in your policy documents.

    19. Regular Premium Payments:
    20. If you have been regularly paying your insurance premiums, it's likely that your policy is in force. Irregular premium payments can lead to policy lapses.

  • What is the validity of car insurance?

    The validity of car insurance, also known as the policy period, typically varies based on the type of insurance policy you have and the terms and conditions set by the insurance company. In India, car insurance policies can have different policy periods, but they often fall into the following categories: One-Year Policy, Long-Term Policy, Short-Term Policies, Zero Depreciation Add-On, Endorsements and Add-Ons.

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#Applicable on non-inspection cases i.e. existing policy has not expired or when buying a policy for a new vehicle.