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Heart Care During Winter Mornings

Updated On Nov 09, 2020

Weather and climate have a huge impact on our health. As winter is around the corner, it is essential to keep its affecting nature in our minds. Cold weather affects our hearts to a greater extent. According to studies, the most number of heart attacks and strokes are reported in winter. To prevent these attacks and strokes, first, we need to understand how cold weather affects our hearts.

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Why is Heart A Vital Organ?

Our heart provides purified blood to our whole body. Apart from this primary function, it also radiates heat in the body through the blood and maintains our body temperature. Being warm-blooded, our blood has a temperature equal to our body's temperature, i.e. 36.8°C.

To maintain such temperature, our heart regulates the heat through our blood flow. When the temperature decreases in winter, our heart works harder to maintain the original temperature. In such conditions, our heart faces tremendous pressure which results in a high risk for heart attacks. In winter, our blood vessels constrict, and the amount of blood flowing at an instant decrease. This blood flow exerts pressure on vessels causing high blood pressure in cold weather.  

The increase in blood pressure causes a rise in the case of heart attacks and strokes in winter. Chest pain or Angina also occurs more in winter due to the constriction in coronary arteries. It is difficult to maintain the appropriate temperature of blood as winter makes the body lose its heat more frequently. If the temperature drops below 36°C, then our heart muscles will be damaged by hypothermia (less heat).

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Steps to Take Care of Our Heart During Winters

Our lifestyle changes also impact our heart’s health. In winter, we become less active due to which the blood output by our heart also varies. This weakens the muscles of our hearts.

This weather can take a serious toll on our cardiac health. We should prevent these from happening and maintain good health by following.

  • Wear Woolens: With the decrease in temperature, try to dress according to the weather. Prefer layers of clothing than single thick clothing as layers can hold heat more efficiently. Also wear a cap, gloves, heavy socks to insulate your body from excess cold.
  • Go to Warmer Places: If you work outside often or travel a lot then prefer halting at places. You can take breaks and give yourself warm time-outs from working in the cold consistently. This would balance the excess cold exposure.
  • Avoid Excess Alcohol: Alcohol seems to have a warmer effect on our body. It might make you feel warmer, but in reality, it does not protect us from hypothermia. Instead, it decreases our core temperature and results in a higher risk of heart attacks.
  • Avoid Very Early Morning Walks: As winter mornings have their cold temperature at the peak, it is not a convenient time to go for a walk. This chilly weather can affect your blood vessels, adversely increasing the risk of heart problems. So you can go for a walk in the mild sun or early evening instead.
  • Exercise Regularly: As winter makes us lethargic, we avoid physical activities. This disrupts our normal blood circulation and functioning of our cardiac muscles. So do not skip physical activities. Exercises improve our cardiac output which helps in better circulation of blood and regulation of heat in our body. 

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As heart muscles are the most crucial muscles in our body. We must take proper care in winter and try our best to prevent such deadly heart problems. 

Disclaimer: This article is issued in general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.​

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