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11 Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy and Fit in Winter

Published On Apr 16, 2019 5:30 AM By Prashant Srivastava

As the winter comes and the temperature drops down, you feel tired and lazy all the time. This is a season when the sun sets early, the evening becomes chilled and we tend to spend more time sleeping instead of doing any physical activity. We focus less on our health.

With the falling temperature, our lips become chapped, skin dries, and chances of getting cold are higher.

Do you think you’re doing well to keep your family healthy this winter?

If not, read this post.

In this article, you will know easy ways to keep the chill at bay and let your family stay healthy and fit.

1. Increase Vitamin C Intake:

During the winter season, increase your daily vitamin C intake because it boosts the immune system, which weakens in winters. It’s also important to take care of you and your family health skin. You can maintain it by taking antioxidants.

Vitamin C is a powerful source of antioxidants, which protect your body against several health issues. Let your family members consume vitamin C enriched food such as guava, broccoli, kiwi, lemon, strawberry, papaya, and orange. These are a good source of vitamin C and staying healthy in Winter.

2.  Maintain Workout Routine:

The temperature is running down, so is your energy level. You may tend to hang-up on your workout and hibernate in your bed. This is not good for you or your family health either.

Maintain the energy flow and daily workout. This leads to strong core muscles, an immunity system, and ward off any risk of getting flu, cough, and cold. A regular workout routine keeps you in an upbeat mood. You’ll feel more active, and enjoy a better sense of well-being. Since you may like to eat more in winter, regular workout helps you shed off those extra kilos and grow into good shape.

3.  Track Your Carb Intake:

The winter season brings us a higher possibility of getting tired and a lot of mood swings.

Our carvings for having carbohydrates increase.

We curl up in our blanket and sleep.

Usually, we tend to do this because serotonin levels in our body drop in winter.

Serotonin is an important hormone in our body, which regulates our appetite, mood, sleep, social behaviour, digestion, memory, etc. It makes us feel happy.

Since the levels of serotonin run down, we tend for more carbohydrates intake. In reality, too many carbs are harmful to the body.

Therefore, it’s important to keep the intake of carbohydrates in check and prevent chronic diseases.

To calm carbs, try healthy snacks like oats, sprouts, fruits, nuts and so on. These are fibre-rich and low fat.

4.  Buy a Family Health Insurance Policy:

A family health insurance plan is a boon not only in the winter season but throughout your life. It can be the saviour of your family. Since winter brings along with its risks of cold, high fever, deterioration of other diseases, your family members are more prone to being hospitalized.

In this situation, a family health plan keeps you ready to provide the best possible treatment for your family, thereby protecting them from the cruel claws of the winter.

Family floater health insurance is designed to provide a family with adequate coverage for hospitalization costs, medical expenses, room charges, consultation fee, ambulance fee, anaesthesia cost, surgeon’s fee and other medical due arising out of accidental hospitalization, illness, etc. There are also certain family health plans that offer a free health-check-up facility for all the policyholders.

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5.  Keep Your Health Insured:

In winter, the season gets colder, the chances of falling ill get higher. Risks of lungs, heart, bone ailments - especially for the people between 50-65 years - increase. The medical bills of such problems, without any doubt, can be difficult to pay off.

Hence, it’s good to get you and your family insured with a comprehensive mediclaim policy. This will safeguard you from spending your hard-earned money for paying off medical bills.

6.  Find Your Vitamin D:

The days are short. The sun sets pretty earlier.

The sheet of darkness covers the entire area.  

Don’t stay in the darkness. Rather, get some sunlight in the noon. If possible, get the early morning sunlight, as it is a great source of Vitamin D.

So, make a routine of heading to the balcony along with your family, and expose yourself in the sun to let your body soak in Vitamin D. It keeps the bone strong. The sunlight is the treasure of vitamin D at no cost.

The deficiency of Vitamin D causes tiredness, back pain, fatigue, etc. You can avoid this by exposing in the sunlight, and absorbing the sun in the morning or afternoon.

7.  Take Healthy Diets

Always take a healthy diet and not junk.  

If certain things make it difficult for your family to follow a particular diet, the least you can do is say ‘no’ to junk foods.

Follow these simple tips to stay fit and healthy:

  • Have dinner with your family.
  • Say ‘bye’ to junk foods.
  • Avoid soft drinks.
  • Take timely, preferably a healthy and protein-rich breakfast.
  • Add to diet oats, nuts, fruits, sprouts, etc.

 What you eat matters. So, ask your family to stick to a healthy diet plan.

8.  Do Regular Health Check-Ups:

Getting regular health checkups is essential to avoid any emergency health situations. Until you get the health checkups done for your family, especially parents, you won’t be aware of their health condition.

A few family health insurance add regular health check-ups coverage to their policy. So, be sure the family floater health insurance you are choosing has this feature.  

In the absence of regular health checkups, it’s difficult to detect whether or not your family is suffering from certain health issues. If some ailments are undiscovered, you may have to bear the expenses of medical treatment in the future.

That’s where a family floater plan comes in handy as it also allows you to include your dependents and save yourself from spending a lot from your pocket.

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9.  Give Vaccines on Time:

Do you have a small baby or a kid?

Make sure they are getting all the necessary vaccinations on time.

Vaccinations are given to prevent children from getting a disease.

So, make sure that you are giving your baby vaccines against mumps, polio, measles, hepatitis, and others. This safeguards them from serious childhood illnesses.

It’s worth knowing that some family floater health insurance gives a cover to expenses incurred in vaccinations.  

10.  Sip Herbal Tea:

For enhanced benefits for the body is sipping a lukewarm cup of herbal tea.

Find some time for you in the morning and evening to sip green or tulsi tea. It makes your body toxin-free.

Enriched with antioxidants, herbals detoxify your body. Not only this, herbs like tulsi and ginger have a strong potential to fight against critical illnesses like cancer.

In winter, if you drink a cup of hot ginger or chamomile tea, you reduce anxiety, keep stress away, induce calmness, and build strengthen your immune system. It is also good for nausea and stomach ailments.

In addition, a cup of black lemon tea in winter helps treat diarrhea because of its properties like Vitamin C. So, spend some time with family and sip together any herbal tea even if you are not fond of regular milk tea. It will do wonders.

Over to You

Happiness resides in a healthy family. Since the chances of falling sick in winter are higher, following the aforesaid tips is important. Or a medical emergency can turn everything upside down.

Even minor illness can deteriorate, leading to hospitalization that may hamper your financial planning. So, it’s always good to cover your family under a comprehensive health insurance plan. Many insurers in India have certain health policies that can cover the expenses incurred in treating winter diseases.

Thus, take steps and follow the above guidelines to keep you and your family fit and healthy. After all, prevention is better than cure!!

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