4 Popular Women Health Insurance Plans of 2020 You can Buy Online

Published On 10 Feb 2020 By Yamini Sharma

Women Health Insurance Plans You Cannot Ignore!

To achieve beauty, a woman must first achieve health!

Women health insurance has finally gained the much-desired importance in our country. After ignoring their health for many years, countless women have started showing concern about their health and financial stability. As a result, many health insurance companies have come up with policies that ensure women remain healthy and financial stable. 

Health Insurance Plans for Women

Health insurance plans for women in India are now being designed to cater to the specific financial and medical requirements of women. With many plan options available, women are, at last, feeling free to prefer their health over their financial status. 

If you too have been in search of ideal women health insurance for years, now is the time! 

If you have always preferred saving money over your health, get ready to make a big change! 

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We have prepared a list of four prime health insurance plans for women you can buy in 2020. With these plans, you can get your particular medical requirements easily met without having to become a financial burden on anyone. 

Prime Women Health Insurance Plans in 2020


1. Women Specific Critical Illness Insurance  

  • Provided by Bajaj Allianz
  • Covers medical expenses for critical illnesses (Critical illness is a life-threatening disease such as Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack and more)
  • Being a female-oriented plan, it covers the insured against the risk of 8 specific critical illnesses that affect women: Breast Cancer, Uterine/Cervical Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Fallopian Tube Cancer, Vaginal Cancer, Multitrauma, Burns, and Permanent Paralysis of Limbs.
  • The policy gives a lump sum amount on diagnosis
  • Eligibility age range - 21 years to 65 years
  • Sum insured options range between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 2 Lakh
  • Benefits - Loss of job benefit, child education bonus, congenital disability benefit, etc.

More in detail about the plan at Women Specific Critical Illness Insurance - Bajaj Allianz.

2. Joy 

  • Provided by Religare
  • A good option for hospitalisation and maternity health insurance
  • Covers new born baby expenses too
  • Available in two variants - Joy Today (3 Lakh/5Lakh, maternity waiting period - 9 months, tenure - 3 years) & Joy Tomorrow (3 Lakh/5Lakh, maternity waiting period - 24 months, tenure - 1/2/3 years)
  • New born baby birth defects covered under Joy Tomorrow
  • Eligibility age range - Day 1 up to 65 years
  • Sum insured options - Rs. 3 Lakh and Rs. 5 Lakh
  • Benefits - Inpatient care (room rent, boarding, ICU charges, nursing expenses), day care, pre & post hospitalisation, and an optional cover of No Claim Bonanza

Detailed information about the policy available at Joy - Religare Health Insurance.

3. Wellsurance Women

  • Provided by TATA AIG Health Insurance
  • A combination of fixed benefit and indemnity plan
  • Most expenses are provided as a lump sum benefit, while ambulance charges are covered on an indemnity basis
  • Available in three variants - Classic (Basic variant with ICU benefit - Rs.3000 per day), Supreme (ICU benefit - Rs.4500 per day) and Elite (High coverage variant with ICU benefit - Rs.6000 per day)
  • Covers 11 critical illnesses including Cancer, First Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, Stroke, Coma, CABG, Major Organ Transplant, Major Burns, Total Blindness, Multiple Sclerosis, and Paralysis
  • Eligibility age range - 18 years up to 65 years
  • Benefits - Coverage for critical illnesses, higher hospital cash for ICU/ICCU admissions, daily hospital cash benefit, cosmetic reconstruction surgery benefit for accidental injuries, and convalescence benefit, for post hospitalisation treatment

Discover more about the plan at Wellsurance Women by TATA AIG Health Insurance.

4. Health Gain Policy 

  • Provided by Reliance General Insurance
  • Available on individual and family floater sum insured basis
  • Cover for an extended family including siblings, grandparents is also available
  • Available in two variants - Plan A (Sum Insured: Rs. 3 Lakh, Rs. 6 Lakh, Rs. 9 Lakh) and Plan B (Sum Insured: Rs. 12 Lakh, Rs. 15 Lakh, Rs. 18 Lakh)
  • Policy available on easy installments
  • Eligibility age range - 91 days up to 65 years
  • 5% premium discount for a girl child or a single woman
  • Reinstatement of policy with a base sum insured after exhaustion
  • Cumulative bonus at the end of a claim-free year
  • 5% or 10% family discount with an individual policy
  • Benefits - Inpatient treatment, day care treatment, domestic road ambulance, pre & post hospitalisation, donor expenses, domiciliary hospitalisation, etc.

To discover detailed information about the policy, check Health Gain by Reliance General Insurance.

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Women health insurance is gaining popularity each day. Make sure you choose one of the best health insurance plans for women as per your medical needs and welcome health and financial protection.

Don’t forget to gain knowledge about maternity health insurance or health insurance policy with maternity benefits!

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To get any of your doubts cleared, give us a call at 18001205698.

Always remember, your health is an investment, not an expense!

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