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Exploring the Significance of Women's Choice for Preventive Health Check-Up

Updated On Dec 04, 2020

Health is wealth!

No matter how much money one may possess, if they lack good health, the money is of no use.

Be it, kids or adults, all should take care of their health so that they do not have to face an adverse time, owing to their deteriorating health. Moreover, every individual should opt for health insurance so as to keep them financially stable and free from worries during a medical emergency.

Women, especially, should make sure that they opt for health insurance as they tend to put their health in the backseat most of the time. As a matter of fact, they should be very precise in their choice of health insurance plan and prioritize the same as per their needs.

If you are a health-conscious woman looking for a good insurance plan, do not ignore the need for preventive check-ups in your health insurance.

A regular medical insurance plan may seem perfect to you, however, it won’t include preventive and diagnostic services. On the other hand, specifically designed to cover preventive and diagnostic services, preventive health care will come across as beneficial. Let’s uncover the significance of preventive health check-up in a detailed manner.

Importance of Preventive Health Check-Ups

  • Early Detection- Women can fall ill at any time, even if they feel completely fine. While many times, the illness gets treated on a timely basis, there are cases when women wish they had known of their deteriorating health in advance so that they could do something to stop it from getting worse day by day. Here comes the importance of preventive health check-up as it allows early detection, especially of chronic and terminal illnesses like cancer. Early detection by means of preventive health check-ups benefits also when there is a vast family history of health disorders such as heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, and others.
  • Dealing with Daily Lifestyle Changes- There are ‘n’ number of things that women have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Needless to say, irregular schedule, constant travelling, lack of exercise, and other elements lead them to an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle, which in turn, results in falling ill. Health insurance with preventive health check-up helps maintain the balance and prevent illnesses.
  • Tax Benefits- As per the Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, one is entitled to tax benefits for preventive health-checkups. Note that along with other benefits, the policyholder and their family members can avail tax deductions up to INR 5,000 for preventive health checks-ups.

Inclusions in Women’s Preventive Health Check-Ups

Regular check-ups include a full general body examination, respiration and heart rate, blood pressure, preliminary heart exam, blood & urine tests, ECG, lipid profile, and others. Note that certain examination related to a woman’s specific family medical history are also performed. Past surgeries, tests, procedures, immunisations, tests, and others are taken into account apart from lifestyle aspects such as drinking, smoking, exercise, etc. Women’s preventive health check-up tests also include screening for breast, ovarian & cervical cancer, Pap smear, Mammogram, CA-125 blood test, etc.

How to Prepare for Preventive Health Check-Up?

  • Have an early dinner the night before as a minimum of 10 hours of fasting is advised before the checkup
  • Drink 2-3 glasses of water before leaving your house so that you get your ultrasound done without waiting for a very long time
  • Wear comfortable clothes as well as shoes
  • In case, you are suffering from an illness, carry all your medical records and reports

What to Keep in Mind Before a Preventive Health Check-Up?

  • Don’t apply cream or powder on your chest when coming for the check-up
  • Avoid wearing jewelry or any form of metallic objects
  • Do not smoke on the day of the check-up
  • If you are pregnant or suspecting pregnancy, make it a point to inform your co-coordinator before the check-up
  • In case, there is a pacemaker in your body, inform your doctor beforehand

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​​The Conclusion

Health insurance plans with preventive health care are of significant benefit. It is because of the advantages that women give priority to health insurance plans with preventive health checkups after maternity cover. After all, preventive health checkups help in early detection and, thereby, treatment of health disorders, if found in the tests.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make it a point to emphasise the purchase of a health insurance plan with preventive health check-up without giving it a second thought.

Rest assured, it will be of significant help and prevent you from the major inconvenience. 

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