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How To Reduce Pollution From Cars

Published On Oct 08, 2020 5:30 AM By Gunjan

How To Reduce Pollution From Cars

There is no denying that motor vehicles have eased the ways of travelling for all of us. However, little do we know the consequences of using motor vehicles if not used wisely. 

Pollution is one of the gravest problems that we are dealing with in today’s time. Of this, air pollution is perhaps the most pressing, and most closely tied to individual action. About 70% of air pollution is caused due to harmful emissions from vehicles. Surprised, right? The reason for this is several such as the use of internal combustion engines, misuse of motor vehicles, and many more.

Keeping in mind the adverse effects of motor vehicles on the environment, we have tried to compile a list of tips that will help in reducing the pollution caused due to cars and other vehicles. So, read through the section below to know all about the different ways of reducing air pollution. 

How To Reduce Pollution From Cars

Tips To Reduce Pollution From Cars

Here are some measures that can be taken to reduce the emissions from your car. A handful of precautions can ensure that the negative environmental impact of your car is reduced. So, adopt these tips in your daily life:

1. Get A Pollution Under Control Certificate

First and foremost, as a car owner, it is your responsibility to get pollution under-control certificates or PUC for your vehicle. With a pollution under control certificate, you will be able to understand whether the emissions from your vehicle are under permissible limits or not. If the emissions are not under the limit, then it is better to get your vehicle serviced or replaced.

2. Use Environmental Friendly Fuel

In light of the rising environmental issues, there are environmental-friendly fuels that have come into the limelight. Environmental-friendly fuels such as CNG emit less harmful gases and are thus preferred over petrol and diesel. Moreover, you can also use alternatives like battery-powered vehicles which are environmentally friendly. 

3. Regular Car Maintenance

Accumulating debris and dust in a car often leads to increased polluting emissions. This can be minimized by having your car regularly maintained, which ensures that consumables are repaired or replaced. Thus, it is imperative to have your car regularly and seasonally maintained to ensure its good condition and to reduce the harmful emissions that it would otherwise cause.

4. Switch Off The Engine When Not Needed

There are often times such as when you wait at the traffic signal during which the car’s engine is left on. During such times, the fuel of cars gets wasted and also produces harmful emissions. So, during such times, it is better to turn off the engine and save both fuel and the environment. Aside from adopting environmentally-friendly habits like carpooling, turning off the engine at stops such as red lights helps a lot to save energy as well.

5. Maintain A Constant Speed

Did you know that driving at a high speed and taking constant breaks can lead to greater consumption of fuel? Yes, you have got us right! So, in order to reduce harmful emissions from cars, it is better to maintain a constant speed. A constant speed means lesser consumption of fuels and this means reduced emission of harmful gasses. Moreover, you should also apply steady brakes as compared to abrupt ones, as doing so also helps in lesser consumption of fuel. 

6. Avoid Rush-Traffic Hours

Traffic-jams are extremely tiring for all of us. Agreed? Traffic jams are tiring for your vehicles too. Applying constant brakes, leaving your engine turned on and other things lead to increased fuel consumption during rush traffic hours. So, the next time you plan to move out, it is better to avoid rush-traffic hours in order to reduce harmful emissions from your car.


Thus, it is easy to be mindful of the different ways in which a car contributes to environmental pollution. By taking certain precautionary steps, it is possible to minimise the negative impact of a car and ensure that its emissions are reduced.

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Thus it is easy to be mindful of the different ways in which a car contributes to environmental pollution. By taking certain precautionary steps, it is possible to minimise the negative impact of a car and ensure that its emissions are reduced.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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