Renew Expired Car Insurance Online

Renew Expired Car Insurance

Renewing car insurance timely is of utmost importance to ensure that things go smooth even amidst any sudden challenges thrown towards you, and the ability to tackle things while avoiding financial crises. A car insurance has a policy period of one year or more, post that the policyholder needs to renew it before the expiry date.

What Happens When Car Insurance Gets Expired?

When your car insurance expires, you will have to face the following consequences:

  • Driving a car without at least a third party car insurance in India is a criminal offence punishable with a fine of Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months
  • Burden to meet financial obligations arising out of any mishap involving your car
  • Loss of ‘No claim Bonus’ which can go up to 50% of own-damage premium.

Renewal of Car Insurance After Expiry Date

It is possible to renew an expired car insurance policy during the break-in period. Break-in period refers to a 90-day grace period starting from the expiry date of the car insurance policy. Break-in car insurance renewal mandatorily requires an inspection of the car by the insurance company. The inspection can be either performed by the policyholder or by a third party agency hired by the company. The best thing to note is that the NCB remains intact even if you renew your car insurance policy during the break-in period.

How To Renew An Expired Car Insurance Policy?

You can renew your expired car insurance by following the below given steps-

Step 1: Select and pay for an insurance policy and ideal plan for you based upon the factors like car model, age, and other relevant details.

Step 2: Car inspection is mandatory to get your car insurance renewed during the break-in period. It is of two types i.e self inspection or third party inspection.

Step 3: In case of self inspection, the insurance company provides you with the instructions, whereas in case of a third party inspection, an insurance company representative will inspect, ascertain and review any existing damage to your car, based upon that insurance can be provided or denied.

Step 4: Once the inspection is done, the policy will be issued to you.

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​What To Do If You Fail To Renew Your Car Insurance During The Break-in Period?

If the policyholder fails to get their car insurance policy renewed even within the 90-day window, then in such a case, they will lose out on all the accumulated benefits, and their car insurance policy would lapse.

Then in such a case, they are required to start everything from scratch and the Insured declared value will be certain only post the re-inspection of the car. The policy that is bought after the 90 days grace period is treated as an entirely new policy and all the discount and NCB that is collected is bound to expire.

Advantages of Renewing Car Insurance Policy Timely

There are numerous advantages of getting your car insurance renewed on time including the below highlighted points-

  • Your car is insured all the time, with no gaps or break-in period.
  • The policyholder gets NCB for every claim-free year.
  • An order has been issued mandatory by the law, for a car owner to have a car insurance policy, an expired policy makes the policyholder liable against other legal consequences.

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Renew Expired Car Insurance FAQs

  • How do I check my car insurance policy expiry date?

    You can check the expiry date of your car insurance policy via the following ways:

    • You can confirm the expiry date of insurance policy through IIB( Insurance Information Bureau).
      You can confirm the expiry date of insurance policy through VAHAN website by Roads and Transport Ministry.
      You can confirm the expiry date of the insurance policy with your insurance provider as they have a record of all the insurance policies.
  • How do I renew my car insurance after it expires?

    If your car insurance lapses, immediately inform your insurance company. You can renew the expired policy during the grace period i.e. 90 days from the expiry date. However, post the expiry of the grace period, you would be required to purchase a new policy.

  • What happens when my car insurance expires?

    In case your car insurance expires, you may need to purchase a new insurance plan. Also, the accumulated benefits of the expired plan like NCB may get lost. Moreover, buying a new policy would lead to a car inspection and a higher premium amount due to loss of NCB.

  • What happens if I don't renew car insurance after it expires?

    If you don’t renew your car insurance after it expires, you may have to face the following consequences:

    • You may have to face strict legal action and pay hefty fines if caught driving an uninsured car.
      You will have to bear all the costs at the time of an injury, accident, theft, damage etc.
      Also, other liabilities and consequences due to driving an uninsured car-like financial crisis, a risk to life, damage or loss to your own car or others.
  • What is the fine if I get caught with an expired car insurance policy in India?

    Driving without an active car insurance policy could result in paying a fine of Rs 2,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months.

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