Want to Get Your PED Conditions Covered? Here's a List of Plans with Low Waiting Period

Pre-existing disease is a term that is quite common in the health insurance field.

When buying a health insurance policy, the individuals have to inform the insurance company about their pre-existing conditions, if any, to prevent claims rejection later on.

Why? It is because while many companies offer policies with coverage for pre-existing diseases, most do not. Another aspect to keep note of is that the health insurance companies that offer policies with pre-existing disease include the element of waiting period in the concept.

Waiting Period - The Details

The waiting period is a specific time period before a certain list of illnesses start getting covered under one’s intended health policy. In case, something happens to the policyholder during the waiting period, they have no option, but to pay from their own pocket. Note that in such case, other illnesses that aren’t pre-existing will be covered by the policy. However, once you survive the waiting period, the treatment expenses for pre-existing condition are covered by the policy.

The best way to deal with pre-existing condition waiting period? Investing in health insurance policy covering pre-existing conditions with a shorter waiting period! While some insurers have waiting periods like 4 years, there many that have only 2 years or 1 year as the waiting period. While there are numerous options to choose from, the ultimate choice of policy depends on waiting period as well as the other requirements of an individual.

Best Health Insurance with Low Waiting Period for PED Conditions


1.​ Medi Classic Insurance Policy (Individual) - Star Health


  • No claim bonus of 5% for every claim free year up to 25%
  • Health Checkup costs up to Rs.5,000/- for every block of 4 claim free years
  • Automatic restoration of the entire sum insured by 200%
  • Hospital cash and patient care cover as optional
  • 101 day-care procedures covered

2. Family Health Optima Insurance Plan - Star Health


  • Super-saver policy
  • Pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation medical expenses covered up to 60 days and 90 days
  • All day care procedures covered
  • Air ambulance cover provided up to 10% of the basic sum insured per policy period. (Available for Sum Insured of Rs. 5 Lakhs and above only)
  • Co-payment of 20%

3. Health Shield Standard (Individual) - Royal Sundaram


  • Pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation medical expenses covered up to 30 days and 60 days
  • Ambulance expenses in case of an emergency, subject to a limit of Rs.1000/- per claim
  • A family discount of 10% if 3 or more individuals opt for the policy
  • Hospital cash allowance- A lump sum of 2% of the sum insured per claim, if there is continuous hospitalisation for more than 15 days
  • Cumulative bonus - An increase in sum insured by 5% for every claim free year up to a maximum of 50%

4. MediRaksha - Tata AIG


  • Eligibility - 91 days to 65 years
  • Policy tenure - 1 year or 2 years
  • 144 day care procedures covered
  • 10% of family discount on covering 2 or more family members under the same policy on the individual sum insured basis
  • 7.5% discount on premium if the insured individual pays premium of 2 years in advance

5. Heartbeat Policy (Silver) - Max Bupa


  • Discount on premium in case the insured individual opts for a 2-year policy term
  • A reward program on offer for the premium paid
  • Loyalty benefit - 10% discount on last paid premium or increase of 10% of sum insured up to a maximum of 50%
  • Co-payment of 10% to 20% co-pay for individuals below 65 years of age. Mandatory for individual above the age of 65 years
  • Tax benefit on premium paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961


1. Health Guard (Silver Plan) - Bajaj Allianz


  • Policy tenure - 1 year, 2 years or 3 years
  • Coverage for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses up to 60 days and 90 days
  • Road ambulance - A maximum of Rs.20,000 per policy
  • Rs.500 of pay daily cash benefit for accompanying an insured child, maximum up to 10 days during each policy year
  • Organ donor expenses covered

2. OptimaSENIOR - Apollo Munich


  • Sum insured options - Rs.2Lakh, Rs.3Lakh, and Rs.5Lakh
  • Co-pay options - In case of hospitalisation, 15% or 30%, On specific illness/surgeries such as Cataract (each eye), Arthoscopy, Hysterectomy, and others, co-pay of 30%, and co-pay of 15% to all day care procedures
  • 144 day care procedures covered
  • Emergency ambulance - up to Rs.2000 per hospitalisation
  • E-opinion - 1 opinion per policy year

3. Complete Healthcare - Universal SOMPO


  • Policy tenure - 1year to 3 years.
  • Pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses covered up to 30 days and 60 days
  • An increase in sum insured by 10% subject to a maximum of 50% in case of no claim under the policy
  • Coverage of medical expenses when hospitalised, even if diagnosed with HIV/AIDS
  • Convalescence benefit of Rs 10,000 once during the policy year when seriously ill and hospitalised for more than 10 days


1. HeartBeat (Gold) - Max Bupa


  • Sum insured options - Rs.5Lakh, Rs.7.5Lakh, Rs.10Lakh, Rs.15Lakh, Rs.20Lakh, Rs.30Lakh, and Rs.50Lakh
  • Pre and post hospitalisation expenses up to 60 days and 90 days covered
  • Cover for medical expenses incurred on treatment taken under AYUSH
  • An increase in sum insured (10% of base sum insured per annum maximum up to 100% of base Sum Insured) if the policy is renewed without any break
  • All day care treatments covered

2. HeartBeat (Platinum) - Max Bupa


  • Sum insured options - Rs.15Lakh, Rs.20Lakh, Rs.50Lakh, and Rs. 1Crore
  • No limit on hospital room category
  • Coverage for treatment outside India for specified deadly diseases up to opted sum insured, excluding treatment in USA and Canada. However, by paying a little extra premium, one can cover treatment in USA and Canada as well
  • Coverage for pre and post hospitalisation expenses incurred up to 60 days and 90 days
  • Medical expenses incurred on treatment taken under AYUSH covered

3. Health Care Supreme - Bajaj Allianz


  • Coverage for pre and post hospitalisation expenses incurred up to 60 days and 90 days
  • Air ambulance cost reimbursed up to the actual expenses, subject to a maximum limit as per the policy
  • Recovery benefit - Payment of a one-time lump sum amount per policy period, if the insured member is hospitalised for a disease/injury/illness for a continuous period exceeding 7 days
  • Maximum cumulative bonus, up to 50% of sum insured up to 5 claim free years
  • A family discount of 5% if 2 or more family members are covered under a single policy

4. Oriental Senior Citizen HOPE


  • Perfect choice for Senior Citizens aged 60 yrs and above
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation benefit offered
  • Benefit of continuity extended, in case the individual possesses an insurance with any mediclaim policy of Oriental Insurance
  • Cashless service through TPA only. Limited to Rs. 1Lakh​
  • Premium discount available on voluntary co-payment

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1. Silver Health - Bajaj Allianz


  • Sum insured options - Rs.50000, Rs.100000, Rs.150000, Rs. 200000, Rs.300000, Rs.400000, Rs. 500000
  • Coverage for emergency ambulance charges subject to a limit of Rs.1000 per claim
  • 130 day care procedures covered subject to terms and conditions
  • Entry age - From 46 years to 70 years
  • Benefit of 5% family discount on covering 2 or more members

2. Senior Citizens Red Carpet - Star Health


  • Entry age - From 60 to 75 years with lifelong renewal
  • Policy term - 1year, 2years, or 3 years
  • No pre-acceptance medical screening. On submission of medical records of the person proposed for insurance, a discount of 10% of premium is allowed
  • All day care procedures covered
  • Co-payment options: For sum insured Rs.1Lakh to Rs.10Lakh - 50% of each and every admissible claim. For sum insured Rs.15Lakh to Rs.25Lakh - 30% of each and every admissible claim

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Pre-existing condition waiting period is one of the many elements you should consider to make the ideal choice. In addition to the same, do not forget to check all the features and benefits associated with the plan you are willing to invest in. Only after considering every aspect you will be able to find the perfect health insurance for pre-existing condition and prevent yourself from regrets in the coming time.

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