Health Insurance Facts to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy in India

A comprehensive understanding of any subject is critical to make an informed choice, and this is a universally applicable rule. Choosing a health insurance policy is not a trivial matter, and hence an in-depth knowledge about the rules and guidelines about health insurance is crucial to keep you a step ahead. Lack of awareness and knowledge is the main reason why customers are unable to gain the maximum advantage from policies and schemes. We enlist some indispensable to success facts surrounding health insurance:

ü Lifetime renewal  

With regard to the entry age for a health insurance plan, all insurers specify a higher age range. The entry age varies from one insurer to the next, but the maximum age limit is usually about 80 or 90 years. From the customer’s viewpoint, these upper and lower age limits prove to be problematic. It bodes well, therefore, that this policy has a lifelong renewal feature allowing customers to renew the policy throughout their lifetime.

ü Medical Concierge Facility

At times the little things prove to be a more significant cause of worry than the seemingly bigger issues – people might have a lot of money but have no time or family. The Medical Concierge Facility is a solution that lends professional assistance to the insured at the time of a medical emergency or treatment. This facility includes several services such as providing contact information of medical practitioners and professionals, making appointments, support to help with settling bills and procuring medicines, and several other services that would make life easier for the insured. This is an extremely helpful service, but due to lack of awareness people have not been able to use it – but this is changing since it has caught the attention of many and is being used more extensively.  

ü Zero Loading Charge

While some insurers do provide the No Claim Bonus, they still penalize the customer through the loading charges included in the premium amount at the time of the policy renewal. It would be a lot better if the insured could avoid these charges – and to this end, there are some esteemed insurers such as Religare and Max Bupa offering great health insurance in India. These insurers offer schemes that are free of the added loading charges at the time of renewal, even if the insured has made a claim during the tenure of the policy.

ü Top-ups   

With an increased income, buying power increases too, which would help an insured person to get an enhanced insurance cover and more benefits from an existing policy. The good news is that this does not require the insured to buy a new insurance plan, but instead could opt for certain top-up features to augment the existing plan and do so without another medical check-up.

ü Domiciliary Hospitalization

Illness or health-related issues can strike anytime, anywhere and anyone. There would be times when getting to the hospital may not be possible owing to the extreme ill health of a person. With a doctor’s approval, the insured patient could be treated at home, and this would include nursing, medical assistance, medicines, and other medical necessities. However, most people do not leverage this facility believing that insurance would not cover the home treatment. Domiciliary hospitalization is a feature that allows insurance cover and reimbursement of medical expenses – it makes sense to check for this feature before buying a health insurance policy.

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These are significant features of any health insurance policy, and customers must remain aware of these when buying a policy. Please connect with us on our toll-free number 1800-120-5698 to speak with our customer care executives, who will be happy to answer your health policy related queries.

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