Some Lesser Known Facts Related to Health Insurance

Published On 08 Apr 2019 By Gunjan Anand

Health Insurance Facts to Help You Get the Best Health Insurance Policy in India.

To get the best result, a comprehensive understanding of every subject is needed. This theory is universally applicable. So, when it comes to choosing a policy, a thorough knowledge about the rules and guidelines about health insurance is necessary to keep you a step ahead. Due to lack of knowledge, many times, customers are not able to avail the most out of the scheme.

On this note, here are mentioned some health insurance facts which people must be aware of:

Lifetime renewal  
When it comes to the entry age for a health insurance plan, every company tends to keep it higher. The entry age varies from company to company but hardly goes beyond 80 or 90 years. Thinking from the customer’s viewpoint, it looks a bit troublesome for not being able to get any scheme after a certain age. Therefore, a lifelong renewal feature allows the customer to get the policy renewed for a lifetime.

Medical concierge facility  
Many times little things make us more worried than big ones. Like some people might own money, but lack time and people in their lives. Here, the concierge feature can provide with a solution by lending professional assistance to the customer at the time of his/her medication and treatment. This incorporates several things such as fetching the contact details of medical professionals, setting appointments, making arrangements related to bill, medicines, and so on. This saves time and effort, but many people don’t opt for it due to unawareness. The facility is new in India but gaining attention swiftly. 

Zero loading charge
Some insurers reward their policyholders for not making the claims, but on doing so, the customers even get penalized. The penalty is enforced through the loading charges on their amount of premium at the time of renewal. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid this charge? There are insurers like Religare and Max Bupa that are considered as esteemed names of health insurance in India. They offer schemes which free you from bearing additional loading charges, even after making a claim during the policy tenure. 

With the increase in income, our desires get wider too. If somehow you get near to financial stability or abundance in life and wish to expand your health insurance in the mid of the term, it looks difficult to attain, but in general, it’s not. For having a bigger plan, you don’t need to buy a new insurance plan. Instead, you need to avail the top-up feature that allows you to stretch your plan without buying a new plan or going for any medical screening. This makes you enjoy bigger health insurance in India whenever you want. 

Domiciliary hospitalization  
Sometimes, life brings us into a situation where we couldn’t get a room in the hospital, or we fall too sick to reach the medical centre. In that case, on the approval of a doctor, one can find the treatment at home only. This includes nursing, medical assistance, medicines, and more. This makes many people worry that they won’t be getting any health insurance benefit due to no hospitalization. But, they are wrong. A feature called domiciliary hospitalization allows them to get the reimbursement for their expenses even without hospitalisation. Thus, check the plan before buying, as if it covers the domiciliary facility or not.  

An understanding of the elements mentioned above related to health insurance plans will surely let you avail the benefits of your policy to the fullest. If you still have any questions or concerns, you can call our toll-free number 1800-120-5698 and speak to our customer care executives and get all your health-related queries answered in no time.