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​Must Have Things When When You're Stuck In Car

Published On Oct 17, 2020, Updated On Mar 31, 2021

Want to know must have things when stuck in your car?

There are many unforeseen situations that may arise, forcing you to be stuck inside of your car for several hours at a time. For example, you may be forced off the road by bad weather, or may have a flat tire. While help arrives or you wait to get back on the road, it is important to ensure you are prepared to wait out the hours and have everything you need to ensure your comfort and safety during this time.

10 Must Have Things When Stuck In Your Car

Let's know essential things to make sure you have in order to be safe while stuck inside your car.

1. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit for your car is an absolute must. In case of accident or injury, it would help you to provide initial aid to the injured while you wait for help to arrive. It is extremely important to ensure that the first aid kit in your car is equipped properly with the necessary supplies such as bandages, antiseptic liquid, any prescription medication, etc., to ensure you are well prepared if you end up being stuck in your car.

2. Torch and Batteries

If you are in an emergency situation during nighttime, it is imperative to have a torch or flashlight available to you for safety and visibility reasons. You may wish to use your phone torch, but it is advisable to preserve your phone’s battery instead.

3. Water Bottles

Your car should always have some water available. You may store a few bottles of water in the car for emergency situations, and it is also advisable to bring water with you on every journey. This is useful in case of long waits to prevent you or other passengers getting dehydrated, as well as to stave off overheating inside the car.

4. Food

Keeping non-perishables available in your car is extremely advisable. If you are unexpectedly stuck and in an emergency situation that involves undue hardship or a long wait, it is important to have food on hand to tide you over until you are able to leave the car or until help arrives. Keeping non-perishables such as seeds, nuts, or other dry snacks is advisable.

5. Power Bank

As mentioned, it is important to preserve your phone battery in an emergency situation, to be able to call for and coordinate emergency help. As such, keeping a fully charged power bank in your car which would allow you to prolong the battery in your devices is advisable.

6. Spare Tire and Required Tools

Having a spare tire and the tools required to replace a flat tyre, such as a jack or a pipe, is extremely important. It is imperative for all drivers to have knowledge of how to change a tire on a car, and this knowledge can be extremely helpful in an emergency situation and help you get back on the road quickly.

How Can Your Car Insurance Help You in Such Situations?

If your car breaks down and you have purchased a roadside assistance add-on cover the insurance provider will organize for a two truck to take your car to the closest garage. Secondly, if the repair is a minor one the insurance company can also organise for a mechanic to come to your site and repair the car or replace a tire that is punctured.


Equipped with emergency supplies when on the road is equally important like carrying car insurance policy. In case of an unforeseen emergency where you are stuck in your car, these can come extremely in handy and help you out of dire situations. Additionally, make sure to keep your calm. Having the helpline numbers close at hand is crucial in such situations. If the weather becomes too extreme or there is any untoward situation do not hesitate to inform the authorities in charge as soon as possible.

Types of Car Insurance You Should Know:

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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