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About Hyundai

Hyundai Motors, formerly known as Hyundai Motor Company, is a famous automotive manufacturer. In business since 1967, Hyundai Motor Group is a South-Korean multinational organization founded by Chung Ju-Yung. Kia Motors and Genesis Motor are a part of the group too. Hyundai has a presence in over 193 countries across the globe.

Hyundai is the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world. More than 1.6 million units are manufactured in Ulsan, South Korea every year. The company first kick-started as an engineering and construction company. “CORTINA,” the very first model introduced by Hyundai, in collaboration with the Ford Motor Company was launched in 1968. After making it big in the market, Hyundai started manufacturing car variants independently.

From then to now, Hyundai focuses significantly on technology and design. Are you keen to learn about the brand’s philosophy? Well, the company believes that mobility improves life. It is not just the design or artistry that matters. The idea above all is to create meaningful experiences.

Hyundai Cars Insurance Premium Price

ModelVariantIDVZero Dep (in INR)Gross Premium (in INR)
Hyundai i20 2015-2017Era 1.2 386158 2124 10495
Hyundai Xcent 2016-20171.1 CRDi SX Option 452880 2717 15262
Hyundai Sonata Transform2.4 VTVT 1176895 6473 30325
Hyundai Grand i10 2016-2017Asta Option AT 387800 1939 11005
Hyundai Santro XingXK Non AC eRLX EuroII 199750 1099 6955
Hyundai VenueE Diesel 558000 3069 15787
Hyundai Creta 2018 1240700 4925 31238
Hyundai Getz Prime1.1 GLE 284843 1567 8298
Hyundai Santa Fe4X2 1772168 9392 40535
Hyundai Sonata2.7 V6 440000 0 19764
Hyundai EOND Lite 238577 1312 6105
Hyundai i10Asta 408961 2249 10089
Hyundai TerracanCRDi 1451096 7981 37578
Hyundai Elite i20Sportz Option 1.2 545550 3001 13258
Hyundai Verna1.6 Xi ABS 488638 2688 17242
Hyundai SantroGLS I - Euro I 248976 1369 7731
Hyundai Elite i20 2018Diesel Asta Option 667058 3669 16398
Hyundai ElantraFacelift 1012875 7090 23487
Hyundai Elantra 2015-2016SX 512109 4702 21751
Hyundai Creta1.6 CRDi SX 958428 5271 27981
Hyundai XcentFacelift 474030 2607 11284
Hyundai Verna 2016-20171.6 SX VTVT 673949 3477 19979
Hyundai Sonata EmberaAT Leather 1068046 5874 28382
Hyundai i20 Active1.2 SX with AVN 627900 2826 15627
Hyundai GetzGLX 376954 2073 9752
Hyundai AccentCRDi 320000 0 13775
Hyundai Grand i10CRDi Magna 465600 2328 12308
Hyundai TucsonCRDi 1384214 8305 37150
The above-mentioned premiums are suggestive and may change basis terms & conditions

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Add-ons For Your Hyundai Car Insurance

  • Zero Depreciation

    A car's value depreciates constantly with time. Thus, at the time of a claim settlement, the depreciated value of a car is deducted from the claim amount. However, by opting for a zero depreciation add-on you can shift the liability of the depreciation cost to the insurer and get the entire claim amount without any deduction of the depreciation sum. This add-on is generally available till the age of 5 years of car, however, the car age limit varies from insurer to insurer.

  • NCB Cover

    A No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a discount given by the insurer in the premium amount to a car insurance policy holder for not making a claim in the entire tenure of the four wheeler insurance policy. This discount is not available if the policy holder has made even a single claim. However, with the NCB cover, a policyholder will be entitled to receive an NCB discount despite having made a claim subject terms and conditions of insurance company. The NCB discount keeps on increasing with every claim-free year until it reaches 50%.

  • Engine Protection Cover

    A car's engine is by default not covered under either a comprehensive or a standalone own-damage car insurance policy. And therefore, if it gets damaged due water-logging or oil leakage, your insurance company is not liable to pay for its damages. But, if you opt for the add-on known as Engine Cover, you can get your car's engine insured by the insurer for damages incurred due to water ingression as well as leakage of lubricants. Engine Cover is one of the most popular car insurance add-ons and is available against the payment of a nominal premium.

  • Invoice Cover

    If you have a return to invoice cover added on to your comprehensive car insurance policy, you can claim the total ex-showroom price of your four wheeler, taxes and registration charges, in case of total loss. In case of total constructive loss (more than 70% of damage) or theft of your car, an insurance company pays the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your car as compensation. However, this IDV is lesser than the actual amount paid by you at the time of purchasing your car. When you opt for the add-on called Return To Invoice Cover with your car insurance policy, the insurance company pays the total ex-showroom price of your car plus the taxes and registration charges incurred at the time of purchase, as the claim amount in case of total loss.

Hyundai Car Insurance User Reviews

  • Amazing customer support

    I have a Bharti AXA insurance policy that I bought at InsuranceDekho for my Hyundai Creta car. Their customer support is amazing and the team helped me a lot in understanding and making the best use of policy Benefits. Also, the buying process was smooth.

    Ridhi Sharma
    On: 11th August, 2020 | Views
  • Helpful customer care executives

    I was looking for a car insurance policy for my Hyundai Creta car and therefore contacted the team at InsuranceDekho on a friend’s suggestion. They suggested that I buy Liberty general car insurance policy in no time. Thank you team for the support.

    Subodh Singh
    On: 10th August, 2020 | Views
  • Easy policy renewals

    I called the customer care executives at InsuranceDekho to get my New India car insurance policy renewed that I purchased for my Hyundai Creta car. I was satisfied with the policy so decided to renew it. The process was smooth enough and did not take much of my time.

    Aditi Jain
    On: 10th August, 2020 | Views
  • Smooth claim settlement process

    I recently purchased a Hyundai Santro car and was looking for a nice car insurance policy. I called the executives at InsuranceDekho on their toll-free number and they suggested that I buy Raheja QBE’s policy. I liked the policy benefits and it is exactly what I was looking for.

    Hari Ram
    On: 7th August, 2020 | Views
  • Smooth process of buying car insurance

    I bought Shriram’s car insurance policy last week for my Hyundai Creta car at InsuranceDekho. All I did was visit their website and read the information about different car insurance policies. I used their premium calculator online and was able to know the premium to be paid in advance.

    Arvind Gupta
    On: 7th August, 2020 | Views
  • Great suggestion from team

    I was looking for a reliable car insurance policy for my Hyundai Verna car and contacted the team at InsuranceDekho. They suggested Edelweiss' policy and I found it really beneficial as when I made a claim, I didn't pay anything for the services.

    Gopul Jindal
    On: 6th August, 2020 | Views
  • Received policy documents on time

    I bought Acko’s car insurance policy online at InsuranceDekho for my Hyundai Santro car. I received the policy documents via email within the stipulated time. I am satisfied with the customer friendly buying process of InusranceDekho.

    Ankita Rana
    On: 6th August, 2020 | Views
  • Easy to renew policy

    I recently contacted the team at InsuranceDekho to get my Universal Sompo car insurance policy renewed that I purchased for my Hyundai Creta car online. I was satisfied with the benefits so decided to renew and really liked the quick services at InsuranceDekho.

    Swati Sahay
    On: 6th August, 2020 | Views
  • Liked the simplified buying process

    I bought Tata AIG car insurance policy last week from a friend who is working in InsuranceDekho. He helped me a lot in understanding the policy and I really liked the help I received from their team. I bought the policy for my Hyundai Creta car and received the policy documents on time.

    Amber Sharma
    On: 5th August, 2020 | Views
  • Liked my policy, thanks to the team

    I bought Liberty General car insurance policy online at InsuranceDekho for my Hyundai Santro car. I really liked the policy considering many benefits that it covers me for. Thank you team for suggesting this to me.

    Shobhit Kukreja
    On: 4th August, 2020 | Views


  • How long does it take to renew a Hyundai car insurance?

    You can get your Hyundai car insurance renewed in just 5 minutes with InsuranceDekho.

  • Which all insurance add-ons should be bought with Hyundai cars

    The popular insurance add-ons opted with Hyundai cars include zero depreciation add-on, engine cover, NCB (No Claim Bonus) cover and RSA (Road Side Assistance) cover among others.

  • From where can I purchase insurance for my Hyundai car

    You can visit our website, compare all available premium quotes for Hyundai cars and select the one which best suits your requirements. With InsuranceDekho, get policy issued instantly.

  • Which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio for Hyundai cars?

    Acko General Insurance, Bharti AXA General Insurance and ICICI Lombard General Insurance are among the car insurers who have registered impressive claim settlement ratio for Hyundai cars.

  • I own a Hyundai car. Will my car engine’s capacity have an impact on my insurance premium?

    The cubic capacity of your vehicle has a direct impact on the third-party premium. Higher the vehicle’s engine capacity, more powerful it is and offers better mileage.

  • Will I be provided with an insurance certificate on insuring my Hyundai car?

    Of course, you will be handed an insurance certificate after you have insured your vehicle. Your selected insurance company issues the certificate

  • Which documents should I always carry while driving on Indian roads?

    There are a few documents you must keep with you at all times. Your Hyundai car’s insurance certificate, registration certificate and certificate of pollution under control

  • There are mistakes in my policy, How can I get it fixed?

    Call us on 7551196989 or email us at and we would co-ordinate with the insurance company to get your changes done

  • My car has been damaged pretty badly, do I consider it a total loss?

    A car is defined as a total loss in case the repair cost is greater than 75% of the IDV of a vehicle. In such cases, insurer settles the claim based on the IDV of a vehicle.

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