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ManipalCigna Health Insurance Renewal

The process of extending your current health insurance coverage beyond its original term period is referred to as health insurance policy renewal. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions of your policy and renewed your policy, you come to a legal contract between you and your insurer for another year where they contractually agree to provide financial protection to you in case of any health emergency.

Renewing your health insurance policy can help you enjoy the benefits of a no-claim bonus, and cumulative bonus in case you have not utilised your sum insured in the previous year.

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Factors Affecting ManipalCigna Health Insurance Renewal Premium

Some of the factors that impact ManipalCigna Health Insurance’s renewal premium are listed below:

  • Age: One of the most important factors that will impact your policy as well as policy renewal is your age. Make sure you have read your insurer guidelines properly.
  • Claims History: Your past claim history will also impact your health insurance policy renewal. In cases of frequent claims made, the change in cost is significant while renewing your premium.
  • Alternations: Upgrading or modifying your policy by adding a rider can also impact the cost of the policy while renewing.
  • Inflation: The price of your premium can also be changed by your insurer to combat the inflation in the healthcare sector, this may also impact the cost of your policy while renewing it.

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Renewal Date & Reminders

Keeping track of your policy renewal date is important so that there is no lapse in payment of your insurance premium. Below is the process for seeing how you can renew your health insurance policy:

How to Check the Renewal Date?

Check your policy renewal date in the ways mentioned below:

  • Check Policy: To check the date of policy expiration, refer to your policy document. The policy expiration date mentioned in your policy document is also your policy renewal date.
  • Check Website: Visit InsuranceDekho’s website to access your policy document and renewal details by logging in to the portal. Additionally, you can visit ManipalCigna Health Insurance’s policy renewal page, enter your policy number, and policy expiration date, accept terms and conditions, and click on renew policy. [1]
  • Connect with Customer Care: For easy assistance, connect with ManipalCigna Health’s customer care team. They will help you with the renewal of your policy on call.

NOTE: In the event of the expiration of your policy in case you forget to renew it on time, ManipalCigna Health Insurance has a grace period during which time you can still renew your policy. This grace period is 30 days in the event of any unforeseen situation due to which you were unable to renew your policy.

*Grace period refers to the extra time provided by an insurance company to policyholders after the payment deadline has passed so they can renew their coverage without incurring fines or having their policy lapse.

Reminder Options

Here are the ways you can stay updated about your policy document:

  • InsuranceDekho Reminder: We send out a WhatsApp message on your registered mobile number or an email on your registered email address as a reminder before your ManipalCigna Health Policy renewal date.
  • Email or SMS by the Insurer: You will also receive a renewal reminder on your registered email address or mobile number by ManipalCigna Health Insurance.

Advantages of Policy Renewal

The advantages of renewing your ManipalCigna health Insurance company policy can be many. Some of the top advantages are mentioned below:

  • Wellness Benefits Discounts: If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can receive discounts on wellness benefits at the time of policy renewal.
  • Long-Term Tenure Discounts: You may get a reduced cost for your coverage if you choose to renew your policy for a long-term tenure.
  • Reduced Waiting Period: In some cases, you can get the benefit of a reduced waiting period, this often helps in getting quick access to comprehensive coverage of your health.

*The waiting period is the predetermined time during which certain health insurance benefits, coverage, or claims are not applicable or payable.

  • Free Health Checkup: During the process of policy renewal, various insurers also provide complementary health checkups, some also provide health checkups at a nominal rate.
  • Continuity of Coverage: To avail the same benefits as you may have after buying your health insurance, you must renew your policy since having a coverage gap can leave you unprotected for that period in case of a medical emergency.
  • No Claim Bonus: No Claim Bonus is the additional amount that is available for you during policy renewal when you haven’t made any claims in the previous year. This bonus is additional to your base sum insured and can vary specific on plans and companies.
  • Any Change or Update Required: You can make any change or modification in your policy only during the renewal period. While it may vary from insurer to insurer, usually the modification time for an insured is 30-45 days before the policy renewal date. Some may also agree to do the modification during the renewal process.

Note: Read your policy document carefully or reach out to your insurer or us at InsuranceDekho to understand the details of your policy better.

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ManipalCigna Health Insurance Plan List

  • Family (4)
  • Individual (4)
  • Critical Illness (1)
  • Maternity (1)
  • Woman (1)
Name of PlanSum Insured
Prime Check Premium
ProHealth Prime Check Premium
Prime Senior Health Insurance Plan Check Premium
Arogya Sanjeevani PolicyMin: 3 months; Max: 65 years1 Lakh - 5 Lakh Check Premium
Corona Rakshak PolicyMin: 18 years; Max: 65 years50 Thousand - 2.5 Lakh Check Premium
Lifetime Health Insurance PolicyMin: 91 Days; Max: 65 years Check Premium
Corona Kavach PolicyMin: 1 day ; Max: 65 years50,000 - 5 lakh Check Premium
Lifestyle Protection Critical CareMin: 18 Years; Max: 65 Years1 Lakh Check Premium
Pro HealthMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit2 Lakh Check Premium

Consequences Of Not Renewing Your ManipalCigna Health Insurance Policy

Non-renewal of your insurance policy can come with several disadvantages, some of the main reasons are listed below:

  • Loss of Health Coverage: The primary disadvantage of not renewing your health insurance policy is the loss of your health coverage. In this case, even if you had paid the proper premium and renewed it in previous years, if you have not renewed the policy once, your health coverage immediately expires.
  • Waiting Period: Your waiting period gets impacted in case you have not renewed your policy and begins from zero. This takes away the following: immediate accident cover, seasonal or initial waiting period, slow-growing or specific illness waiting period, and pre-existing disease waiting period.
  • Reapplication Process: Reapplication process can be both financially and mentally exhausting because now all your benefits will be revoked. Reapplication can also be time-consuming.
  • Financial Burden: With no policy coverage to support you, there can be unforeseen financial burdens on you and your family in times of emergency. To avoid such situations, it is essential to renew your policy.

Factors to Consider While Renewing ManipalCigna Insurance Policy

Here are some factors to consider before you renew your ManipalCigna Health Insurance Policy:

  • Waiting Period: Your waiting period is going to be extremely important while you consider renewing your policy. Make sure you check the waiting period specifically for slow-growing illnesses and pre-existing diseases.
  • Policy Details Verification: Make sure you review the essentials of your policy document like the sum insured, exclusions, and inclusions. The aim should be to focus on matching your health requirements with your coverage.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB): You can enhance your policy by getting a no-claim bonus. Make sure to check for the status of your no-claim bonus amount in case you have not made any claims in the previous policy year.

Documents Required For Renewal

Here are the commonly required documents for renewing your policy:

  • Policy number
  • Previous policy details
  • ID proof, such as Aadhaar Card, Passport, or Voter ID
  • Medical Check-up Reports
  • Claim History

Online Payment Options for ManipalCigna Health Insurance Policy Renewal

You can make the payment for your ManipalCigna policy renewal by:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • EMI (Equated Monthly Instalments) or one-time payment
  • Digital Payment Applications or UPI

How to Renew ManipalCigna Health Insurance Policy

ManipalCigna health insurance can be renewed both online or offline. Here are the processes under both:

Online Procedure

Renew your policy either through InsuranceDekho or through ManipalCigna

Online Procedure of ManipalCigna Health Policy Renewal with InsuranceDekho

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Go to the "Support" tab listed in the header

Step 3: Click on the "Renew Policy" option

Step 4: Enter your mobile number and login with OTP"

Step 5: After logging in, access your health policy details

Step 6: Click on the "Renew" button to proceed with the renewal process

Step 7: Complete the payment and your policy is renewed

Online Procedure of ManipalCigna Health Policy Renewal via the Official Site

Step 1: Go to ManipalCigna’s dedicated page for policy renewal on their website [2]

Step 2: On this page, type in your policy number and date of birth, click renew now

Step 4: Review and renew your policy on the next step.

Step 5: Receive the policy renewal details on your registered mobile number or email address.

Why Renew with InsuranceDekho?

  • Support Throughout: Our support team will be there to assist you throughout the process
  • Unbiased Advice: Our team assists you with an unbiased approach to post-industry analysis
  • Renewal Notifications: Our team sends out a notification to you before your policy renewal date
  • Port Feature: Our team assists in porting your insurance from one insurer to another supporting you in this journey

Offline Procedure

Here’s how you can renew your ManipalCigna Policy offline:

  • InsuranceDekho Relationship Manager: An InsuranceDekho relationship manager can help you with policy renewal either by staying on call or by doing a free home visit at your convenience
  • Visit the Insurer's Branch Office: Visit ManipalCigna’s nearest branch office and renew your policy there

Renewing your Expired ManipalCigna Health Insurance Policy

Keep the following details in mind while renewing your ManipalCigna Health Insurance Policy after the expiry date:

  • Eligibility: ManipalCigna health insurance company offers a grace period of 30 days when you can renew your expired health policy. Do note, the company has the right to not renew your policy after the expiry date.
  • Premium: There is no change in the premium of your policy even while renewing it after the expiry of the policy renewal date.
  • Renewal Process: The process to renew your policy before and after expiry remains the same.

What to Do if You are Dissatisfied?

In case you are not satisfied with the renewal process or with your policy coverage, please contact us or the insurer in the following ways:

  • Discuss Issues During Renewal Contact: It is wise to discuss your policy-related issues with the insurer’s renewal team before you renew your policy.
  • Porting Your Coverage with InsuranceDekho: You also have the option to port your existing health insurance coverage to another insurer depending on your health requirements and in agreement with your insurer. [3]
  • Connect with an InsuranceDekho Advisor: Call +91-7551196989 and connect with our insurance advisor to get your queries resolved.

Common Myths About Renewal

Demystifying some myths about policy renewal:

Myth 1: Renewal of my health insurance policy will lead to an increase in my premium payment

Reality: Renewing your policy does not increase your premium payment. The premium amount remains the same as it was when you purchased the policy. The premium amount changes only when you upgrade your policy or make any modification to it like adding riders or add-ons.

Myth 2: My No Claim Bonus of last year will vanish if I renew my policy

Reality: In case you renew your policy, your No Claim Bonus will not vanish. Your no-claim bonus is the benefit you get when you do not make any claim during a policy year, when you renew your policy, your previous no-claim bonus also gets carried forward. Note, that the no-claim bonus can be a maximum of 100% of your sum insured.

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Renewal: Customer Support & Assistance

Connect with ManipalCigna’s customer support team or InsuranceDekho’s support team for proper assistance in getting your policy renewed [1]:

Contact ManipalCigna Health Insurance

  • Toll-Free Number for Callers within India: 1800-102-4462
  • International Contact Number: +91 22 4985 4100.
  • Email Support: For general queries: In case you need help with policy alterations:

Contact InsuranceDekho

Reach out to the InsuranceDekho team for assistance by

  • Emailing us at
  • Calling InsuranceDekho's helpline at 755 1196 989



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