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Understand Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Updated On Dec 03, 2020

Type-2 Diabetes is a very common disorder that is seen among people of age 45 and onwards. This is classified as a lifestyle disease and also known as diabetes mellitus. If left unchecked, this condition worsens and leads to other issues in the body.  

In Type-2 Diabetes the human body resists the effects of Insulin. This is critical as Insulin is the hormone responsible for processing glucose (sugar) in the blood, and Glucose is considered as the primary source of fuel for the body. If the cells in our body do not receive adequate glucose, they can stop functioning normally, over time, causing complications in bodily organs.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes 

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes are usually not noticeable as they develop slowly over an extended time period. It is important to get tested if following symptoms are observed.

1. Frequent Hunger or Thirst: Usually frequent thirst or hunger is indicative of unmanaged blood sugar levels. Due to insufficient glucose reaching the cells, people with type 2 diabetes often feel hungry, even after meals.  Frequent thirst is the result of draining out essential fluids from the cells when trying to flush the system off the glucose build up in blood.

2. Frequent Urination: Frequent need for urinating is also a result of the kidney trying to help the body drain out excess glucose.

3. Dry Mouth: Drainage of body fluids sometimes can take the form of dryness in the mouth.

4. Sudden Weight Loss: People who suddenly start losing weight without working towards it by means of diet, exercise or weight-loss programmes need to take this sign seriously. Often, this is an indication of losing calories through compulsive drainage of body fluids by the kidneys.

5. Low Energy: Insufficient cell nutrition and low hydration of the body often leads to fatigue. People with type 2 diabetes may start observing their reduced energy levels.

6. Loss of Focus: Low sugar levels are also responsible for causing reduced focus and haziness or blur. This could be pronounced after exercise or skipped meals. 

7. Infections and Healing Time: When the sugar levels are high in the blood it hinders timely healing of wounds and sores. Propensity towards infections is also lot more

8. Tenderness in Gums: Sometimes type 2 diabetes also causes infections in the gums and the bones around the teeth. Pain during brushing can be due to other dental issues, as well as blood sugar.

9. Nerve Sensitivity: Nerves in our hands and feet can, at times, give tingling sensations due to unregulated glucose in the bloodstream.

10.Skin Patches: Another visible sign on the body is development of velvety patches on the skin. It is usually found around the neck, on the thick skin of the elbows & knees, etc. If not attributable to any skin disease, this is usually due to type 2 diabetes.


Symptoms of type 2 diabetes are warning signs provided by the body. Corrective actions, when performed timely, can prevent complications that can be life-threatening. Lower levels of irregularities in blood sugar can often be corrected by simple diet and lifestyle changes; in cases of moderately high blood sugar, medication and added insulin allows a near-normal life. Doctors can advise the best course of action based on blood test results. 

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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