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Top-up Plan with Group Health Insurance? The Right Choice?

Published On Oct 31, 2019, Updated On Dec 04, 2020

Health insurance has become of significant importance in today’s time. Everyone, be it an adult or senior citizen, wants to secure themselves with health insurance so that they don’t have to deal with lack of funds, in case of a medical emergency. 

The rising medical costs is one of the major reasons why every individual looks forward to investing in the best health insurance as per their requirement. After all, there is none who wants to watch their savings go down the drain while dealing with adverse medical condition. 

To secure the future of self and loved ones, while many opt for individual or family health insurance, there are many who gain security by the means of group health insurance. 

Why Group Health Insurance? 

True to its name, a group health insurance policy provides health insurance cover to a group of people. Offered by organisations, business groups, banks, housing societies, and employers to their employees, group health insurance provides cover to all group members as well as their dependent family members like spouse, dependent parents, and children. 

What makes group health insurance popular? Well, there are two prime reasons behind the same. Firstly, the cost of premium is borne by the organisation. Secondly, that group health insurance doesn’t get costlier with the age of the employee, unlike in the case of individual health insurance. 

Other benefits of group health insurance include: 

  • Default health insurance cover 
  • Low cost involved 
  • No pre-medical screening required 
  • Easy claim process 

Limitations of Group Health Insurance?

While group health insurance may come across as an excellent health insurance investment for employees, the fact is that group health insurance comes with limitations as well. Here are a few you should be well aware of beforehand - 

  • One of the biggest disadvantage is that group health insurance comes with a limited scope of coverage. 
  • The cover under group health insurance cannot be customised as per one’s requirements, thereby making it a huge problem. 
  • Group health insurance cover stays active as long as you are a part of the organisation.
  • In case of group health insurance, the insurance company holds the power to cancel the policy. 

Buying Top-up to Enhance Group Health Insurance Cover?

Now that you know that group health insurance doesn’t offer a wide coverage scope, you must be thinking, “What if I buy a top-up health insurance policy to maximize my group health insurance cover?”. 

While your intention behind buying a top-up plan may be supplementing your group health insurance cover and making the most of it, know that it would be a wrong decision to go with. 


Why is that so? 

The reason top-up plan shouldn’t be combined with group health insurance is because top-up plans come with a deductible limit, claims beyond which are granted under the plan. A group health insurance plan cover level may not meet the deductible limit, thereby coming across as a failed or improper combination. 

In addition to the same, top-up plan usually come with renewable for a lifetime, while group health insurance plans remain alive as long as the employee is in the organisation. In this scenario, if you decide to change your job, your group health insurance will come to an end, thereby making your top-up plan of no use. What’s more is that if you encounter a hospitalisation situation, you will have no option but to bear the amount of the deductible limit. 

The Better Option? 

If you are thinking of the best possible way to make the most of your group health insurance and not invest in a top-up plan to extend your cover, opt for a good health insurance policy. 

A health insurance policy will help you in every which way to gain maximum coverage, without encountering the issues that in the case of a top-up plan. What’s best is that you will be able to customise your health insurance policy as per your medical needs. Rest assured, doing this will not let you face disappointment in any which way. Later, according to your needs, you can also invest in a top-up plan other than your basic health insurance policy to increase the coverage amount. 

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For those with group health insurance, there’s no need to worry about your coverage. You are secure under your group health insurance by all means. However, if you really want to increase the level of protection, choose a health insurance policy that you find ideal according to your needs rather than investing in a top-up plan.

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