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Paralysis Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Published On Apr 16, 2020, Updated On Jun 25, 2020

The condition of paralysis happens from either disease which involves changes in functioning nervous or muscular tissue, or from metabolic disturbances which hinder the functioning of nerves and muscles. Both of them do wrong to the manner in which messages are passed by the brain as well as the muscles. 

What is paralysis?

Paralysis can affect either one or both sides of a human body and therefore can be partial or complete. In the partial paralysis,  only an area of the body gets affected whereas, in the complete paralysis, the effect is widespread. 

When Paralysis happens in the lower half of the body like legs, it is referred to as paraplegia. When it occurs in the arms and legs both, it is called quadriplegia. 

Who is likely to have paralysis?

People who are more prone to Paralysis are:

  • Those who smoke
  • The patients of Diabetes
  • Having a family history
  • Suffering from high blood pressure
  • Not getting involved in physical activity
  • Having high cholesterol levels in the blood

Lets us now read about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of paralysis in detail. 

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What causes paralysis?

The main cause of Paralysis is damage in the nervous system, especially the spinal cord. Other causes of the illness may include poliomyelitis, stroke, cerebral palsy, trauma with nerve injury, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, botulism, multiple sclerosis, and spina bifida. 

Most cases of Paralysis occur due to accidents or because of the medical condition which affects the functioning of nerves and muscles. In short, paralysis occurs when the spinal cord is injured or in case of stroke. 

What are the symptoms of paralysis?

The major symptom of paralysis is the incapability to move a part of the body or failure to move the body. It can either begin all of a sudden or slowly. In a few cases, paralysis just comes and goes.

It can affect any part of the human body like face, hands, only arm or leg, both arms and legs, one side of the body. The symptom may be like the part of the body which is paralysed can be stiff with sporadic muscle spasms, floppy, sore, numb, or prickly. 

Paralysis leads to major changes in the functioning of the body. Patients lose their sense of taste, face unbalance, etc. The painkillers can be used for temporary relief though. 

Paralysis treatment 

Usually, the best way to treat Paralysis is physical therapy. Other ways include heat massage, exercise, and physical therapy all of which are done to stimulate the muscles and nerves. In some cases, Functional Electrical stimulation offers help to patients. 

Often, rehabilitation is recommended to address the conditions of Paralysis which helps the patient live a high quality of life independently. The patients of Paralysis can go for the following rehabilitation treatments - 

  • Physical therapy where treatment like heat, exercise, and massage, are used
  • Occupational therapy where there is more focus on how daily tasks are performed
  • Mobility aids which include manual or electric wheelchairs
  • Supportive devices like braces, walkers, and canes
  • Assistive technology like voice-activated computers, telephones, and lighting systems
  • Use of adaptive equipment like an automatic car or special eating utensils

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