International Women's Day: Common Health Conditions That Affect Women

Published On 08 Mar 2020 By Yamini Sharma

International Women's Day: Common Health Concerns Every Woman Must Know

Every year, 8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day. 

On this special day, each one of us celebrates the presence of women in our lives and makes them feel special in one way or the other.

In fact, on International Women’s Day, the entire world comes together and thanks women for being a true example of incomparable strength, courage, selflessness, support, kindness, optimism, and generosity. 

However, what one also needs to do on International Women’s Day is to remind women of the significance of their good health. 

Women, be it young or elderly, tend to keep their health on a backseat, telling everyone that they are fine even when they are not. As a result, their health starts deteriorating. 

It is, therefore,  important for every individual (including women themselves) to keep women aware of their health conditions that they are vulnerable to in comparison to men. Moreover, to choose one of the best health insurance policies to keep financial struggles at bay during a medical emergency.

Below is a list of health conditions that women are more prone to as compared to men. Make sure you and the ladies in your life are aware of it. 

Health conditions that affect women in a drastic manner 


Though breast cancer is one of the most common cancer types in women, cases of cancer of the ovary, Fallopian tube, cervix, vagina and others are increasing at a rapid pace. Even though diagnosis and treatment of cancer have advanced, the overall cost is still too much to handle. 

Heart-related disorders:

Disorders related to heart and cardiovascular system are extremely common in women than they are in men. Needless to say, expenses incurred on the treatment of heart-specific disorders are on the higher side, thereby calling for the need for health insurance.

Bone-health related issues:

Women have a skeletal structure naturally thinner than men. After menopause, the estrogen levels too start rapidly declining in women. Moreover, the levels of calcium start getting exhausted after a specific age, thereby resulting in a minimized level of bone strength, which in turn makes women more prone to diseases such as osteoporosis, and others. 

Joint-related disorders:

As compared to men, women are more susceptible to joint-related disorders. How? Well, women have much weaker cartilage between their bone joints. Furthermore, when the lubrication in bone joints gets hampered, the chances of developing mobility-related diseases such as osteoarthritis get increased. 


Women go through multiple psychological and physiological changes that take place throughout their life, be it during puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, etc. Studies have found that women are more vulnerable to depression and associated disorders like chronic stress, anxiety, and others in comparison to men. 

Now that you know health conditions that affect women in a significant manner, consider this International Women’s Day as an opportunity to take your health in your own hands and buy women-specific health insurance. 

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