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Published On 20 Feb 2020 By Sakshi Aggarwal

Buy Affordable Health Insurance Plans Online!

Growing up you must have heard the proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ too many times. But unfortunately, its meaning is still unclear to many. We run after materialistic wealth more and tend to ignore the long-lasting wealth in life. 

Living in a world where we hear about a new disease every day leaves us with the only option of doing nothing much but taking good take care of ourselves. Taking care doesn’t necessarily mean eating healthy, exercising regularly, or getting enough sleep only. It takes a lot more than that to ensure a healthier you. 

The want for more leads us to a familiar concept of Health Insurance. In today’s times when we are so busy to take care of ourselves and a minor carelessness can lead to a health problem, health insurance becomes a necessity. 

With this scenario in mind, there are many health insurance companies in the market like HDFC Ergo, Star Health, Religare, New India Assurance, Bajaj Allianz, TATA AIG, etc. which offer affordable health insurance plans in India. You can read about these plans online on insurancedekho.com or talk to the customer care executives as well to gain more clarity. 

Now that you know how let’s focus why should we look for affordable health insurance plans online in India? 

1.Very convenient

Even after a busy day at work, you can always find time to purchase health insurance plans online. It does not require much of your efforts. Here, you can easily compare different health insurance plans and select the best one according to your budget and requirements. Purchasing policies online from InsuranceDekho is just a matter of a few clicks.  

2. Saves time 

Arranging a meeting, then the actual meeting, and discussing the terms and conditions of different health insurance plans not only takes much time but also increases the chances of confusion. Also, the information may be inauthentic as it is not coming from a reliable source.

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3. Better claim settlement process

Due to no involvement of agents in the online process, it is known for better Claim Settlement Ratio. This is certainly one of the most important reasons why more and more people are going for health insurance plans online.    

4. No chance of counterfeiting

As there is a good number of health insurance providers out there in the market, it increases chances the chance of counterfeiting with the involvement of agents. But this is not the case online when you purchase plans from registered insurance brokers or directly from the insurance companies. 

5. Instant policy issuance 

Just a few clicks and a few minutes, and the policy will be yours if buying it online. On the contrary, if you choose agents for the same, it might take a lot of time and paperwork. Also, the online process ensures you a strong and safe payment gateway which is not revealed to any third party. 

6. Customers are kept at ease

Apart from getting instant quotes online, customers can easily compare health insurance plans online. The customer care executives offer the policyholders after-sales services too. The policyholders can connect with them via e-mail, or call and get their queries resolved at the earliest. 

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Completely relying on agents for your health insurance needs is not a good idea as they are more prone to making errors. You must take responsibility for authenticating things as your hard-earned money is at stake. And the information can be authenticated easily while buying plans online as you get to read, compare and pay for the selected plans in a more transparent manner. 

InsuranceDekho can truly be trusted as an authentic insurance broker. Call now on the toll-free number 1800 1205 698 to buy best health insurance plans online today! 

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