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Information About Coronavirus Disease for Pregnant Women

Published On May 04, 2020 5:30 AM By Yamini Sharma

Are you pregnant and feeling worried about the coronavirus? If so, continue reading.

The pace at which the coronavirus pandemic is spreading across the country, everyone is feeling highly concerned. 

Right from kids to senior citizens, all want to be safe and in the best of their health. 

Pregnant women too, are doing whatever it takes to safeguard themselves and the life within them against Covid-19 disease.

While pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful phase in the life of every woman, in the current scenario, coronavirus has taken away the joy from the life-changing experience in case of many pregnant women. 

Pregnant women have countless concerns and questions in their mind regarding coronavirus and its effect on their pregnancy. 

If you too are about to become a mother soon, here are answers to a few questions which would definitely clear all your doubts and concerns. 

Are pregnant women more likely to catch coronavirus?

Pregnant women are not more susceptible to coronavirus in comparison to other people. However, they can be at a higher risk when paying visits to hospitals and sonography labs. Since pregnancy introduces a woman’s body and immune system to multiple changes, pregnant women could become more vulnerable to respiratory infections. 

The fact that waiting area of hospitals can be contaminated by patients Covid-19 cannot be denied. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo sonography only when necessary.

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What effect will coronavirus have on pregnant women?

In general, pregnant women, even if they develop Covid-19 disease, are not likely to be seriously unwell. A large number of pregnant women infected with coronavirus will experience only mild or moderate cold or flu-like symptoms. 

Cough, fever, headache, shortness of breath, and loss of sense of smell are other relevant symptoms that pregnant women are likely to experience. If you feel your symptoms are getting worse, such as pneumonia and others, it is advisable to avail medical advice without wasting time. 

What effect will coronavirus have on the baby if a pregnant woman is diagnosed with coronavirus infection?

Multiple emerging reports from all across the world suggest that pregnant women with Covid-19 disease may face complications such as pre-term birth. However, the data is extremely limited and the infection may not be the ultimate cause of early birth. 

Talking about an increased risk of miscarriage or fetal malformations, no evidence or cases regarding such have been documented in pregnant women infected with COVID-19. In addition, it is also unlikely that if a pregnant woman has coronavirus, it would cause problems with their baby’s development. 

What are the chances of a coronavirus infected pregnant women passing the virus on to the fetus or newborn?

Around the world, different studies have been conducted on multiple pregnant women infected with Covid-19 disease. 

While in case of many, none of their babies was affected by the virus. Also, the coronavirus was neither found present in the amniotic fluid and babies’ throats nor in the breast milk. Cases of two infants born to mothers infected with coronavirus demonstrated that they had elevated levels of antibodies to the virus, however, clinical evidence of infection with the virus was absent. 

Lastly, according to a study, three newborns were infected with the virus, possessed clinical signs of infection, as well as confirmed COVID-19 infection. Whether the newborns were infected in the womb or after birth, is quite unclear. 

As of now, the risk of the infection passing from a mother to a fetus appears is very low. 

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Should a pregnant woman continue her prenatal visits?

Since prenatal visits are significant to ensure proper maternal and fetal health, it is advised not to skip any prenatal visit. If concerned, you can ask your obstetrician to either increase the interval between visits or discuss over telephonic communication. 

What if a pregnant woman has to spend a lot of time at the hospital after delivery. Will this increase her risk of exposure to COVID-19 disease?

While it may not be in the hands of a pregnant woman to cut short the period of her hospital stay after delivery, the least she and her family can do is take utmost precautions from their end. Hospitals all across India are also taking measures to isolate pregnant women and newborns from other patients, especially the ones infected from coronavirus. 

Needless to say, the medical staff around the country is working hard to ensure that the risk of pregnant women and other patients of being exposed to COVID-19 is low. Still, practising all necessary measures may help you return to your home sooner than you normally would after birth, as long as you are well and the birth was uncomplicated. 

Is it safe for a coronavirus positive woman to breastfeed her baby?

At present, there is no evidence of the coronavirus in breast milk. 

Since coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets, it is advisable for mothers to wash their hands and wear a face mask to reduce the chances of the infants’ exposure to the virus. Mothers infected with COVID-19 can also express breast milk and allow someone else to feed the baby. 

What should a pregnant woman do to protect herself from coronavirus?

Every pregnant woman is advised to practice complete and proper hand hygiene by frequently washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. In addition, soon-to-be mothers should avoid touching their face, especially eyes, mouth, and nose to keep infection at bay. It is also a must for pregnant women to strictly follow social distancing and when going out, maintain a distance of six feet away from everyone. 

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Final Words

It is a difficult time for every individual in the world, pregnant women being no exception to the same. 

Every soon-to-be mother is advised to take proper rest and complete care of herself. Also, make sure she is following every possible precaution to stay away from the novel coronavirus. 

If you are one among many pregnant women, don’t forget to download the Aarogya Setu Application. Also, if interested in buying coronavirus health insurance, do call InsuranceDekho experts at 7551196989 today.

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