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7 Best Health Insurance Plans with Free Medical Check-up Benefits

Published On Apr 15, 2019 5:30 AM By Prashant Srivastava

Do you know whether working 40-hour a week breaks your health by every minute? 

Yes, it does, which may lead to a desperate health battle.

Therefore, choosing a health insurance with a health check-up feature is necessary.

Medical check-ups are an essential part to stay healthy. It empowers you to have better coverage in the long-run.

But on the flip side, people become wary when they’re told to undergo a medical test before buying a policy. 

They avoid it due to a lack of awareness. 

A medical check-up is mandatory, especially for the person of a certain age or in case you have chosen a higher amount of coverage that increases the risk of the insurer. 

In both cases, the insurance companies ask for a pre-medical test. When you are above 40 or 45 years of age or if the coverage amount you have picked is above Rs. 8–10 lakh, going for medical checkups is mandatory. These tests are done in a clinic having a tie-up with the insurer.

But the point is: who pays for the pre-policy medical test?

Not every health insurance product features free health check-up benefit. That’s why it is essential to buy a health product that offers medical checkup facility free of costs.

Let’s read this article and get an insight into the best health insurance plans that provide you with the free medical checkup benefit.

Health Insurance Company

Health Insurance Policy Name

HDFC Ergo (formerly Apollo Munich)

Energy Policy

Care Health Insurance

Care Policy

Star Health Insurance

Family Health Optima

Max Bupa

Health Companion

Royal Sundaram

Lifeline Supreme

Aditya Birla

Activ Assure Diamond

HDFC Ergo (formerly Apollo Munich)

Optima Restore

  • Apollo Munich Energy Plan

HDFC ERGO Energy Health Insurance isn’t only regular health insurance, but a complete health management program for diabetic patients. It has two variants, Gold and Silver. With the feature of free health check-ups, this plan is the right option for those suffering from diabetes Type 1, Diabetes mellitus Type 2, pre-diabetes (IFG, IGT) or hypertension. The wellness taste under this policy is conducted free of cost. 

Some of the major wellness tests include Total Cholesterol, High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL), Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), FBS, Creatinine, Serum Albumin, HDL Cholesterol, ECG, Blood Pressure Monitoring, BMI), etc. However, the free medical health check-up is available with the Gold variant only. 

  • Religare Care Health Insurance Plan

Religare’s Care is a new age comprehensive health insurance plan to meet everyone's ( individual and family) healthcare needs. It is one of the best health insurance plans with free medical health checkup. Coming with a lot of benefits and features, the policy helps safeguard you and your family against financial risks due to a medical emergency. It lets you enjoy Annual Health Check-up for yourself and all members covered by the policy, including children. 

Key benefits of the Religare Care Health Insurance Plan include in-patient care, pre & post hospitalization, individual & floater cover, domiciliary hospitalization, daily allowance, ambulance cover and so on. 

  • Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

Family Health Optima designed by Star Health Insurance protects the entire family with a single premium under a floating sum insured. This policy comes with plenty of benefits such as cover for domiciliary treatment, 400+ day-care procedures, donor expenses for organ transplantation, newborn baby coverage, cashless pre-medical test, and so on. 

Free routine check-ups are available only in case of a claim-free policy year. The policy also covers in-patient hospitalisation, air ambulance, pre & post hospitalization, recharge benefits, portability, etc. Any person between 18 years and 65 years in India are eligible for buying the policy. 

  • Max Bupa Health Companion Policy

Max Bupa Health Companion is a comprehensive insurance plan, designed for individuals and nuclear families - you, your spouse and 4 children. It’s a pocket-friendly plan designed to offer free-health check feature to insured individuals. This plan has three variants. In the first variant, free routine health check-up is available for the insured and his/her family members (if applicable) once in 2 years.  The same benefits are provided under variant 2 and variant 3.

Other key benefits of the Health Companion Plan include in-patient care, hospital accommodation, pre & post-hospitalisation expenses, all daycare treatments covered, refill beneficial, alternative treatments, renewal benefit, 2-year policy tenure option, organ transplant, tax benefits, etc. 

  • Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme is another comprehensive health insurance product that provides a free health check option. It also offers health and wellness benefits, a second opinion in case of critical illness, etc. The plan is available on an individual basis as well as a family floater type for self, spouse and dependent children. 

Apart from Annual Health Check-up benefit that depends on the sum assured chosen, the Lifeline Supreme plan also takes care of the medical treatment for severe medical conditions, critical illnesses, or any other dreadful health condition. Basic covers under the plan include in-patient hospitalization, pre & post-hospitalization, day-care procedures, ambulance expenses, organ transplant cover, domiciliary treatment, etc. 

  • Aditya Birla Activ Assure Diamond

Activ Assure Diamond - a plan by Aditya Birla is a comprehensive health insurance policy available at an affordable premium. Under this policy, Aditya Birla provides a free health check-up for every insured member once in a policy year customized to the life stage you are in. Key benefits of the policy include 580+ day care procedures, international/domestic emergency assistance, 150% reload of the sum insured for subsequent claims due to unrelated illness maximum up to 50 lakh.

The plan provides reimbursement for a yearly preventive health check-up if the chosen plan has a sum assured of Rs. 10 Lakh and the two-yearly basis of the sum assured of Rs. 5 Lakh.

Activ Assure Diamond also offers basic covers, including in-patient hospitalization, pre & post-hospitalization, second e-opinion on critical illnesses, road ambulance cover, AYUSH in-patient treatment, vaccination, organ donor expenses, and much more. 

  • Apollo Munich Optima Restore

HDFC ERGO Optima Restore Health Insurance Plan is among the most-selling health insurance products. It offers you three excellent benefits: 

  1. Restore 100% of the sum insured in case you use the policy sum insured fully or partially).
  2. Multiplier: A 100% increase in the Sum Insured in 2 claim-free years.
  3. Stay Active: Rewards, such as premium discounts in case you live an active lifestyle. 

Under the Optima Restore Individual and Family Floater plan, Apollo Munich offers the reimbursement facility for a yearly preventive health check-up if you select the plan with a sum assured of Rs. 10 Lakh and the two-yearly basis for the sum assured of Rs. 5 Lakh.

Basic coverage includes in-patient hospitalisation, pre and post hospitalisation, day-care procedures, air ambulance cover, road ambulance cover, daily cash for choosing shared accommodation, restore benefit (Equal to 100% of the basic sum insured), etc.

Here’s Why You Should Undergo Free Health Check-up By Your Health Insurance Company

Health insurance companies arrange health check-ups of their policyholders so that they can have an idea of the formers’ health conditions. Moreover, it becomes easy for health insurance companies to plan the premium amount or reject the application right away. 

You, being the health insurance policyholder, should not ignore the free health check-up by your health insurance company as it can be extremely helpful for you in not just one, but many ways. So, if your health insurance policy includes the free health check-up feature, go ahead with it without giving any second thought.

Let us shed light on the reasons you should undergo a free health check-up for your own benefit. The list includes:

  • Minimize your risk of getting sick
  • Become aware of potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases much earlier
  • Enhance the chances for treatment and cure
  • Limit the risk of complications by keeping an eye on the existing conditions
  • Improve health and increase the lifespan
  • Reduce healthcare costs over time by ignoring costly medical services
  • Get updated on newly available medical information or technologies

Having said that, go ahead and make the most of free health check-ups under your health insurance policy. Rest assured, you will not regret your decision.

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Frequency of Free Health Care Check-Ups

The free medical check-ups that can be availed by a policyholder varies for both types of policies i.e. family floater and individual health insurance policies and also from one insurance company to another insurance company. There are many health insurance companies that offer free annual healthcare check-ups even if the claim has been registered by the policyholder during the policy tenure.

Number of Medical Tests

The list of health care or medical tests that can be taken by you are generally mentioned in the policy document. There are certain good health insurance companies that most of the time compensate the policyholder for the expenditure incurred on various routine medical tests such as lipid profile,urine routine,ecg,fasting blood sugar level, complete blood count and many more medical tests. However, the medical tests that get covered differentiates from one insurance company to another insurance company.

One more important point that should be noted here is that the extent of coverage for free medical tests depends upon the sum insured of the health insurance policy purchased.If the sum insured limit is higher for the Mediclaim policy, then the limit on free medical check-ups would also be higher.

For instance, if one policy offers a sum insured limit of Rs 25 lakh while the other provides a sum insured of Rs 5 lakh, then the free medical check up limit for the first one would be higher in comparison to the later one.


When it comes to choosing a health insurance policy, the decision to settle upon a product depends on the coverage and the premium amount. Since multiple insurers are available in the market, you should opt for a plan covering the costs of pre-policy medical checkups. 

At Insurancedekho, we’re fully committed to helping you make a well-informed decision while choosing a health insurance plan. If you’re not sure which plan suits you the best, feel free to contact us. We’re available 24/7 to assist you.

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