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About TATA

With a portfolio of hatchbacks, sedans and sports utility vehicles, TATA Motors Group is a name to reckon with. The organization enjoys a net worth of $45 billion in the world market. Established in 1945, TATA Motors continues to be the country’s biggest and only original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This company backed by a large workforce and supported by advanced mobility solutions has managed to grab a large chunk of the Indian vehicle consumer market. Invention and innovation continue to be the hallmarks of the company, that is hailed as a pioneer for many ideas that are now deemed cliché in the motor industry. TATA Motors continues to expand its range of products, thus, forcing its competitors to ideate new ways of staying in the competition. As the country’s largest vehicle manufacturer, this company is responsible for much of the changes in the personal and commercial vehicle landscape.

Tata Cars Insurance Price (2018 Premium)

Cars, the South-Korean automobile giant, is the second largest car maker in the country
ModelVariantIDVZero Dep (in INR)Gross Premium (in INR)
Tata Tiago 2016-20191.05 Revotorq XZ 451728 2485 12332
Tata New SafariDICOR 2.2 EX 4x2 749454 4122 23910
Tata Spacio10/6 Str BS-II 291580 3199 22691
Tata Tiago JTPPetrol 466560 2435 11012
Tata Indica XetaGLS BS IV 257206 1415 8659
Tata NanoCx 133779 NA 4254
Tata VentureLX 408777 2248 11522
Tata EstateStd 177875 NA 16517
Tata ZestQuadrajet 1.3 516079 2838 13548
Tata TiagoXE Diesel 350758 1929 10425
Tata IndicaDLX 242742 1335 8386
Tata Xenon XTEX 4X2 737595 4057 23678
Tata Indica V2DLE BSIII 331200 1822 10056
Tata Tigor1.05 Revotorq XZ 497600 2314 12593
Tata Indigo eCSGVX 425150 2338 11831
Tata Tiago NRGPetrol 396000 2178 10052
Tata IndigoVS BSIII 383645 2110 11046
Tata Sumo GoldCX 597402 3286 20948
Tata HarrierXE 913680 4820 23899
Tata AriaPleasure 4x2 1084353 5964 30434
Tata Sumo GrandeEX 606530 3336 21126
Tata Indica VistaTerra TDI BSIII 343758 1891 10294
Tata Indigo CSLS (TDI) BS-III 397522 2186 9610
Tata BoltRevotron XT 462822 2546 11109
Tata Winger Platinum7 Seater 663995 3652 22245
Tata Indigo XLClassic Dicor 602519 3314 15181
Tata Sumo Victa DICX 7/9 Str BSII 465751 2562 18384
Tata Tigor JTPPetrol 514400 3344 14123
Tata IndicabDL 250030 1375 8524
Tata Indica V2 TurboDLG TC 320615 1763 9857
Tata SumoGold CX 597402 3286 20948
Tata ManzaAqua Quadrajet 475290 2614 12777
Tata Safari StormeLX 867399 4771 26207
Tata Indica V2 XetaGL 224800 1236 8047
Tata SierraStd 293400 NA 18009
Tata Indigo MarinaGLS 390824 2150 11182
Tata Nexon1.5 Diesel 493200 2959 11878
Tata MovusCX 558618 3072 20193
Tata HexaXM 1102400 0 24112
Tata Sumo VictaSE Plus BSII 440000 1760 26385
Tata WingerDeluxe - Flat Roof (AC) 604800 3326 21092
Tata Indigo V SeriesGVS 353763 1946 10482
The above-mentioned premiums are suggestive and may change basis terms & conditions

TATA Car Insurance FAQ's

  • I recently met with an accident while driving my TATA Sedan. Which documents do I have to submit to file a car insurance claim?

    You must submit the following documents to ensure hassle-free claim. These include:
    • Claim form signed by the policyholder.
    • A copy of the Registration Certificate (RC) of your car
    • A copy of your driving license
    • A copy of your insurance policy
    • A copy of the FIR lodged with the nearest police station
    • Original bill of repair and cash receipt from the garage
  • Is it possible to buy add-on covers without paying for a car insurance policy?

    Add-on covers are bought to enhance the policy cover. So, it is not possible to opt for an add-on cover without buying any policy.
  • Can my insurance company limit the number of add-on covers that I buy with my policy?

    No, there is no limit to the number of add-on covers that you may opt for with your policy.
  • Why do most people prefer to buy car insurance online?

    The online process ensures that you are able to compare the car insurance policies on the web before buying your choice of plan. Also, the entire process is paper-free which implies that there are no hassles involved in buying the plan.
  • Can I apply for liability only insurance through the web?

    Yes you can buy the policy online. You just have to click on the motor third party liability. Then submit necessary details including the registration date of your car and the date on which your policywill expire.

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