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What Is Anti-Lock Braking System in Car and Its Benefits?

Published On Sep 10, 2021 11:00 AM By InsuranceDekho

What is an anti-lock braking system in a car and how is it important? Read this article to find answers to all these questions in a jiffy.

What Is Anti-Lock Braking System?

With the advancement of technical safety in the automotive world, the Anti-lock Braking System or ABS system has become more of a necessity than just being an option. It is a form of the active safety system of a car which is also called the anti-skid braking system. This braking system is designed to serve when the driver applies the brakes suddenly in the wake of an emergency. The anti-lock brakes help drivers to hold better control and shorter car stopping distances even on slippery surfaces or during the time of panic braking. The braking system keeps a check on the activity of every wheel individually with the assistance of sensors. Then, the brake pressure is regulated to stop the wheels from locking up and avoid slippage.

What Is Anti-Lock Braking System in Car and Its Benefits?

How Does This System work?

To use this anti-lock braking system properly, you should have a proper understanding of it. The working process of this system is explained in the below-given processes. 

  • In a car, wheel speed sensors are situated on the wheels that monitor the speed of each wheel. From every sensor, the signal is read by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). If the speed sensors find that the speed of one or more wheels to be reducing remarkably in comparison to others, the ECU sends the signal to the particular wheel’s valve to decrease the brake pressure which results in the closing of the valves. 
  • After this part, the car’s wheels begin to accelerate again and the signal is sent to the Electronic Control Unit one more time after which the signal to open is sent to the valves and to enhance the brake pressure, and therefore, the brakes of the car are applied.
  • Again this cycle or the process repeats itself until the brake application becomes normal.

Benefits of Anti-Lock Brakes System

There are many advantages of an anti-lock braking system that you can avail:

1. Shorter Stopping Distances: The anti-lock braking system tends to reduce the braking distances of a car by not letting the wheel skid to a distance. It makes the car stop at once where the brakes are applied.

2. Stopping on Wet Surface: The anti-lock braking system prevents the locking-up of the wheel and therefore, allows surefooted braking on wet surfaces. It avoids any accident that could happen due to a wet surface. 

3. Steer Under Braking: Anti-lock brake system helps you steer your car around different types of objects, if any, as you are having the grip on your car’s wheels even under intense braking. It makes car driving easy.

To Conclude

The car ABS system is quite helpful for every car driver. The contribution of valves and wheel speed sensors makes the car be in control. It increases the stability of the car and enhances the comfort of driving it. The most important part of this system is that it reduces the braking distance considerably with the application of the anti-lock braking system. 

The ABS is quite an advance and safe system but does not ensure the prevention of an accident or any mishap. Therefore, to protect your car from such instances, you are advised to own a comprehensive car insurance policy to be prepared for the unfortunate events that may arise a hefty expense on you.

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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