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Does Car Insurance Policy Protect You From Windshield Damage?

Published On Dec 03, 2020 6:00 PM By InsuranceDekho

Windshield damage can be a major cost and can happen both due to collision and non-collision. But is it covered under your car insurance? Read this article to find out.

The windshield of your car may crack or break for a number of reasons, this can happen in instances where there is collision but also when there is no collision. It may be hit by a tree branch, a heavy object may fall on it from a height, this can happen near construction sites or even during a natural calamity. Having a damaged windshield can make it extremely hard to drive, moreover, the costs of replacing it can be quite high. Most of us have car insurance, but you may wonder if your car insurance covers this damage. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this.

Will Your Car Insurance Cover Windshield Damage?

In case of windshield damage, your car insurance will cover the costs of the damage only if you have a Comprehensive Car Insurance. In case the damage occurs due to someone else’s vehicle crashing into yours their third-party car insurance will pay for the damage.

The costs compensated for windshield damage will include repair or replacement of the windshield if it is chipped, cracked or broken. However, do remember, not all causes for windshield damage are covered under the insurance policy, you will have to check the specifics of your insurance to deal with your particular situation. According to the terms and conditions, your insurance may pay for the entire amount or part of it. The best place to get the repair done is at one of the cashless garages.

What Windshield Damage is Covered Under A Comprehensive Plan?

Car Windshield can be damaged due to collision, but also when there is no collision (non-collision). A comprehensive policy will cover the costs for both. This includes damage due to vandalism, man-made calamities, accidents, natural disasters, fire etc.

Should You File for Compensation in Cases of Windshield Damage?

You may have read or been told before to be careful about what you claim your car insurance for, i.e., not filing unless there is a major mishap. In cases of windshield damage you do not need to hesitate from making claims, the costs of repairing it are high and the compensation will bring you financial stability in moments of crisis. However, consider the deductibles before you make the claim. If the costs of repair are the same or slightly more than the deductible it is best to not claim for the damages.

How to File A Claim For Windshield Damage?

In the event your windshield is damaged due to an act of vandalism or an accident, make sure to contact the police and file an FIR. You will need to provide this to your insurer. Contact your insurance provider and tell them about how, when and why the damage happened. Having pictures or videos can be useful in this instance. Once the car insurance company gives the green light, you can take the car to a cashless garage where you can either get the existing screen repaired or changes. The mechanic and experts will be able to guide you on this front. In case you prefer another repair garage you can do so by providing the bill to the insurance company who will reimburse the money spent.

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In an overview, the costs of repairing or replacing a windshield in case it has been damaged will be covered in most cases if you have a comprehensive car insurance plan. However, if you only have the mandatory third party insurance it will not. Having car insurance in such cases of damage is crucial. Make sure to find the best-suited one for you by comparing car insurance companies, quotes, calculating your approximate premium online. Moreover, you can avail the additional covers available with comprehensive plans to get further coverage. Click here to read similar articles.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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