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Documents Required For Car Insurance Claim Process

Published On Jul 03, 2019 5:30 AM By InsuranceDekho

Mandatory Documents For Car Insurance Claim Process

Traffic jams, violations of driving rules, rash driving, and several others are the reasons why the number of road accidents is only increasing. Owing to this rise, it becomes the responsibility of car owners to keep their car insurance policy handy in order to deal with any accident that may result in damage to their car. So, once you have bought a desired car insurance plan, it also becomes important to know all about the claim settlement process so that you can easily raise a claim during a time of need. 

Documents Required For Car Insurance Claim Process

What Is Claim In Car Insurance?

The claim procedure is an important element of any car insurance policy. A car insurance claim basically refers to a request that a policyholder makes to their car insurance company for the reimbursement of the financial loss suffered by the insured. A car insurance claim can be raised when the insured’s car gets stolen, meets an accident, or in case of damages. A car insurance claim is raised on the basis of the insured declared value mentioned in the policy.  However, to raise a claim, you need to submit a few documents.  Read on to know more about the documents required for the car insurance claim process. 

Documents Required For Car Insurance Claim Process

There are certain documents that you must keep handy while raising a car insurance claim. A list of the essential documents is mentioned below:

    1. Car Insurance Policy details - It is undeniably one of the basic requirements, so you must keep a hard copy or soft copy of your car insurance policy document.
    2. Details of the insured vehicle - This includes details of the car such as its registration number. An RC or car registration certificate is a mandatory requirement for raising a car insurance claim with any insurer.
    3. Details of the driver - In this, you need to submit a driver's license. In case the driving license is found to be unauthentic, there are high chances that your car insurance claim will get rejected.
    4. FIR - In cases where you are raising a car insurance claim when it is stolen or has met an accident, then in both such cases you need to submit an FIR.
  • Payment receipts: There are two types of car insurance claims: cashless claims and reimbursement claims. In case you have opted for reimbursement claims, then in such a case, you need to submit authentic bills to get your money reimbursed. However, with a cashless, your bills are directly settled and borne by the respective insurer.
  • Vehicle inspection address: When you are filing a car insurance claim due to any accident, then you need to submit the address where the damaged vehicle had undergone an inspection by the surveyor.
  • Tax Receipt: You also need to submit tax recipes to the insurer while raising a car insurance claim.


In addition to the above-mentioned documents, you also need to provide the car’s key, warranty certificate, and other relevant documents in case your car has been stolen by a third party.

How To Eliminate The Rejection Of Car Insurance Claims?

On many occasions, your car insurance claim can get rejected. The reasons for these are many such as follows:


  • Invalid Driving License: In case you submit an invalid or expired driving license, then your car insurance claim can get rejected.
  • Place Of Accident: Car insurance is only valid within the Indian territories, hence if you plan to drive outside of it, keep in mind that any mishap that occurs outside the country will not be covered by your car insurance company.
  • Renewal: In case you miss to renew your car insurance policy on time, then while raising the claim, your claim will stand void. So, always renew your car insurance plan on time.
  • Transfer Of Insurance Policy:  If you purchase a second-hand car, ensure that the registration certificate and insurance policy are transferred to your name. In case this is not done at the time of a mishap the insurance company will reject any claims. Ensure this transfer is made within 14 days of the purchase.
  • Date Of Raising The Claim: Always make sure that you raise a car insurance claim within the stipulated time period of 48 hours for car insurance claim settlement to happen on time. Many insurance companies have a time frame during which you ought to raise a claim, otherwise, the claim can get rejected. So, adhere to the timeline of claims provided by your insurer to get your claim settled without any hassle. 


Thus, in a nutshell, with the appropriate documents, you can easily get your car insurance claim settled in an easy-peasy manner. Please be mindful that some of the required documents may vary from insurer to insurer, thus, you should always check with your insurer about the same. 

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