Documents Required For Car Insurance Claim

Published On 03 Jul 2019 By InsuranceDekho

Mandatory Documents For Motor Insurance Claims.

When you’ve opted for an auto insurance, it is clearly obvious that you are also curious to learn about the claim process, isn’t it? Well, before talking about ways to request for a claim, let’s focus on the ‘Must-Know Tips’. Frankly, without the much needed documents and tips, kick-starting with a claim process is pointless.

Let’s help you gain some insight on what’s required. Here’s bringing to you a list of ‘MUST-HAVES’.

  1. Car Insurance Policy details - It is undeniably one of the basic requirements.
  2. Details of the insured vehicle - Pretty obvious!
  3. Insured person’s name - No policy is valid without the insured person’s details and information about the vehicle insured.
  4. Registered contact numbers.
  5. Details of the vehicle against which a four wheeler insurance has been purchased. This practically includes make and model of the car.
  6. Nitty-gritties about the accident - Specifying the date and location of the accident needs to be spilled. You could also provide a brief description of how the accident had occurred.
  7. Stating the extent of loss undergone.
  8. Claim against car policy cannot be processed if the garage details like location and number are not provided.
  9. Accidents are unforeseen. Damages caused are even more difficult to cope up with. Why not? After-all, that car of your’s is not just an asset but a ritzy buy too. Settling for a cheap car insurance is certainly not a strict ‘No-No’. However, it is crucial to keep eyes on the coverage offered. Requesting for car insurance claims is not a hard nut to crack. It is however important to keep the correct set of documents in hands. Wondering which of the documents should you keep handy? Let’s read through.

What are the documents required in case of accidental damage?

  1. Car insurance policy paper or a copy of the cover note.
  2. Driving License of the person behind the wheels.
  3. RC or registration certificate of the insured vehicle.
  4. A valid claim intimation form.

**You must know that some insurers prefer to go down the paperless route. In such a case, intimating about the mishap on call is enough to start with the car insurance claim process.**

  1. Proof of identification - Aadhar card and PAN card details of the insured person.
  2. Estimate of repair to be provided if asked.

All of the above documents must be provided while requesting claim against the selected car insurance type. However, if the insured person chooses to get the vehicle repaired at a non-cashless garage or service centre, additional documents must be provided during the claim reimbursement process. What do they include?

  1. Proper invoice of repair.
  2. Receipt of payment.
  3. A valid cancelled cheque.

Documents for car insurance claim

Car insurance prices vary. Remember, it is compulsory to buy a third party car insurance but choosing a comprehensive cover is optional. The primary reason behind spending good amounts of money on car insurance is to safeguard the vehicle by large and get all expenses covered in case of accidents, theft and total loss. In case of theft, all of the above mentioned documents must be produced on time to get the claims settled. However, there are a couple of extra documents that must be presented too. Wondering what these are? Well, take a look:

  1. A police FIR copy.
  2. Vehicle Non-Traceable report.
  3. There are times when the insurer can also request you to hand out the vehicle’s sale invoice.

You could have opted for the best car insurance but requesting for claims against these insurance covers could be tricky if none of these documents are handy. Please don’t shy away from reporting the incident or mishap to your insurance provider at the earliest. You could also use their assistance to learn about ways to forge ahead in the claim process. In a nutshell, seeking for claims against vehicle insurance is a piece of pie if you’ve got all documents in hand.

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