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All You Need to Know About Temporary | Short Term Car Insurance

Updated On Oct 15, 2023

Temporary Car Insurance | Short Term Car Insurance

In the dynamic landscape of modern living, insurance products are evolving to cater to diverse and unique needs. Understanding that not every motorist requires year-long coverage, insurance providers have crafted an innovative solution known as Temporary Car Insurance.

What is Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary or short-term car insurance is a flexible insurance option designed to provide coverage for a short period, typically ranging from a single day up to a month. This specialised form of insurance is ideal for drivers who need immediate and short-lived insurance protection for their vehicles.

Flexible and Immediate Coverage:

Temporary car insurance offers immediate coverage, ensuring that you're legally compliant and safeguarded for the duration you intend to drive. Whether it's for a day, a week, or a month, you can secure insurance that perfectly aligns with your short-term needs.

Designed for Short-Term Needs:

This type of insurance is particularly beneficial for individuals who don't own a car but need to drive occasionally. It’s also handy for tourists who wish to drive while they’re visiting, or for individuals using a friend’s or family member’s car for a short period.

Easy Application Process:

Applying for temporary car insurance is straightforward and can often be done online with minimal paperwork. Once approved, the policy can commence almost immediately, providing convenience and peace of mind to the policyholder.

How Does Temporary Car Insurance Work?

Quick & Hassle-Free:

Temporary Car Insurance operates on a simple and swift mechanism. Upon deciding the coverage duration, ranging from one day to a month, you can apply for the insurance online or offline. The process is streamlined and hassle-free, usually requiring basic documentation and immediate premium payment.

Immediate Coverage:

Once the application is approved, coverage begins instantly. The policyholder receives all the benefits and protections of standard car insurance, but only for the specified short-term period.

Renewal & Extension:

Should there be a need to extend the coverage, many providers allow for easy renewals or extensions of the temporary policy, provided it is done before the current policy expires.

All You Need to Know About Temporary | Short Term Car Insurance

Types of Temporary Car Insurance

1. Daily Car Insurance:

Ideal for individuals needing coverage for a day or two. It is also known as day car insurance. Whether borrowing a friend's car or renting one for a day, daily car insurance provides the necessary legal coverage and protection.

2. Weekly Car Insurance:

Perfect for week-long trips or when you need a vehicle for a short project. It offers the flexibility of week-long coverage without committing to a long-term policy.

3. Monthly Car Insurance:

Suitable for those requiring a car for up to a month. This might be beneficial for individuals who are on a month-long vacation or using a temporary vehicle until their primary one is repaired.

4. Pay-As-You-Go Insurance:

This innovative insurance type allows you to pay only for the days you drive, offering significant savings for infrequent drivers. With a pay-as-you-go policy, you activate coverage only when necessary, preventing wasted premiums on unused services.

As you can see Temporary Car Insurance is a versatile product designed to accommodate various needs. Understanding the different types available helps in selecting the one that aligns best with your short-term requirements.

Temporary Car Insurance for 90 Days

A 90-day temporary car insurance (or car insurance for 3 months) is a short-term policy designed to provide coverage for three months. It's an excellent option for individuals who require insurance for a specific short duration, like travellers, temporary vehicle users, or those in transitional phases of life.

Why Choose a 90-Day Policy?

Flexible Coverage:

For people who need insurance for around three months, a 90-day policy offers a perfect blend of flexibility and coverage without committing to a full year.


Instead of purchasing a six or twelve-month policy, you only pay for the coverage you need, which can be more economical.

Quick and Hassle-Free:

Acquiring short-term insurance is often faster and simpler than getting a traditional policy. The approval process is swift, usually with minimal paperwork.

How to Get a 90-Day Temporary Insurance?

Identify Providers:

Not all insurance companies offer 90-day policies, so start by identifying those that do.

Get Quotes:

Generate quotes online from multiple providers to get a sense of the premium you'd need to pay for the 90-day coverage.

Submit Documents:

Prepare and submit the necessary documents. Typically, you'd need your vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC), your driving licence, and maybe some additional ID proof.

Payment & Policy Issuance:

Once you agree to the terms and make the payment, the policy will be issued, often instantly or within a short timeframe.

Ideal Situations for 90-Day Insurance:

  1. Individuals planning an extended road trip or travel.
  2. Those who are using a borrowed or rented car for three months.
  3. People waiting for their long-term policy renewal but require immediate, short-term coverage.


Before purchasing a 90-day temporary car insurance, consider the following:

  1. Review the terms, conditions, and coverage limitations.
  2. Ensure the policy is cost-effective compared to other available options.
  3. Confirm that the provider is reputable and has good customer reviews.

90-day temporary car insurance provides a convenient solution for drivers requiring short-term coverage. Whether you’re traveling, renting, or in a transitional period, understanding your options and choosing a policy that aligns with your needs is crucial. Always conduct thorough research and comparison before finalizing any insurance product to guarantee it offers the protection and peace of mind you seek during the policy duration.

Benefits of Coverage Offered by Short-Term Car Insurance Policy:

Temporary car insurance is not just an expedient alternative but also comes loaded with a plethora of benefits making it an attractive option for short-term coverage seekers.

1. Flexibility:

Short term car insurance offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to choose the duration of the policy as per your needs, from a single day to a whole month.

2. Immediate Coverage:

Need insurance in a pinch? Temporary policies provide immediate coverage, making them ideal for last-minute insurance requirements.

3. Cost-Effective:

Pay only for the coverage you need, which can be much more cost-effective than annual policies, especially if you only drive occasionally.

4. No Long-Term Commitments:

Enjoy the benefits of car insurance without being tied down to a year-long commitment.

5. Easy Application & Cancellation:

With simplified processes, applying and canceling short-term car insurance is straightforward and hassle-free.

When and Why to Buy Short-Term Car Insurance Policy

1. Rental Cars:

When renting a vehicle for a short duration, temporary insurance can provide the necessary coverage without the need for a long-term policy.

2. Test Drives:

If you're planning to test-drive a car from a private seller, securing short-term insurance is advisable to protect you during the drive.

3. Borrowing a Friend’s Car:

For those times when you need to borrow a car from a friend or family member for a short trip, temporary insurance is a prudent choice.

4. Emergency Situations:

In emergencies where you need to drive a vehicle not insured under your name, a short-term policy can offer immediate coverage.

5. Waiting for Annual Policy Renewal:

If your existing policy is about to expire and you need a brief extension before renewing or switching providers, temporary insurance can bridge the gap seamlessly.

Understanding when and why to utilise short-term car insurance is crucial. With its myriad benefits, it's an excellent option for drivers looking for flexible, cost-effective coverage for brief periods.

How to Buy a Temporary Car Insurance Online?

Wondering Can you buy temporary car insurance online?” The answer is yes.

Buying short-term car insurance online is a streamlined and efficient process that usually involves the following steps:

1. Research and Compare:

Start by researching various insurance providers and comparing the short-term plans they offer. Look at the coverage, prices, and customer reviews to make an informed decision.

2. Quote Generation:

Once you've chosen a provider, use their online platform to generate a quote. You’ll need to provide details about the vehicle and the duration you require the insurance for.

3. Review and Purchase:

Review the policy details and costs. If satisfied, proceed with the purchase. Online payments can usually be made through various modes like credit/debit cards, net banking, or digital wallets.

4. Policy Document:

After the transaction is complete, the policy document will be sent to your registered email address. You may also download it from the provider’s portal for immediate use.

Where Can I Get Temporary Car Insurance?

Online Insurance Providers:

Online platforms are one of the most convenient places to secure temporary car insurance. These digital platforms offer a quick, hassle-free purchase experience, and you can receive instant policy documentation upon payment.

Insurance Aggregators:

Insurance comparison websites or aggregators, such as Insurance Dekho, provide a platform where you can compare various temporary car insurance policies offered by different companies. They offer a one-stop shop to compare, choose, and buy short-term insurance policies.

Official Websites of Insurance Companies:

Many established insurance companies offer short-term or temporary insurance policies. Visiting the official websites of these companies can provide you with detailed information, and often, you can purchase the policy online directly.

Offline Insurance Providers:

While the digital method is swift and straightforward, some individuals might prefer the traditional way due to trust factors or a lack of online literacy.

Insurance Brokers:

Brokers can provide expert advice and help you find a policy tailored to your needs. Since they have partnerships with various insurance companies, they can offer a range of options for temporary car insurance.

Insurance Agents:

Individual agents representing specific insurance companies can also assist in acquiring temporary insurance. They guide you through the process, helping with paperwork and queries.

Insurance Company Offices:

You can walk into the offices of insurance companies, discuss your requirements with their representatives, and buy a policy offline. This method ensures a personal touch and in-depth, face-to-face consultation.


Many banks have partnerships with insurance companies to sell insurance policies. If you have a trustworthy relationship with your bank, you can inquire about temporary car insurance policies available through them.

Tips for Procuring Temporary Car Insurance

1. Compare Policies:

Don’t settle for the first policy you find. Compare different policies for their coverage and premium rates.

2. Understand Your Needs:

Have a clear understanding of the coverage you need. This clarity will help you choose a policy that best fits your requirements.

3. Read Reviews:

Online reviews and ratings can provide insights into the customer service and reliability of the insurance provider.

4. Ask for Recommendations:

Friends, family, or colleagues who have purchased temporary car insurance in the past can offer valuable recommendations and advice.


Temporary or short-term car insurance is a boon when you require coverage for just a few days or weeks. It’s essential, however, to understand its limitations and uses. With the convenience of online purchases, getting temporary car insurance has never been easier. Whether you are borrowing a car, renting, or simply need coverage for a short period, this type of insurance can be an ideal solution.

Always remember to read the fine print and understand the terms before making a purchase to ensure it meets your specific needs. Armed with this knowledge, you can now confidently go ahead and explore the options available for short-term car insurance in India.


  1. What is short-term auto insurance?

A short-term insurance policy that offers coverage for a constrained amount of time—usually one day to a few months—is called temporary auto insurance.

  1. Who is eligible for temporary auto insurance?

Temporary auto insurance is advantageous for people who are renting a car, using someone else's car for a brief time, or both.

  1. In what time frame can I obtain short-term auto insurance?

When you pay and fill out the required information, you can virtually immediately obtain temporary auto insurance from online providers.

  1. I'm borrowing a car; can I get temporary auto insurance?

Yes, temporary auto insurance is a great way to guarantee that a driver driving a loaned car is insured for the duration of the use.

  1. How much does temporary auto insurance cost?

Temporary auto insurance may be more expensive than permanent coverage on a daily basis, but if it is only required temporarily, it is frequently less expensive than yearly insurance.

  1. What is covered by short-term auto insurance?

Although the scope of coverage varies, it usually consists of liability insurance for property damage and personal injury. Comprehensive and collision coverage may also be added.

  1. Do all insurance providers provide short-term auto insurance?

Not every company offers short-term auto insurance. To find out which businesses supply these short-term policies, you'll need to check with specific providers or use insurance comparison websites.

  1. Is it possible to extend my short-term auto insurance?

Depending on the insurance company. Certain policies provide renewals or extensions, but others can call for you to get new coverage.

  1. Is purchasing temporary auto insurance a requirement while renting a vehicle?

When renting a car, insurance coverage is recommended even though it's not required. Although rental businesses have their own insurance, having temporary auto insurance might be extra comforting.

  1. What is the best way to compare quotes for short-term auto insurance?

To get the best prices on short-term auto insurance, compare policies from many providers, be sure of the kind of coverage you need, and check user reviews.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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