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Young & Healthy? You Still Need Health Insurance!

Updated On Dec 04, 2020

A medical emergency can occur at any time, anywhere and most importantly, to anyone at any age. There’s no specific age limit which can be defined as the commencement of illnesses and injuries. Therefore, the theory that young people do not require health insurance because they still have time is completely baseless. There’s no doubt that health deteriorates with the growing age, thereby urging the need for health insurance, but people in their young years, unfortunately cannot be marked free from health risks of any kind. 

The truth is that one really never knows when they will get ill or meet an accident, and as a result, will bear multiple injuries. Buying health insurance is not restricted to a specific age because there are multiple cases where young people are at the receiving end of diseases, accidental injuries and what not. On top of that, hectic life of young adults make it even more difficult for them to stay away from multiple types of diseases and disabilities.

All in all, a significant percentage of young Indians suffer from health impacting conditions that make their daily life tough and calls for urgent attention of healthcare professionals. However, most of the young people in India avoid opting for health insurance policies thinking they don’t need one at the present time and may choose one in the future when they are much older. Needless to say, these individuals are at mistake. 

Why Covering Yourself for the Next Stage of Life is Important?

Life after college or life at your current job may seem to be great, but, you never know when you will be on the verge of having a mental breakdown because of a disease or injury and the lack of money to get a proper treatment done. 

At present, your entire focus may be on your studies or your career growth, but make sure you do emphasise the significance of choosing the best health insurance policy for yourself. 

Why now? Well, there are four major reasons you should opt for health insurance at this young age. Let’s uncover the same. 

  • Medical inflation rising -
    The cost of availing medical treatment in India has rapidly escalated in the last few years. Overall, at the present day and age, it has become difficult for one to spend a significant amount on availing the best medical treatment without losing their savings. Handling sky-rocketing medical costs without any worries is definitely something that young adults can’t afford, thereby making health insurance a great support at times like such. 
  • Seek medical treatment without worrying about money -
    Young people possessing health insurance often avail the best possible medical treatment without having any financial concerns in their mind. Be it cold or anything major, those with an ideal health insurance policy not only visit the doctor without thinking about huge medical bills, but also make the most of their policy by undergoing annual check-ups to prevent illness in the first place. 
  • Save money in long run -
    Buying the most perfect health insurance plan at this early age will prevent you from a significant expenditure on medical bills as compared to the later age. Paying a small monthly premium at present will come across as far cheaper than paying full amount for a visit or treatment. In other words, investing in health insurance in these early years of life will save you from a massive debt in the future. 
  • Enjoy peace of mind -
    You may have to shell a particular amount to secure yourself at the present time, but it would be a minimal cost to ensure your priceless peace of mind. Buying health insurance now will ensure that you always have a strong financial backup even if you cannot afford paying high medical bills. 

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Health insurance is a reliable and probably the best health investment for young Indians. 

The early years of life is a period when one is free from multiple responsibilities that are a major part of a mature age. However, you may be young to handle most duties and responsibilities, but you should always be ready to take responsibility of your own health. After all, it has numerous benefits too!

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