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Workplace Hygiene Tips to Prevent Coronavirus

Published On 03 Jun 2020 By Sakshi Aggarwal

Workplace Hygiene Tips - Currently India is under Lockdown 4.0. However, once we resume going to the office, we must take measures to keep ourselves safe from the virus. Read the precautionary measures here.

By being under the lockdown, it is relatively easier to practice social distancing practice by staying indoors as much as possible to avoid the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) from person to person. However, social distancing can become a challenging task once all offices get opened.

Considering the severity of the disease, and the fact that we do not have any cure for the same, most organisations have allowed work from home facilities to their employees so that they stay protected indoors. 

However, the situation is not going to be the same forever. Offices and shops will reopen. But you will still need to take necessary precautions, in fact increase the number of precautionary measures.

So, here we come with the preventive measures that you must follow as an informed employee when you resume work once the lockdown ends. 

Mentioned below are 8 important workplace hygiene tips for employees to keep COVID-19 away.

1. Ensure That The Workplace Is Clean And Disinfected 


Determine that the frequently touched areas like the doorknobs, telephone, keyboard, railings, tables, countertops, etc. should be cleaned with a disinfectant regularly.

This is to avoid the spread of coronavirus via germs that the infected person may leave on these surfaces. 

2. Clean Your Hands 


The World Health Organisation advises that one should wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as it helps fight the germs. If soap and water are not available, then use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethyl alcohol content. 

3. Avoid Close Contact With People


Practice social distancing in general. Also, keep yourself away from people who are sick or are showing symptoms. Make sure to keep yourself at a distance if you are feeling sick too. 

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4. Stay Home If Feeling Sick

Skip not only the office but school and errands too in case you are feeling sick. Try staying indoors and take necessary precautions in order to prevent spreading the virus to others as it is highly infectious and many people are vulnerable to it. Also, seek required medical help.

5. Avoid Touching Your Face


The World Health Organisation recommends not to touch eyes, nose, and mouth as there are high chances of the virus entering your body through them.

You may get infected if you touch any surface that is contaminated with germs and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing hands. So, as important it is to wash hands, equally important it is to avoid touching your face. 

6. Cover Your Mouth And Nose


If you or anyone around is sick, covering your face is a must in both cases. Wear a mask properly. Also, use a tissue while coughing or sneezing, and dispose of it in a closed bin. 

7. Do Not Plan Office Trips


We know lockdown has been tough when it comes to our social lives. But this does not mean that you can freely go on office trips when the lockdown ends and offices reopen. Avoid office trips and consult national travel advice before planning any business trip. 

8. Manage Meetings Carefully


Think about the potential risk of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) before arranging a meeting. Avoid in-person meetings, if possible. Make use of digital platforms to arrange video calls with colleagues.

If a virtual meeting does not solve the purpose, then make sure the employees follow the necessary precautions like social distancing, wearing masks, avoiding handshakes, etc during the in-person meeting. 

Make sure nobody in the room is feeling sick or showing any symptoms of the coronavirus. If they do, ask them to isolate themselves immediately, in order to keep everyone safe. 

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In addition to following all precautionary measures during this outbreak, you must own a comprehensive health insurance plan to combat unforeseen situations. A health insurance plan will not only help you financially but also help you get the best treatment in case you catch the virus. 

To know about the best health insurance plans that cover hospitalisation expenses related to novel coronavirus, feel free to get in touch with our executives at InsuranceDekho.com

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