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Precautions To Take While Shopping Groceries in Store During COVID-19

Published On Jun 03, 2020 5:30 AM By Sakshi Aggarwal

Tips To Keep Safe When Grocery Shopping During COVID-19: As people are asked to stay in their homes during Coronavirus lockdown in India, it has changed the way they used to shop for groceries. 

While many are entirely avoiding to visit the grocery stores by turning to delivery services, others are visiting them by following necessary precautions. 

To limit the exposure to the virus, they practice social distancing activities, wear a cloth or non-medical face coverings in public, follow hand hygiene, etc. 

This article contains a few detailed suggestions that you must follow while shopping for groceries in-store or online, to make sure you do not catch the disease: 

Tips To Limit The Exposure To Coronavirus Disease When Shopping In-store

So, how do you protect yourself while out shopping in grocery stores? Times have changed since the pre-coronavirus era. Unlike earlier times, when you went to the store and brought whatever you liked, now you have to make an inventory of necessary items only that you may require in the coming days/weeks and plan your visit accordingly. 

Also, now you need to follow guidelines when shopping in-store for groceries in order to protect yourself and others from getting exposed to the highly infectious disease.

Here Are Some Tips To Keep Safe When Grocery Shopping Online & In-store.

1. Carry Your Own Bag

It is recommended that you carry your own bag when going to the store instead of relying on them for the same. Also, wash the bags properly after use in case they are reusable. 

2. Wear A Mask

Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when stepping out in public. This will reduce exposure to the virus in case any infected person in your surroundings cough or sneeze.  

3. Follow The Social Distancing Rule

Keeping your distance from other people at the store is another way to slow the spread of the virus. It is advised to maintain a distance of at least 1 meters (3 feet) at the stores.
Check Here: Social Distancing Guidelines to Fight Coronavirus in India

4. Go Alone

Instead of tagging someone along and following social distancing practice thereafter, it is better to go alone at the store. Lesser number of people at the store will ensure more safety when standing in the queues. 

5. Carry Your Own Disinfectants

WHO recommends washing hands with soap and water or a sanitizer. While not all the stores may have the facility of soap and water, you must carry an alcohol-based sanitizer (60% alcohol content) along and use it to disinfect hands whenever required. 

6. Follow Hand Hygiene

After returning from the store, wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Try not to touch objects at your home until you wash your hands.   

7. Opt For Contactless Shopping If Possible

New technological advancements are now available that ensure contactless payment. This means you aren’t required to enter pin to pay at the store. Opt for the same if possible. 

Otherwise, wash or sanitize your hands properly after making payment.

Tips to limit the exposure to coronavirus disease when shopping online

So, how do you protect yourself while shopping for groceries online? Online delivery is offering ease to many who can’t or doesn’t want to step out during the coronavirus outbreak. 

It is a good option to minimize contact with the public. But remember when shopping online, that this is not the time to do impulsive shopping.

8. Package Precautions

During these uncertain times, many individuals are even worried regarding the groceries itself being contaminated. However, still experts are of the view that the biggest concern during the grocery shopping still continues to be contact with other humans. This is because food contaminations are still shown to be unlikely. But still to remain on the safer side, you can choose to wipe down your packages with a good disinfectant and can thoroughly wash your vegetables with water after coming home from the grocery store. Moreover, ensure that your hands are properly washed before you start eating your food.

9. Limit Down your Trips to Grocery Store

Seeing the widespread of Coronavirus everywhere, it is highly recommended to limit your trips to the grocery store. Try to move out of your home as little as possible, make it to one trip in a week, in order to stop transmission of the deadly virus from individual to individual. You can also opt for online grocery shopping and make sure while taking goods from the delivery boy maintain a proper distance and avoid physical contact i.e use other modes of payment other than cash etc.

Precautions You Must take

You must take the following precautions in order to stay safe and protected from the deadly virus:

Keep scrolling to read what precautions you must take.

1.  Avoid Direct Hand-off

Try not to accept the deliveries in person whenever possible. You can ask the delivery person to leave the groceries at the door near a safe spot. Also, follow social distancing when receiving your order. 

2. Pay Electronically

Make full use of the benefit of online delivery by opting for online payment methods instead of handing over cash to the delivery person. You can also pay tips online. 

3. Order In Advance

Online deliveries take time and hence you must order a few days in advance. 

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Last words 

Coronavirus is spreading across the globe. But there are still no vaccines formulated for the highly infectious disease. In light of the fact, prevention seems to be the best cure one can consider. 

So, to beat the pandemic, we also drive your focus towards the imperative of healthcare. It is recommended that apart from following the above-mentioned steps, one must also consider buying a relevant health insurance that covers expenses related to the coronavirus disease.

It will not only prevent you from financial burden during difficult times but ensure treatment at the best facilities in India. 

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Lastly, remind yourself that you are not alone. We all are in this together.  

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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