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Medical Test in Health Insurance Is Beneficial, not Non-Essential

Published On Apr 19, 2019 5:30 AM By Yamini Sharma

Are you a health insurance buyer looking for a policy that suits your needs to a tee? Or have you already found the perfect one?

Is everything fine for you, except for the medical tests?

If 'medical test in health insurance' is a concept that you do not appreciate or understand the need for, stop before you actually go ahead with buying an insurance policy without medical tests.


Contrary to what most people think, the element of medical tests in health insurance is not unnecessary or troublesome. As a matter of fact, a medical test is actually for the insured individual’s benefit!
How? Let’s get into the details to have a better understanding!

The Need

Undergoing medical tests and examinations for buying an insurance policy comes across as an inconvenience for many. The lack of knowledge of the actual significance of medical tests in health insurance is to an extent that people often ditch the idea of investing in particular insurance if the health insurance company asks them to undergo medical tests before approval.

While skipping medical tests may seem easy at first, most people end up regretting their decision of preferring a no-medical test health insurance policy when they end up being in a helpless state. So, if you too have fallen prey to false advertisements and considering health insurance without a medical test, stop right away! Remember, policies without the need for medical tests fail at fulfilling the purpose of health insurance when required.

The Disadvantage of Health Insurance Without Medical Test?

Health insurance policies without medical tests are simply not worth the money as they leave the insured individual with a confused state of mind as well as loss of savings at a time when they cannot do without the much-desired financial support.

Want to know how exactly does a no-medical required test health insurance cause trouble to a health insurance buyer?

Well, it’s the rejection of health insurance claim that one faces if they choose health insurance without a medical test and go with withholding a pre-existing illness! Above all, withholding a fact concerning a pre-existing condition is considered to be a fraud.

When an individual buys an insurance policy that does not require medical tests, they undertake a “Declaration of Good Health.” With this statement, especially as a policyholder, the disclosure onus lies on them. In the need for medical insurance, if it is found that the insured individual has not disclosed a pre-existing medical condition, their policy claim is rejected on grounds of the “nondisclosure of medical facts”. However, we cannot disregard the fact that the claims made on a policy existing for over 3 years cannot be rejected and in cases like such, the insurer has to pay the claim made by the insured individual.

That said, let’s shed light on the other side of the story!

The Second Approach

Assume that you are willing to take a health insurance policy with the requirement for a medical test. During the medical examinations, you discover that you have been unaware of a certain illness that you possess for months or years. Wouldn’t it help in ensuring proper care if you become aware of your actual health condition? Don’t you think uncovering the same before buying a health insurance policy will be beneficial? Won’t it be a better situation to deal with in comparison to getting your insurance claim rejected?

Yet another thing to learn is that by undergoing a medical test, you will shift the responsibility of determining your health condition to the health insurance company. Even if the health insurance company fails to identify the condition at the time of purchase, they won’t be able to claim it as a pre-existing cause.

Points to Remember:

​Every insurance policy application urges the requirement for the underwriting team to conduct a check on the risk factors as well as the Human Life Value. The two prime factors based on which the amount is calculated are financial and medical underwriting. Therefore, going for a policy that doesn’t cover these processes is undoubtedly the wrong choice. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to be underinsured and face losses, since your claim would then exceed the maximum amount that can be paid out by the insurance policy.

That said, don’t you think it’s better to undergo medical tests and prevent the chances of being underinsured? Don’t forget, submitting medical test results would stand the chances of receiving a higher cover as per your requirements!

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It is recommended that you opt for health insurance policies with the medical tests. Remember, the ones without the need for medical tests will attract a higher premium amount.

Complete evaluation of non-medical test health insurance policies is a must. The choice of such policies is something that depends on the insured individual’s needs, preferences, and budget. If your needs are getting fulfilled with a non-medical test policy, go for it. However, if you doubt its worth even a minute, prefer a medical test in a health insurance policy without wasting any more time!

The medical tests recommended do not cost much. In fact, they help in the long run! As far as the report is concerned, a full report will comprise fasting blood sugar, blood count, blood pressure test, ECG, in addition to liver tests and kidney tests (if required).

Finally, stop thinking about medical tests as a pain. Instead, go for a health insurance policy with medical tests so that you can get your claim approved without any hassle.  

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