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Importance of Health Insurance for Cataract Treatment Surgery in India

Published On Mar 20, 2020, Updated On Mar 16, 2021

Quite popular in the elder generation rather than the youth, cataract is the clouding of the natural eye’s lens. It is the eye disorder that can lead to impaired vision. As a matter of fact, if not treated on time, it can even lead to loss of vision.

Most people in India opt for cataract surgery to prevent cataracts from hampering their vision.

The reason cataract surgery is not considered bothersome is that it is a daycare treatment and done using laser technology. All it takes is just 30 minutes. Also, health insurance for cataract surgery is available in India. 

What is Health Insurance for Cataract Treatment Surgery?

A health insurance for Cataract treatment surgery simply means a health insurance cover that offers financial coverage for the treatment of Cataract. An eye condition, which happens because of formation of a cloudy and dense area in the eye lens is known as Cataract. This condition is caused generally in elder people, and if it is not treated properly, then it can also result in complete or partial blindness.

Why is it Important to Undergo a Cataract Surgery?

Highlighted below are the reasons stating the importance of undergoing a Cataract surgery:

  • Quality of Life is Improved: Eyes form an integral part of our being and a means to lead a good quality of life. Although, these are just small pupils yet we are greatly dependent upon them for our day to day activities. Therefore, going through a Cataract surgery not only improves the vision and eyesight of an individual but also their overall life quality.
  • Vision gets Restored Safely: Due to medical advancements, today Cataract surgery is known to be the safest surgery. Other than this, it is known to be the shortest treatment procedure, wherein you need to be admitted just for a few hours in comparison to other surgery procedures. Additionally, this treatment is said to restore the eyes of an individual successfully without any serious after effects of a surgery.
  • Partial or Complete Blindness if not Treated: Cataract symptoms can get worse according to an individual’s age and eye condition, in case it is not treated on time. Moreover, an untreated cataract can also lead to partial blindness or complete blindness. Therefore, in order to avoid worse effects, it is important to go for a Cataract surgery in case you or any of your family members are affected by Cataract either in one eye or both eyes.
  • No Natural Cure: A Cataract condition does not have any natural cure and can be treated only through surgery. Therefore, to overcome the symptoms and worst side effects of Cataract and improve your vision, it is significant to undergo a Cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgery Cost Without Health Insurance

If you don’t have an insurance policy, the cost of cataract surgery in India may cost you anywhere between Rs. 15,000 up to Rs. 65,000. The overall cost per eye usually depends on the advanced treatment technique used, quality of the lens, and kind of hospital chosen as well the type of city you live in. 

Post-operative costs such as prescription eye drops and other medicines also add to the overall expenses, thereby highly increasing the cost of the whole procedure. 

Thanks to health insurance companies that offer health insurance for cataract surgery. 

Cataract Surgery – Why do I Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance supports you financially during a medical emergency. The same applies to cataract surgery. If you have a policy with cataract surgery coverage, you don’t have to worry about the surgery expenses.

Though not an unfortunate emergency like any other, cataract surgery may require you to spend a significant amount to avail of high-quality treatment. But if you have a policy, you won’t need to spend anything.

Depending on the policy you have, you can get cover for the entire expenses like pre and post-operative costs, prescription eye drops and other medicines. Your policy will play a vital role in helping you save your hard-earned savings by providing cataract cover at a low premium cost.

Therefore, to maintain financial stability and peace of mind, you must choose health insurance for cataract surgery.

Health Insurance for Cataract Surgery – Conditions

There are many health insurance providers that provide cover for cataract surgery at a reasonable premium rate.

However, since in today’s time, even people aged 40-50 years are facing cataract issues, health insurers are providing cover to only those individuals who satisfy a set of conditions. This list of conditions includes:

  • Waiting Period

It is mandatory for the insured individual to serve the waiting period before reaping the benefits of the provided cover. In general, most health insurance plans with cataract coverage feature a waiting period of 2 years.

Policyholders are only allowed to avail coverage for cataracts when they have waited for a period of 2 years after purchasing the policy.

In order to prevent customers from taking a policy only for cataract surgery, insurers apply the condition of the waiting period.

Note that if you take health insurance for cataract surgery at a young age, you can still claim the coverage in later stages of your life.

  • Sub-limit

Cover for cataract treatment comes with a limit on the claim amount. So, the full sum insured amount may not be available to policyholders. Note that in this case, any additional expenses incurred for the cataract treatment are to be paid by the insured. 

If you are willing to buy a policy that covers the complete cost of their cataract surgery, it is good to opt for a policy that does not come with a specific limit.

  • Scope of Coverage

Many health insurance policies providing coverage for cataract surgery do not cover both the eyes. However, a person having cataracts in one eye is prone to have it in the other eye as well. 

This is one of the most important conditions that you should check. Make sure the policy you want to buy provides coverage for both the eyes

  • Lack of Cover for Pre & Post-Operative Care

Health insurance policies providing cover for cataract surgery do not include after surgery care costs such as eye drops, special glasses, medications, and more. Since insurers do not pay for these costs, an insured has no option but to bear the cost on their own.

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Final Words

Opt for health insurance with cataract surgery as soon as you find yourself dealing with constant vision issues.

Health insurance for cataract surgery will be of immense help for you to cover the costs associated with the surgery.

If willing to know more about cataract surgery cover, initiate contact at 1800-200-5544 without further ado!

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