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How to Reduce Stomach Bloating

Published On Oct 21, 2020 5:30 AM By Harshit pandey

Bloating is a common phenomenon and is a result of bad eating habits and lifestyle. Abdominal bloating is when your stomach feels full and tight, generally due to accumulated gas in that particular area. 

The cause can vary from person to person, maybe you are eating too fast and in larger quantities than usual. Or your digestive tract is not clear. 

It can make your belly look larger, but as they say, the solution comes before the problem. It can be easily treated at home and there is no need for serious medical intervention.

Easy Ways To Reduce Bloating

Following are some some easy and useful ways to get rid of bloating issues:

1) Stay Active And Exercise Regularly 

Eating more than usual can cause bloating. Regular walking and exercise can help regulate bowel 
movements and release trapped gas. Yoga poses like child pose can also relieve the bloating. 

2) Eat Green Vegetables And Include Potassium In Your Diet

Greens like broccoli and mint contain the antioxidants which keep your gut health in check. Potassium rich foods like Banana help to combat water retention caused by high sodium intake. 

3) Increase Fibre Intake 

Gradually increase your fibre intake, this will not only help you to avoid bloating but will also keep your fat levels in check. 25-30gm is the recommended dosage for an individual.

4) Gas Relief Capsules

Instant gas relief capsules and powders are available in the market for quick relief. Also, it provides a soothing effect on your digestive tract.

5) Probiotics And Cold milk 

Milk has the properties to reduce acidity and bloating when consumed at a chilled temperature. Adding probiotic supplements to your diet after meals aids the digestion process. 

6) Eat At Short Intervals

Consuming 5-6 short meals a day instead of gulping 3 big meals can escalate your metabolism and avoid bloating.

7) Avoid Aerated Drinks

High sugar drinks and beverages that can cause gas should be replaced with coconut water or warm water.

8) Consume Brown Rice 

Brown rice contains more fibre than white rice and it acts as a food source for colon bacteria and avoids bloating. 

9) Start Your Day With Lemon Water

Lemons are a great source of antioxidants and work as a laxative when consumed after waking up. It alkaline your system and makes it clear. 

10) Avoid Cigarettes And Alcohol

Nicotine present in cigarettes can aggravate gas and cause bloating. Alcoholic drinks are also responsible for an unhealthy gut.

11) Consume Caffeine Rich Drinks

Drinks like coffee also help regulate bowel movement as it triggers the diuresis process which is responsible for water excretion in the body. 

12) Avoid Allergic Foods

Some people are allergic to particular food such as milk and dairy products. Lactose present in dairy can cause gas and bloating.

13) Cut Back Processed Foods And Preservative Drinks

Processed foods and ready-made drinks can sometimes affect the pH level of the body that causes constipation. 

14) Cloves And Green Tea

Cloves contain digestive enzymes that are healthy for the gut and avoid acidity. Consuming a cup of green tea after meals also provides relief to the bloating and puffed belly. 


The cause of the bloating should be considered while performing any of the above-mentioned methods. Sometimes there are existing medical conditions that cause bloating, get yourself checked and talk to your doctor about the symptoms.

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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