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How To Prevent A Stroke - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Preventive Measures

Updated On Jun 26, 2020

Stroke, also known as a brain attack, is a deadly disease caused when blood and oxygen don’t reach the brain’s tissues. The cause for this can be blockage or rupture of a vessel in the brain. 

People with a history of disposition of clogged or blocked arteries and blood clots occurring, again and again, have higher chances of getting a Stroke. To be able to prevent stroke, one must not fail to recognise the symptoms and catch early signs during an attack. 

But before going ahead to read about stroke symptoms, stroke causes, preventive measures, and stroke treatment in detail, you must know about Stroke types. Strokes fall into three main categories- ischemic stroke, transient ischemic attack, and hemorrhagic stroke. Your treatment and recovery process depends on the type of stroke you have. 

Read along to gain insights!

What Causes Stroke?

Two major reasons for Stroke are-clogged artery which happens in case of ischemic stroke, and leaking or bursting of blood vessels which happens in hemorrhagic stroke. Whereas in the transient ischemic attack, some people suffer from a temporary disruption of blood transmission to the brain which does not have symptoms lasting for long. 

What Are The Symptoms of a Stroke?

Stroke can be prevented when early signs are diagnosed by the patient or his/her friends and family. Symptoms of Stroke are as follows -

  • The problem in understanding what others are speaking or understanding it 
  • Development of sudden numbness on the face, arms, or legs
  • Blurred vision
  • Sudden headache and even vomiting 
  • Trouble in walking due to sudden dizziness 

How to Prevent Stroke?

The easiest way to prevent Stroke is timely to recognise the symptoms during the attack. The patient must be provided with immediate and adequate help. Follow the steps given below to prevent Stroke - 

  • Manage risk factors such as Sugar, or uncontrolled cholesterol
  • Avoid excessive smoking or drinking
  • Keep getting checked for arterial diseases
  • Monitor weight in order to avoid getting obese
  • Manage blood pressure as high BP may lead to Stroke 
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Eat healthy diet-include fruits and vegetables

Treatment of Stroke in India

Getting treated timely with proper medical evaluation is important to recover from Stroke. And different types of Strokes demand different types of medications. Read them below:

  1. In Ischemia cases, the clot is dissolved blood flow is restored to normal. This is done by antiplatelet drugs and anticoagulant, clot breaking drugs and mechanical thrombectomy.
  2. In Haemorrhagic cases, the focus is on reducing the pressure and bleeding in the brain as soon as possible. This is done by medications, coiling, clamping, and surgery.
  3. Most common medications for Stroke include Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), Anticoagulants, Antiplatelet drugs, Statins, and blood pressure drugs.
  4. To recover from Stroke, speech therapy, cognitive therapy, relearning sensory skills, physical therapy will help.

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The treatment of Stroke in India may cost Lakhs. And many might not be able to afford it. But you can get good quality treatment for the illness in a well-equipped facility from qualified doctors with a comprehensive health insurance plan in hand. 

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