Health Insurance Facts for Students Travelling Abroad to Study!

When any student plans to travel abroad for study, he or she should take off with a health insurance plan. Being a parent or guardian, it becomes your responsibility to get them relevant policies. However, when it comes to choosing the one, you would have to select a plan from a domestic insurer or from a foreign insurance providing firm. A crucial aspect here states that every student heading towards another country, especially the USA, Australia, Canada and so on, does ask for health policies. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend the difference between the cost of domestic and foreign insurance plans. 

Why domestic health policy is a better option than a foreign health plan?

Bearing medical expenses is an expensive game, especially when it comes to overseas. In the USA, medical expenses soar as high as possible and can easily dig burn a hole in your pocket. Also, while doing research entailing health insurance provided by the universities in other nations, you may encounter the fact that those covers are not just expensive, rather inadequate as well.

Is it necessary to purchase a health plan even if not compulsory?

Many universities in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and several other nations, don’t ask for health insurance as a compulsory. However, it’s always considered a prudent decision to do leave your child abroad with a health or travel insurance plan to safeguard their health in case of emergencies. 

What if domestic health policies aren’t accepted in foreign universities?

There are many universities abroad, which don’t offer students an option to hold domestic insurance. In such cases, one needs to have the plan offered by them. Therefore, it is always suggested to explore the medical cover provided by the selected institution or university, before making your child to travel to that university. If the university doesn’t provide any coverage, then the parent must purchase a domestic health insurance plan to cover their kid for the uncovered areas such as third-party liabilities, health insurance, travel insurance, and sponsor protection.

Points to consider for selecting the right health plan

While purchasing a health insurance policy for your child from your own country, one should only consider the plans which hold the potential to cover all medical expenses and emergency situations during the total duration of stay. It is advised to go through the list of network hospitals of your insurer in the vicinity of your child's campus. In addition to this, one should also peep into the plan to ensure the availability of some crucial aspects such as insurance for personal liability, the loss of baggage, accidents, and so on. However, to acquire these elements easily one should go for a comprehensive health insurance policy.

There are various insurance providers which offer facilities through their insurance plans to take care of the harm caused to the student’s property, during the events of racial discrimination or assault, concerned visit of a family member, in the event of student’s hospitalisation, and tuition fees reimbursement in a situation where student couldn’t complete the academic course due to medical terms.

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Once you have examined all the significant aspects to be covered in the health plan of your kid, you should thoroughly revisit the terms and conditions of the finalised scheme. Sometimes, you might realise that an insurer is selling you the health insurance plan by charging high premiums without assuring proper and prompt delivery of promised offerings. Therefore, do opt for the policy which is efficient, effective, comprehensive, and quite flexible to refrain your child from any hassle. 

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