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Top 3 Health Insurance Policies Covering Maternity Benefits with Low Waiting Period

Published On Mar 15, 2019 5:30 AM By Gunjan Anand

When it comes to starting a family, every couple starts thinking about getting financially stable in the first place. Since the cost of healthcare treatment is quite high in today’s time, one has to invest in health insurance so that neither the treatment quality is compromised nor one has to lose their savings in order to pay hospital bills.

While looking for a maternity health insurance policy or a health insurance plan providing maternity benefits, many policy buyers come across a number of affordable plans by various health insurance companies. Just when they think they have an ample amount of policies to make a choice from, they get disappointed on checking the waiting period. 

In general, health insurance companies offering policies covering maternity benefits have a waiting period of 2 to 4 years. Finding the same, many couples who wish for a maternity plan with a low waiting period drop their plans to buy one. 

However, one must not forget that maternity benefits come with a waiting period, but health insurance companies start covering maternity benefits starting from 9 months. 

Do we have a Maternity Insurance Policy with No Waiting Period?

With the new parenthood, there are various kinds of responsibilities that come including financial planning, which is quite important at this stage of life. In order to access good medical care, an individual should choose appropriate maternity cover, considering higher maternity cost care in India. A safe pregnancy will be ensured for you, if you opt for a health insurance plan as it covers a variety of healthcare expenses like pre-hospitalisation, post-hospitalisation, delivery costs, ambulance expenses, other medical expenses associated with newborn.

Unfortunately, at present there are no health insurance plans that provide health insurance with maternity cover and no waiting period. Generally, when we talk about maternity insurance, the waiting period lies between 9 months to 6 years. Therefore, it is important to maintain a proper balance between your budget and the maximum waiting duration before it gets important for you to claim the insured amount for expenses related to pregnancy.

Now, when you are aware that at present it is difficult to obtain maternity insurance with no waiting period in India. Therefore, it simply means that making a financial plan much ahead of your pregnancy will not just greatly benefit you but is also necessary at the time of signing up for a maternity health insurance plan.

Does the Waiting Period Vary Depending upon the Insurance Plan?

At the time of seeking maternity insurance, women who are already pregnant in India may have to face difficulty in getting insurance coverage with no waiting period as various insurance companies do not provide this option. The reason behind it is that the insurance company considers pregnancy as a pre-existing condition, which is held beyond coverage. Therefore, it means that a maternity insurance policy is offered with a waiting period only.

There is no waiting period in a group health insurance plan, and it also needs little to no prior examination. However, you may be asked to pay a higher premium amount in order to waive off the waiting period.
For insurance companies, the basic waiting period is around 30 days, while for any pre-existing condition, this waiting period may extend up to two or more years. Also, please note the waiting period may vary from insurance company to insurance company.
Insurance companies at present do not offer maternity health insurance cover with no waiting period. Generally, the duration of the waiting period lies anywhere between two to four years.

Top 3 Health Insurance Policies Covering Maternity Benefits with Low Waiting Period

Here are top 3 health insurance policies that provide cover for maternity at a low waiting period:

Health Insurance Policy Name 

Waiting Period

Care Joy Policy

9 months 

SBI Arogya Premier Policy

9 months 

Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance

9 months 


  • Care Joy Plan

Joy policy by Care Health Insurance is one of the best health insurance policies to choose to avail maternity benefits. The plan is available in form of two variants, namely Joy Today and Joy Tomorrow. Joy policy also provides cover for newborn baby expenses. 

The best part about Care’s Joy policy is that it has a waiting period of only 9 months for maternity-related insurance claims.

To know more about Joy policy, the perfect blend of hospitalization and maternity benefits, click here.

  • SBI Arogya Premier Policy

Arogya Premier Policy by SBI General Insurance is one of the affordable policies one can buy to get their maternity expenses covered. Known for its wide medical coverage, Arogya Premier Policy is the complete health solution available on individual and floater sum insured basis. 

A key feature of the Arogya Premier Policy is that it covers maternity expenses after a waiting period of 9 months. 

Details like sum insured, eligibility age, policy period and more can be checked here.

  • Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Plan

Smart Super Health Insurance by Bharti AXA is an excellent plan for families covering up to 5 members. Available in the form of Value, Classic, and Uber variants, the policy offers a wide sum insured range to policyholders to choose from. 

Smart Super Health Insurance policy covers maternity benefit in the form of add-on cover. In other words, you can buy maternity benefit add-on to get your expenses covered. The waiting period associated with maternity cover is 9 months. 

To read more in detail about the policy features and benefits click here.

Other Waiting Periods in Health Insurance Plans for Pregnancy

Apart from the maternity waiting period, there are the following waiting periods under health insurance plans for pregnancy:

  1. Initial waiting period: Initial waiting period is the time that the policyholder has to wait for after purchasing a health insurance policy for pregnancy to be able to avail of coverage benefits in case of a claim. It is a precautionary measure that ensures that the policyholders do not buy the policy to misuse it. Usually, the insurance companies have an initial waiting period of 30 days but it may vary from one insurance company to another.
  2. Pre-existing conditions waiting period: Usually, there is a waiting period clause for pre-existing diseases in health insurance plans for pregnancy. The coverage benefits cannot be availed during this period. Usually, the waiting period for pre-existing conditions varies between 12 months and 48 months, but it depends on the insurance company.
  3. Disease-specific waiting period: Every insurance company has a list of diseases that it does not cover for sometime after the commencement of the policy. While some diseases may be covered by the insurance company since the beginning of the policy whereas some may not be covered for 1-2 years. The disease specific waiting period may vary from one insurance company to another.

Can the Waiting Period be Reduced?

Yes, the waiting period in health insurance plans for pregnancy can be reduced by paying an extra premium. You can also switch from group health insurance policy to an individual health insurance policy after exiting your company, in order to completely eliminate the waiting period. 

As one cannot purchase maternity health insurance plans for women who already are pregnant, it is important to purchase health insurance cover timely in life. It will not only enable you to quality maternity-related healthcare but also provide sufficient cover to the newborn. 

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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