Zero Depreciation Car Insurance - Is It Worth The Buy?

Published On 18 Feb 2019 By Megha Raha

Benefits of Zero Depreciation Car Insurance.

Bumper to bumper - if you are a car owner, you must have heard about this term a thousand times. Little were you aware that it is a layman version of zero depreciation car insurance. To begin with, this add-on is of great benefit. It actually saves you tons of money in the long run. Wondering how? Well, let’s spill the beans.

Oh wait........ Zero depreciation car insurance - do you know what it means?

Don’t worry if you have a vague idea about the concept. It certainly is a cardinal part of vehicle insurance, an add-on in particular. It is no secret that vehicle of any type is a depreciating asset. More the wear and tear in a vehicle, higher is the depreciation. In a nutshell, describing the best car insurance policy is never complete without topping the same with a zero depreciation cover.

Zero dep offer absolute coverage to a vehicle without factoring in depreciation. Before taking a leap, let’s check out a couple of alternative popular names for a zero depreciation cover. These include:
- Bumper to Bumper
- Nil Depreciation
- Zero dep

Motor Insurance Policy Paired With Zero Depreciation - Think It’s a Good Idea?

Stop making decisions for a while and put some thought into your actions. If your car rams into another vehicle or tree, the damages would be severe. Expenses? Well, the numbers are definitely going to put you in a state of shock!

Did you know that a standard car insurance offer enough coverage to a vehicle? Cars age with time and so does its parts. They wear out and depreciate in value. When you buy car insurance, these parts are not covered. Having a zero dep add-on saves you from the trouble of spending riches in getting these parts fixed and repaired. Plastic and metal parts in the vehicle, prone to degrade with time are also covered using a zero dep.

Since it is an add on, car insurance premium sees a definite hike. You certainly pay extra in terms of premium but isn’t it worth it? Afterall, bearing the brunt of damages in a vehicle is quite expensive. With the zero dep feature added to your car insurance, your insuring company pays it all.

What are the most availed benefits of zero depreciation car insurance policy?

1. Depreciation cost of a vehicle is not reckoned. Therefore, chances of paying for expenses out of your own pockets is almost nil.

2. Comprehensive car insurance or the best motor insurance policy in the market, having it coupled with the zero dep add-on always add more value to the basic cover.

Save Money Using Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Add On

What to Remember?

Zero depreciation is an exclusive feature added to a basic policy. It’s not only available for new cars. Instead, insurers offer zero depreciation insurance policy can be opted for cars as old as 5 years. Bear in mind though, this amazing bonus could be extended up-to 8 years too. This depends on your insurer, claim history and tons of other factors.

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