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Why You Should Avoid Having Fancy Number Plates?

Written by Udit Varshney
Updated On Dec 20, 20232 min read

Cons of Having Fancy Number Plates

Any car must have a clear and visible number plate in the front and back, according to the rule. The numbers on plates in a fancy font can make it difficult for the police or other authorities to identify the car.

Why You Should Avoid Having Fancy Number Plates?

Registration Process of a Car

The registration process of a car involves several steps:

  • Vehicle Inspection: The car needs to undergo a physical inspection to ensure it meets safety and emissions standards.
  • Documentation: Required documents such as proof of ownership, identity proof, address proof, and insurance need to be submitted.
  • Payment of Fees: Registration fees and road tax are paid as per the state regulations.
  • Number Plate Assignment: A unique registration number is assigned to the car.
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate: A registration certificate is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) as proof of the car's legality.

Car Number Plate Format Needs to be Followed

Car number plates are required to be displayed in a specific format:

  • Uniform Size: The number plates should have a uniform size specified by the transportation department.
  • Correct Font and Size: The number plate should use standard fonts and sizes for better visibility.
  • Alphanumeric Characters: The registration number should have a combination of alphabets and numbers.
  • State Code: The number plate should display the designated state code where the vehicle is registered.

Guidelines for Car Number Plate

There are certain guidelines to follow when displaying a car number plate:

  • Legibility: The number plate should be clearly legible from a reasonable distance.
  • Reflective Material: The plates should be made of reflective material to enhance visibility, especially at night.
  • Secure Mounting: The number plates should be securely mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • No Modifications: It is important not to modify or tamper with the number plate, as it is a legal offense.
  • No Obstruction: The number plate should not be partially or fully covered, ensuring it is easily readable by authorities and other road users.
  • Validity and Renewal: The number plate and registration certificate should be renewed as per the prescribed validity period to comply with the regulations.

Following these guidelines ensures compliance with the law and aids in easy identification and registration of vehicles.

Why You Should Avoid Having Fancy Number Plates?

It is often dishonest people who are engaged in illegal activity who do this to avoid being detected by the authorities. As a result, getting a fancy number plate that does not meet the specified format or is ambiguous will cause hefty fines.

What Is The Penalty For Having A Fancy Licence Plate?

As previously stated, having a clear number plate that adheres to the specified format is important. According to section 51 and section 177 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules in India, breaching the law will result in a fine. The fine is currently Rs. 1,000, although there could be regional variations.


In a nutshell, though selecting a fancy number plate for your new car may be appealing, it is not appropriate. However, it is best to prevent this or at the very least be vigilant when selecting a font. If your number plate does not meet the RTO's prescribed format, you could face a fine of Rs. 1,000, according to India's Motor Vehicles Rules. Furthermore, it is a strictly enforced rule since car number plates are often tampered with by criminals attempting to escape state surveillance by misusing identification numbers or blurred number plates.

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This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.
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Written by Udit Varshney
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