What is Engine Protection Cover?

Engine is the heart of a car. It provides the necessary power to make the car move. Like all other car parts, the engine is also prone to damages due to oil leakage and ingression of water. The standard car insurance policies, be it comprehensive or standalone own damage cover, do not by default insure your car’s engine against such damages. Thus, if you wish to insure your car’s engine, you need to purchase a separate cover called engine protect cover to claim compensation for engine damages.

What is Engine Protect Cover?

The engine protect cover is a car insurance add-on cover which can be purchased with a comprehensive insurance policy and with a standalone own damage car insurance policy. This cover helps you get compensation from your insurance company for the damages incurred by your car’s engine.

Engine Protect Cover’s Coverage

The engine protect cover allows you to get indemnification in the following cases:

  • Damages incurred to the engine parts due to leakage of lubricating oils.
  • Damages sustained by the engine parts due to water ingression.
  • Physical damages incurred to the differential parts or gearbox.
  • Engine failure when you try to start a wet engine.

Who Should Purchase Engine Protect Cover?

The engine protect cover is a recommended car insurance add-on for all car owners. However, it is highly recommended for people living in flood-prone areas or streets which get water-logged during rains. It is also highly recommended for owners of premium cars for which the cost of repairing the engine is costly.

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What is Car Insurance Engine Protection Add-on?

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