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Tips for Buying Tata AIG Car Insurance: How to Make the Right Choice

Published On Aug 24, 2023, Updated On Aug 26, 2023

Tips for Buying Tata AIG Car Insurance: How to Make the Right Choice

With the proliferation of internet technologies, insurance purchase has become a walk in the park. You can check out several policies and understand their pros and cons in minutes. Moreover, storing policy documents has also become straightforward since everything is digital. 

However, the vast number of sites and policies can make you overwhelmed. But don’t worry; read on to understand what to consider when buying insurance online. This article focuses on Tata AIG Car Insurance, but you can apply most tips to any other insurance. 

About Tata AIG Car Insurance

Tata AIG brand is a collaboration between Tata Group and American International Group; they have been providing services for 23 years. Their car insurance covers can include third-party covers, own damage cover, and personal accident cover for the owner-driver. Moreover, clients also can choose from 13 add-ons appropriate for various circumstances, including crucial replacement and tyre renewal. 

Tips for Buying Tata AIG Car Insurance: How to Make the Right Choice

Tata AIG Insurance Company has an extensive network of cashless garages and hospitals, facilitating a straightforward claim. The company has:

  • 5400+ Garage networks
  • 8000+ Hospitals
  • 5 Cr+ Customers
  • Worldwide partners

Benefits of Purchasing Insurance Online

Purchasing insurance online has several advantages:

  • You can quickly get information about a large number of policies. 
  • It is easier to read the features of a policy when you buy policies online. 
  • The policy activation is also much faster online as document verification is much quicker.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Tata AIG Car Insurance

Following are some of the critical points you must consider while buying this car insurance:

  • Read The Reviews: Before purchasing AIG car insurance from Tata, you must understand critical points. Ensure this policy fulfils all your needs, including the sum insured and the add-ons.
  • Take advantage of the lookout period: You can review your policy details. Make sure you meticulously go through the policy document. You can get a refund minus the service charge if the policy is not for you. 
  • Talk to someone: Policies are complicated, making it wise to talk to people with this insurance. You can know all about their service and whether it suits your preference. 
  • Add-ons: Tata AIG car insurance provides 13 add-ons; it might become overwhelming. Therefore, ensure you have listed all your requirements before you learn about the add-ons.  

Why should you buy AIG Car insurance from InsuranceDekho?

InsuranceDekho is a leading insurance broking firm, a one-stop destination for various insurances. You can purchase all kinds of insurance, including general, car, bike, health, life, investment, and travel. 

Benefits of purchasing TATA AIG car insurance with InsuranceDekho include:

  • Rapid Policy Issuance: Filling out policy forms on InsuranceDekho is a breeze as it focuses on the smooth user interface. Just fill in your details on the InsuranceDekho website, choose a policy, and make payment. You can also easily download TATA AIG car insurance policy with InsuranceDekho. 
  • Trusted Website: InsuranceDekho has over fifty lakh clients; you can trust the website to cater to your needs.
  • Support Team: The InsuranceDekho team will help at any point in your policy journey, from issuance to settlement. The support team will be available to help you anytime. 


In conclusion, Tata AIG Car Insurance is a trusted insurer that has been offering services for 23 years. It provides third-party cover, own damage covers, personal accident cover, and various add-ons to help you remain stress-free. You can purchase Tata AIG Car insurance from InsuranceDekho; the site offers a quick, transparent process and 24/7 support staff. 


Q1. What is insurance?

Insurance is a contract between you and a company where you agree to pay a certain sum every year. In return, the company promises to pay a certain sum insured when something terrible happens. For example, if you guarantee your health, you get the sum insured for treatment when admitted to the hospital. Life insurance is another example; here, your loved ones get the sum insured upon your unfortunate death. 

Q2. What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a specific kind of insurance where you insure your car against any damage due to an accident. This insurance is of the following types:

  1. Third Party car insurance: The insurance company pays any settlement amount to the third party involved in the accident. 
  2. Own car damage: You get money to repair the damages incurred on your car. 

Q3. How do you renew car insurance?

Policy renewal is vital to ensure you carry forward the no-claim bonus. Failure to renew on time reduces your no-claim bonus to zero; you may also have to resubmit the paperwork. You can renew car insurance:

  1. Before the current policy period expires
  2. Within the grace period after the policy expires

Q4. What are add-ons?

Add-ons are extra protection unavailable in the standard plan. They offer customizability to the insurance plan as you may only need some types of protection for your car. The thirteen add-ons provided by Tata AIG Car Insurance are:

  • Nil Depreciation 
  • Daily Allowance 
  • Return to Invoice 
  • No claim bonus protection 
  • Loss of personal belongings
  • Repair of Glass, Fiber, and plastic parts
  • Emergency Transport and Hostel Expenses 
  • Key Replacement
  • Hire Car
  • Engine Secure
  • Tyre Secure
  • Consumable Expenses
  • Roadside Assistance Cover

Q5. Should you purchase insurance through a broker?

Insurance brokers are not necessary unless you want the following benefits:

  • Easy comparison of various policies: Insurance brokers have expert staff who sift through the insurance policies and make comparisons between different insurers. This way, you can avoid visiting multiple insurance company websites. 
  • Expert Guidance: Insurance brokers offer guidance throughout your policy life, including purchase and claim. 
  • Custom Insurance: Insurance brokers might make your life much easier if you have a particular insurance need that no single plan covers. They will tell you exactly what type of insurance you need. 

Q6. Will insurance brokers charge extra for their service?

Insurance brokers get paid through commissions from the insurance agency. And the prices would be the same whether you purchase the policy through a broker or direct from the insurer. Therefore, you can enjoy the services of an Insurance Broker for free. Moreover, you can take advantage of various promotional offers occasionally.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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