Third Party Car Insurance Is A Must Buy!

Published On 26 Feb 2019 By Megha Raha

No Excuses! Buy Third Party Car Insurance Now!

Have you opted for a third party car insurance online? Congratulations! You can now drive your car on Indian roads without encountering any legal hazards.

Why Do You Need A Third Party Insurance For Your Car?

Bumping into stories of accident while sipping your morning tea is nothing uncommon. Lives are lost, automobiles are crushed and the damages are countless. Wondering if having the best car insurance could kiss goodbye to all chances of accident on road? Well, not really!

Third Party Insurance

Gadi ka insurance aapko fisool kharche se bachaayega”!

Expenses reach a new all-time high. From labor costs to price of parts, if you are not too keen about spending riches to get your crashed car repaired, insurance is a must have. Third party car insurance offer a very basic level of protection. Here’s how a third party car insurance policy helps you:

- Every road accident comes with a set of spin-offs. There could be property damage, death and what not not. Having a third party cover safeguards you from such legal liabilities.

- Please Note: If you’ve been looking for a cheap car insurance, this is undeniably the best you would get. Here’s a little something you must know – third party insurance offer zero coverage for the insured car or the owner of the vehicle. To rack up the benefits of a personal accident cover, you will need to opt for an additional rider and pay extra.

- Are you someone who rarely drives his car? Well, choosing to go with a 3rd party car insurance is the best bet for you.

Let’s quickly read about the benefits of having a third party insurance.

Liability cover – What Are The Perks?

1. Cost – You are certainly going to save some good bucks with the help of a third party insurance policy. Since you won’t be liable for the damages caused as an aftermath of an accident, all expenses of the damages incurred would be settled by your insurer.

2. Buy or renew your policy online – Renew your third party car insurance online without any holdup. Insurancedekho for instance. Drop in your details, look through the list of multiple insurers and settle for the plan that suits you best.

Don’t you forget – there’s always a flip side to a coin!

Third Party Cover – The Cons:

1. Drive responsibly or spend recklessly – Well, that’s the worst feature of a third party insurance policy. If you are at fault, every little damage and the expenses incurred will be borne by you. When circumstances like an accident pop up, damages to your vehicle will not be provided by the insuring company.

2. Third Party comes of no use in case of total loss – Vehicles can be damaged due to fire or robbed in a bat of an eyelid. Who is going to fill in for the loss in such circumstances? Certainly not your insurer because this steps up as one of the most hated features of a third party policy.

While there are tons to learn about a third party car insurance, it is comprehensive car insurance, also known as package cover that comes in most handy.

What must you remember?

Every penny earned must be spent after putting in much thought. So, why on earth would you pay more for a basic third party insurance online? Check out the various comparison portals in business. Read through the prices offered and the benefits guaranteed. Remember – different companies have different plans up for grabs. Pick out the best prices and settle for the best car insurance in a reasonable price.

Disclaimer: Every detail provided in this website is for information purpose only. Insurancedekho under no circumstances, endorse the information provided. However, we are constantly doing our best to keep our privileged customers up-to-date with neutral and factual information.