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How to Protect Your Car from Getting a Sunstroke

Published On Dec 24, 2019, Updated On Jan 09, 2020

Sunstroke can not only damage your health but it also impacts the performance of your car. Know how you can protect your Car from getting a sunstroke.

Protect Car from Getting a Sunstroke - Sunstroke can not only damage your health but it also impacts the performance of your precious car. During the summers the heatwaves become extreme and the temperature soars up to 40-45 degrees Celsius in some regions in India. In the congested traffic of India, the slow movement of your car can shoot up the engine’s temperature immensely, draining out all the efficiency. The exposure to this intense temperature in the long term can deteriorate the speed and functioning of the car.

Measures To Protect Car From The Sun Damage

Just as you apply sunblock to protect the damage on your skin, there are a few steps that you must take to protect your car from the scorching heat of the Indian summers. These problems are mainly operated in the authorised service centres and dealers. However, driving it to the garage for a routine check will ensure your car is shielded against heat damage.

  1. Engine Transmission Oil
  2. Radiator And Fluids
  3. Comprehensive Insurance With Roadside Assistance
  4. Tyres Pressure Checking
  5. Polish Protection
  6. Air Conditioning
  7. Battery
  8. Park In The Shade
  9. Engine Transmission Oil

1. Engine Transmission Oil

You should always check your engine oil routinely and get the right oil for your car. Moreover, you can also use a more heat-resistant oil in summer because, as the heat rises the motor oil becomes thin and in turn, friction will be higher. As a result, the engine will break down. It is also recommended to check the fluid levels of the power steering, brake and transmission, as these could initiate a potential risk.

2. Radiator And Fluids

One of the major reasons for an engine breaking down in summer is a low-quality coolant or the low level of the liquid. Coolant is the most important fluid to get through the heat. Always remember to check the coolant level of the car and fill it up with a correct coolant if it is low. It is also suggested to get the radiator serviced if the car is more than three years old. Along with the radiator also make sure to check for any leaks as they would become a problem for the liquid.

3. Comprehensive Insurance With Roadside Assistance

It is recommended to get a comprehensive car insurance policy before encountering a scorching summer. A comprehensive car insurance policy is the utmost protection for a car owner as it saves the person from financial damage incurred by the car caused by natural calamities, fire, explosion and other things, which might happen in summer. Also, make sure to get the Roadside Assistance cover as an add-on because it offers instant assistance in case of tyre replacement, fuel replacement, vehicle break down and others.

4. Tyres Pressure Checking

Tyre pressure changes according to the outside temperature. Regardless of contributing a major role, tyres are one of the neglected parts of a car. But poor tyre pressure could lead to damage the car as the softer rubber is more prone to deterioration in summer. As the heat rises up, it affects the air inside and results in a car break down. So, during the summer, make sure to check the air pressure of the car and also remember to check the condition of the spare tyre, as it might be required as a lifesaver on a fiery summer day.

5. Polish Protection

Always polish your car with a good coat of wax before the summer hits. A good polish protects the car’s paint from excessive heat. It forms a layer of protection, which reflects a portion of ultraviolet rays. It is suggested to give the polish protection and select a polish, which adds a layer of protection to the paint. Moreover, it is also recommended to choose lighter shades as dark colours tend to absorb more heat.

6. Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system of a car takes the most load during summer. The system is service-intensive as there are many things that need to be checked regularly. The compressor oil needs to be filled up and the coolant leaks and dirt and dust need to be cleaned up to protect it from malfunctioning. Thus, get the AC unit checked first while taking the car to a technician.

7. Battery Checking

Excessive heat during summer dwindles the battery life as the fluid inside starts to evaporate quicker. As a result, it increases the chemical reaction and leads to overcharging. So, besides the above-mentioned parts of a car (which could be damaged during summer) you should also get serviced the battery of the car. However, most new cars nowadays come equipped with zero-maintenance batteries. But if you possess an old one, which has a battery that requires distilled water top-ups routinely, you must check the fluid levels during the sizzling summer.

8. Always Park Your Car In A Shade

As the scorching heat during summer can destroy some of the properties of a car, never forget to cover it properly and park it in a shade. You should always search for a garage to park and if it is not found then park it under a tree or beside a building where it will not face direct sun rays.

Apart from the above-mentioned precautions, there are many more which you should remember during summer. You should fill the tyres with nitrogen as it will help in avoiding tyre bursts while driving in the parts of the country where the temperature can rise to 45degC during the daytime. Moreover, you should avoid keeping soda cans, cooldrinks in the car, as they are some of the hazardous items that could lead to unfortunate events. Taking proper precautions as well as an ideal car insurance policy can save you from losing your car.

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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