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How Does Aesthetic Modelling Affect The Premium Of Car Insurance Policy?

Written by Amit Jain
Updated On Oct 18, 20232 min read

How Does Aesthetic Modelling Affect The Premium Of Car Insurance Policy?

Making changes to the vehicle can give it a unique flair. These alterations are not just for aesthetic purposes. They may also improve the car's performance. Manufacturers take into account all conceivable considerations while building an automobile, including safety and power output.

This is what qualifies these automobiles for registration in accordance with industry-wide safety and emission regulations. However, a modification may significantly alter engine output and jeopardise safety. So, as a result, the cost of auto insurance goes up. To find out some tips to lower the premium for car insurance policy, read on.

How Does Aesthetic Modelling Affect The Premium Of Car Insurance Policy?

What Exactly Is Considered A Modification In A Car?

Any alteration to your car's original model that distinguishes it from other models produced similarly to your vehicle is referred to as a modification. The modifications can take many different forms, such as improvements in performance or even alterations that are purely cosmetic, like a colour change. These changes may also affect the prices because a car insurance policy shields your vehicle from a variety of hazards.

Insurance protects you against risk, and as you make alterations, the likelihood of risk grows, making insurers more cautious.

What Kind Of Modifications Can Affect A Car?

Following are the modifications that can affect a car -

  1. Mechanical Modification - Your car's engine is its most important part. Any modification, no matter how little, can affect the vehicle as a whole. Additionally, after painting, modifications to the engine are the second most common. Greater acceleration, increased engine output, and other effects of changes to this crucial component might cause accidents. Therefore, each engine alteration has a direct effect on the cost of auto insurance.
  2. Covers & Paint - A change in your car's look, such as the paint, is the most unharmful modification. While modern changes don't just include paint; they may also involve wraps that adhere to your paint. You may paint your car a whole new colour in this manner. When changing these paints, especially when adding pricey, attention-grabbing motifs, you must notify your insurance. Your insurance may even deny your request for any claims if you fail to tell them.
  3. Tire Modification - Even though it is an uncommon modification since it requires technical knowledge of your car's chassis and body frame, many auto enthusiasts still want it. These various wheels can occasionally enhance the aesthetics while detracting from the performance. In order to prevent having your claim application denied by your insurance provider, be sure to let them know if you change the wheels.
  4. Interiors Of The Car - The auto insurance provider must be notified of any changes to internal fixtures like steering wheels, infotainment systems, or even the upholstery. These modifications affect your policy's premium rate since they are typically made to enhance the quality or appearance of these elements.
  5. System Modification - Like every other component of the automobile, brakes are crucial. The manufacturer has often done extensive research and development to determine the kind and class of brakes utilised. This is not a good idea to modify them because of this. However, changing the brakes affects stopping power, which affects safety. The suspension is another such item that is especially made for a given automobile type and its typical driving circumstances. Changes to these spare components must thus be reported to the insurance provider.


To summarise, changes not only cost more money, but they also raise your auto insurance rates. Avoid bypassing the notification process with your insurance provider since doing so might result in the denial of your claim. If you decide to make these adjustments after obtaining your auto insurance, the endorsement feature will allow you to make the necessary modifications in a timely manner.

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This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.
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Written by Amit Jain
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